Scaramucci: I’m going to fire any White House leakers

This morning on Deface the Nation:

Alrighty then… that was clear enough.  More than likely heads will begin rolling momentarily since some no doubt have been identified.

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13 Responses to Scaramucci: I’m going to fire any White House leakers

  1. Peppermint says:

    Oh, I LIKE that. Go ahead and fire every felonious leaker there is!

  2. Popular Front says:

    Scaramucci sounds somewhat like a James Bond villain doesn’t it?
    Whatever, he has made his position plain and unambiguous so whoever leaks and gets the bum’s rush in future can’t wail and say they didn’t know.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    I sure hope we can trust this guy. Since DJT was elected, Scaramucci has changed more spots than a herd of leopards: His public positions on man-made climate disaster, the 2nd amendment,the aggressive LGBTQ agenda, building the border wall have all flipped from a leftist / progressive stance to DJT-approved MAGA versions. Scaramucci reminds me of Winston Zeddimore: “As long as there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe whatever you say”.

  4. Terry says:

    I like this guy…so far.

  5. clyde says:

    Agree with Safe Space. Have to wait and see. Some of Trump’s picks haven’t been so good.

  6. GunnyG says:

    Fire them and then arrest them.

  7. captbogus2 says:

    …I’m waiting with baited breath…