Victory Against IRS After Long Years Of Litigation

Victory Against IRS After Long Years Of Litigation



American Center for Law and Justice
Miles Terry
July 19, 2017

It has long been established that IRS officials under the Obama Administration “orchestrated a complex scheme to dump conservative and Tea Party non-profit applicants into a bureaucratic ‘black hole.’” Hundreds of documents have been uncovered in recent years that clearly establish that “top IRS officials in Washington, including Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, knew that the agency was specifically targeting ‘Tea Party’ and other conservative organizations.”

The ACLJ is pleased to announce that after a long, arduous legal battle our client, the Albuquerque Tea Party, has finally received their tax-exempt status – nearly eight years after originally filing their 501(c)(4) application. This is a major victory for free speech.

The widespread and coordinated attacks against conservative groups like the Albuquerque Tea Party began in early 2010. This December would have marked eight years since the IRS cashed the application check from our client. The IRS literally took their money and then ignored their application requesting tax-exempt status for eight long years. This is outrageous. No organization should ever be forced to wait that long for a determination.

While the Obama Administration contended that nothing happened and former President Obama dismissed the issue as a “phony scandal,” this issue, like many others, is sitting at the very top of a long list of controversies that are still alive and well after the Obama Administration’s departure.

To be clear, the IRS did not want to approve their application. Last year, the IRS proposed a denial of their application. We fought their denial, and we won. This result was long overdue. The targeting, the delay, and this type of unconstitutional discrimination should have never happened.

Read the press release HERE.


So when do we see Lois Lerner and her bosses in court on trial for their parts in this travesty?

Draining the swamp is not only arduous but expensive when being fought against corrupt government agencies and administrations. 

This kind of assault on our rights as citizens should have serious consequences so that future job holders (if there are any) think two or three times about their own necks before they act in illegal ways even if the administration encourages bad behavior like Obama’s did.

As far as I am concerned, overhaul the IRS and eliminate the majority of dead weight within the agency — then this becomes a non-issue. Eliminate the 501(c) since people can’t seem to read and follow the law correctly. Then no group or individual needs to get permission from the IRS to form. It makes every group more transparent and accountable for their donors which would definitely piss off a majority of PACS and especially Democrats receiving questionable donations.


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7 Responses to Victory Against IRS After Long Years Of Litigation

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Lerner and her smug boss, Koskinen, should both be in prison!

    • Uriel says:

      totally agree Wise Owl the sooner, the better. They should also forfeit any further taxpayer funds they are to receive.

  2. Shar says:

    Someone should appointed to go thru 501c ‘s and pull those that don’t qualify.

    • Uriel says:

      The problem is the mountain of paperwork stretches back thirty years or so. It would be easier to cancel all and have none. It might be a hassle but think about the “religious groups” and the educational institutions who are also receiving donations from unreported sources besides US citizens

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Jay Seculow is the lawyer who runs the ACLJ. He has defended several cases successfully at the Supreme Court over the years, and (like Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch) is fearless when it comes to confronting the Feds. Seculow is a frequent guest on Hannity’s radio program. Seculow has also recently joined PDJT’s legal team, which is a yuuge win for America’s citizens.

    • Uriel says:

      Just got an email from Sekelow which lists probably ten major lawsuits his group is involved in. Thank God that at least these two bulldog legal groups have been and are continuing to be willing to take big government overreach. I wish I had money to send both. They are doing as much to preserve our constitution and safeguard our rights which is just as precious as helping feed people.