Stunning Comparison-First Six Months Of Two Very Different Presidents Part 2

Stunning Comparison-First Six Months Of Two Very Different Presidents

Part 2 shows a tidbit of information first about their nominations, then  moves on to discover more about their focus, agendas, and personalities through their US national visits and their signing of bills into law.

On to the comparison—-


Obama (note pieced together from Senate records, could not find an easily accessible list)
January – cabinet positions, 6 nominations
February – 7 nominated, 3 choose to withdraw from nominations
March – 11 nominations, 1 withdraws from appointment, 2 ambassadors, 1 judge
April – 4 nominations, 2 judges, 2 ambassadors
May – 5 nominations, 1 ambassador, 1 Supreme Court Judge
June – 5 nominations, 3 judges, 1 ambassador

January – cabinet nominations
February – Staff appointments
March – 1 Sixth Court of Appeals Judge, Staff appointments, 3 nominations, 1 ambassador
April – 17 nominations, 1 withdrawal, 1 ambassador
May – 45 nominations, 6 ambassadors, 1 withdrawal
June – 98 nominations, 10 judge nominations, 7 ambassadors, 4 voting integrity counsel

Locations visited (other than political stumping) within the US

January – NA
-Williamsburg VA for Democrat Retreat;
-Family to Camp David;
-Elkhart IN, Fort Meyers FL, for Recovery Act speech;
-Springfield IL Abraham Lincoln speech;
-Chicago IL family visit;
-Camp LeJeune troop withdrawal Iraq

March –
-Speech at the graduation of Columbus Police Division’s 114th class;
-Long Beach, San Diego, Pomona, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa for two town hall sessions and visited the Edison International Vehicle Electrics plant

April – NA
May –
-Arizona State at Phoenix AZ;
-Rio Rancho High School to discuss credit card reform at Albuquerque NM;
-2 commencement addresses at US Naval Academy and Univ of Notre Dame

– Healthcare townhall in Greenbay WI;
-AMA annual meeting address on rising cost of healthcare in Chicago

January – Republican congress members at Philadelpia, British PM May also attended
February –
-Dover Airbase in Delaware to honor fallen Navy Seal;60th Annual Red Cross Ball and McDill Airforce Base in Tampa and other locations in W Palm Beach including Trump Golf Course;
-Boeing facility in North Charleston;
-Conservative Political Action Conference National Harbor MD;
-Visits Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC;
-Attends the National Governors Association dinner in DC
-Shipbuilders for Gerald Ford Carrier in Newport News-
-St Andrews Catholic School education reform at Pine Hills FL and Mar-a-lago golf;
-American Center for Mobility at Willow Run in Ypsilanti MI;
-Hermitage in Nashville;
-Freedom Hall on healthcare in Louisville KY;
-Potomac Falls VA golf and meetings.
April –
-Headquarters of Snap-on Inc. in Kenosha, Wisconsin;
-Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda MD;
-NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta GA
-Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg PA;
-Speech to North America’s Building Trades Union (NABTU) at the Washington Hilton
May –
-USS Intrepid Museum in New York with Austrailian PM
-Commencement addresses at Liberty University, US Coast Guard Academy,
June –
-Speech at Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport and remarks at the Rivertowne Marina in Cincinnati OH;
-Toured Waukesha County Technical College, remarks at General Mitchell Int’l Airport in Milwaukee WI;
-Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana in Miami FL;
-Spoke about rural development at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids IA;
-Roundtable discussion of apprenticeships in Milwaukee, WI;
-First Camp David visit by President Trump;
-Visits Kirkwood Community College IA new agriculture technology

Congressional Bills President Signed Into Laws By Month

-Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

-S.84 – A bill to provide for an exception to a limitation against appointment of persons as Secretary of Defense;
-GAO Access and Oversight Act of 2017

-Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009;
-DTV Delay Act;
-American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

-H.J.Res.41, SEC “Disclosure of Payments by Resource Extraction Issuers”;
-H.J.Res.38, Stream Protection Rule;
-H.J.Res., 40 SSA Implementation of the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007;
-H.R. 255, Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act;
-H.R. 321, Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers, Innovators, Researchers, and Explorers
-(INSPIRE) Women Act

-Restores provision of Endangered Species Act to preconsultation with Wildlife &amp Fisheries;
-Overturns ruling limiting federal money being used for human embryonic stem cell;
-Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2009 (2nd);
-Postal Service building Colonel John H. Wilson, Jr.; Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009;
-Extended certain immigration programs through the 2009 fiscal year;
-Extended certain small business programs through July 31, 2009;
-Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 – protected 2 million acres of land;
-Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2009

-H.R.609,To designate the Department of Veterans Affairs health care center”Abie Abraham VA Clinic”;
-S.442, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017;
-H.J. Res. 37, relating to the Federal Acquisition Regulation;
-H.J. Res. 44, BLM regulations to establish procedures used to prepare, revise, or amend land use plans;
-H.J. Res. 58, teacher preparation issues;
-H.J.Res.57, accountability and State plans under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965;
-S305, Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017;
-H.J.Res.42, drug testing of unemployment compensation applicants;
-H.R.1362, Pago Pago, American Samoa, the Faleomavaega Eni Fa’aua’a Hunkin VA Clinic;
-S.J.Res.1, location of a memorial to commemorate and honor the members of the Armed Forces who served on active duty in support of Operation Desert Storm or Operation Desert Shield

-Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act;
-Federal courthouse Stanley Julian Roszkowski;
-Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program Act of 2009 addition powers

