Border Patrol – Recognition For A Difficult Job

Rarely do we get a chance to offer our thanks to the Border Patrol for an outstanding job so I am taking this brief moment to honor all of them Coast Guard, ATF, ICE, CBP and any I forgot.

They put their lives on the line in often remote and extremely difficult circumstances. The last administration chose to handcuff them and prevent their doing their best to aid in the National Security of our country.

Not any more!



Here are some of the many press release actions they have taken just in the last few days alone.

Ajo Border Patrol Agents Seize Drugs, Weapon
Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested eight illegal aliens
CBP Officers Seize More Than $1 Million in Narcotics at the Laredo Port of Entry
Nogales K9 Team, Agents Find 1,100 Lbs of Marijuana
Four Illegal Aliens Arrested After Tri-Agency Pursuit
San Luis CBP Officers Seize $132K in Meth/Cocaine
CBP Officers Arrest 5, Seize $415K in Drugs
CBP Air and Marine Operations Crew Rescues Lost Migrants
Agents help recover two drowning victims from the Rio Grande
Border Patrol Discovers Methamphetamine in Truck’s Gas Tank
CBP Officers from the Hidalgo International Bridge Seized Over $500K in Methamphetamine
Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents Rescue 11 People Abandoned By Coyotes







from all the parents, families, and friends of victims of murder, drugs, rape, and other criminal activities.

Now if we can only get the justice division back onboard with rulings founded upon constitution and laws as written rather than “making laws” in their own decisions. Some have been allowed to stray far too left from following the rule of law and order.


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3 Responses to Border Patrol – Recognition For A Difficult Job

  1. Deserttrek says:

    some clarity regarding the Border Patrol from a long time desert dweller who for quite some time since 9/11 had to daily pass through checkpoints on this side of the Border and in some areas cannot leave the area without a checkpoint. In my opinion citizens deserve better.

    first the officers are a bit different than long ago but on the whole are outstanding folks. One of my closest friends was an officer who died back on the 90’s when the vast majority were wild cowboys who did a hard and important job regarding illegals.
    They regularly let civilian friends shoot at the range and join in quals when possible. For those who know who Bill Jordan is, there is an autographed picture of him in uniform on my office wall next to this computer.

    unfortunately poor hiring is producing a mindset similar to many police because of the drug war. the BP needs to go back to focusing on illegals first and other crimes second.

    Overall they deserve an A, not their fault bad policy and no leadership has hurt the institution. Let ’em catch tonks, and ALL smugglers but time to give citizens a break when its 40 + miles north of the border. Again fix the policies

    • Uriel says:

      excellent comment Deserttrek and great insight from someone on the ground there thanks. There is always a chance of turning these guys bad but like you said go back to the training pre-Clinton and I bet we see a leaner, meaner, focused machine. Why are the 40+ inland? Shouldn’t they only focus within a short range of boundaries? I thought that is what ATF and DEA or Law Enforcement was for.

      • Deserttrek says:

        in many parts of socal, texas and new mexico , certain designated areas are hemmed in by checkpoints, due to the so called drug corridors.
        the law allows for checkpoints within 100 miles of any border including the oceans. I have waited 40 minutes to get through and seen traffic backed for a mile or more. more shit happens in the ports an other places. this is all for show. yes they do catch stuff and wets, but citizens are screwed on time and fuel.
        lets have checkpoints around new york city and dc too, i am sure the airports are large conduits.