Tucker Carlson: Trump Slams Sessions Over Russia recusal

Sessions’ recusal was stupid in my opinion.  It was known from the beginning that the whole Russia thing was bullshit.  POTUS fired a shot over the bow.

Carlson missed the whole point over the Special Council and its core mission whereas it was about Russia’s hacking of our election.  The heads of NSA, CIA and FBI have repeatedly testified that Russia was not able to affect the votes since our voting machines are not connected to the internet nor is there any evidence thereof.  So it begs the question, why is there a Special Council?

Now the mission is “Collusion”.  The only ones guilty of collusion are the Clintons who took money from Russians.  Further, it was the probably the Russians who hacked the DNC and Clinton servers then fed the information to WikiLeaks for publication.  The real crime is what the Obama Administration did with the NSA “unmasking”, the DNC sandbagging of Bernie Sanders, and Hillary’s emails among other crimes that are obvious to any fifth grader.  AG Sessions needs to purge the DoJ and get moving on these crimes.

Lastly, Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary a year ago is not collusion nor is it a crime for any American to meet with any Russian.  Mueller has hired 15 Democrat hitmen to staff his team and that simply needs to stop.  It’s kabuki theater intended to affect the outcome of the 2018 elections and to hamper the Trump agenda, nothing more.  Trump knows this and so does anyone else paying attention.

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2 Responses to Tucker Carlson: Trump Slams Sessions Over Russia recusal

  1. Shar says:

    Our President is awesome. So he got a little pissed and snapped back. Maybe its time for some support from his party.