-H.J.Res.69, National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska;
-H.J.Res.83, Make and Maintain an Accurate Record of Each Recordable Injury and Illness;
-H.R.1228, Board of Directors of the Office of Compliance;
-S.J.Res.34, FCC relating to “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband;
-H.J.Res.43, DHHS relating to compliance with title X requirements by project;
-H.J.Res.67, Dept of Labor – savings arrangements by qualified State non-governmental employees;
-H.R.353, Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017;
-S.544, An Act to amend the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014;
-3 Smithsonian appointments;
-H.J.Res.99, continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2017;
-H.R.244 – Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017

-Statutory Time-Periods Technical Amendments Act of 2009 for Judicial Proceedings;
-Repealed Bennett Freeze that barred development on parts of the Hopi and Navajo Indian Reservations;
-Civil Rights History Project Act of 2009;
-Protecting Incentives for the Adoption of Children with Special Needs Act of 2009;
-Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009 (Division A);
-Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009 (Division B);
-Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act;
-Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act;
-Credit CARD Act;
-Appointment of David Rubenstein as a regent of the Smithsonian Institution

-H.R.244, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017;
-H.R.534, Compete for a World Expo Act;
-S.496, “Metropolitan Planning Organization Coordination and Planning Area Reform”;
-H.R.274, Modernizing Government Travel Act;
-H.J.Res.66, savings arrangements established by States for non-governmental employees

-Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Extension Act (Division A);
-“Cash-for-Clunkers” Act;
-Supplemental Appropriations Act , 2009 providing funds for overseas emergency assistance programs;
-4 postal buildings named; Federal Retirement Reform Act of 2009 (Division B);
-Native American Heritage Day Act of 2009;
-2 named federal buildings; Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009; Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2009;
-Provided additional personnel for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

-S.419, Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2017;
-S.583, American Law Enforcement Heroes Act of 2017;
-H.R.366, DHS Stop Asset and Vehicle Excess Act or the DHS SAVE Act;
-H.R.375, “Fred D. Thompson Federal Building and United States Courthouse”;
-H.R.657, Follow the Rules Act;
-S.1094, VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017;
-S.1083, Merit Systems Protection Board;
-H.R.1238, Securing our Agriculture and Food Act


In the case of Obama, while his original cabinet was installed quickly, there was a lot of turnover. Obviously we are well aware of what is stalling confirmations on President Trump and of those who have withdrawn their names. It also gives a snapshot of their interest around the country (except where political campaigning was their goals).

In addition, Obama wasn’t exempt from the slow and painful process of getting his people approved by the Senate. Obviously, the Senate needs to review and definitely revise this process. Some of Obama’s for example didn’t even get confirmed for over a year. That is a fault of the due process in the Senate.

Additionally, Obama doesn’t appear to have gotten in a hurry over nominating any that were not important to his continuing unfolding plan. His greatest flurry of confirmations of judicial positions appears to have rolled near to the end of both of his terms in office which definitely needs closer scrutiny.

It is obvious to the more savvy why this would be so but for most of us, think on it. If you wanted to completely yet subtly destroy a country, changing the laws to focus them more on another system of rule and order would be the best place to infiltrate. What better place to begin that transformation than with judicial positions from city to state to the highest courts, from civil to criminal, especially those affecting family structure and educational values. Their decisions will echo not only in that courtroom but be researched and used in future cases until challenged and overturned.

Current judicial regard or disregard as the case may be for constitutional law needs looked at closer and the judges scrutinized for the adherence to our laws and constitution rather than any other laws. There were several that had firm Islamic beliefs which in and of itself is irrelevant unless they choose to try to change the laws of our country and apply Sharia at times. Sharia is not and can never be compatible with our western values nor our laws as it currently reads and is applied.

The modification or hybridization of our western republic laws and constitution is and always has been a goal of anti-American parties especially those that adhere to a communist, socialist, or progressive party manifesto. The ideology has never been successful for more than the length time of those who are in power, especially within a country or group where all give everything and ultimately only the top few benefit. “A rose is a rose by whatever name…full of thorns and covered over by a cloying perfume yet still it remains the same.”


Personally, this Part 2 highlights a tremendous difference.  I am thankful Obama couldn’t run a third term.

Despite all his critics and obstructions thrown in his way as well as all the infantile behavior of congress members and mainstream doomsayers — Trump has managed to do what very few new presidents have done, namely make a campaign promise, dig in along with those in congress who voted for his platform, and get the promise fulfilled. The energy he has used as well as the hours per day he has devoted is absolutely astonishing.

Love his style or hate him, you have to admire the man’s focus and determination to save our country and put it back on a better economic footing.

It is also interesting that despite (because of) all the flibbergibberty MSM and congressional sensationalism just how many bills really have been sent to the president and been signed into law.  Says something about both past and current congresses that when motivated, congress CAN actually push through and accomplish, even if it is over the carcasses of the wailing, reluctant Democrats and RINOS.  


For detractors on his weekend “golf trips” – shut up – I dare you to prove YOU accomplished this much during your congressional tenure or media reporting.

Part 3 is the final leg of this journey – foreign dignitaries, calls, meetings, visits to the White House or to the countries.


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5 Responses to Stunning Comparison-First Six Months Of Two Very Different Presidents Part 2

  1. Hardnox says:

    Again, a stellar post. Imagine if the entirety of the GOP supported POTUS. Imagine the progress given the progress already!

    • Uriel says:

      No kidding. But even I who have glanced time to time on his laws and Exec actions didn’t realize how much congress in conjunction with his platform have actually gotten through in 4 months. That many laws is about what had been signed in a whole year for the last few presidencies

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    And don’t forget, Trump is doing all this for $1 a year.

    • Uriel says:

      Like many founding fathers Trump is using his personal money because he believes in what this country stands for — Thanks be to God that he prevented the Clinton/Obama machine from continuing for four more years. Only heaven knows what we would be suffering through right now.

  3. Terry says:

    Kudos again Uriel.Fascinating report.