So Democrats Think There Is Reason To Impeach President Trump

WHERE was your previous global socialist president this past few weeks? PLOTTING to take over the US again with his MB and Socialist buddies in the Democrat Party. All of that after trailing behind Trump around the world and badmouthing the US to everyone that would listen. He was jetting around the world to the most expensive resorts courtesy of our taxpayers and generally acting like he was still president when that is far from the truth.  Our congress could and should erase his entire eight years in office for all his activities in violation of the Logan Act or a number of other laws. But will they?

WHERE was President Trump this past week, HANDLING business some of which was a direct result of Obama’s actions or inactions, representing our citizens not some oligarchy, talking with leaders and highlighting what we should all have been hearing for the past twenty years.

He has and continues to be hit from all sides and in particular by renegade Republicans and Democrat subversives who have been determined from November to nullify his legitimacy and impeach him without reason except their own hatred and bile.

Even a snake in the grass is given more respect and rights than President Trump since the get-go. Why, because it shakes up their house of cards and brings to light corruption as well as forces the general public to acknowledge JUST HOW CLOSE we came to losing our country to globalists and the United Nations. It provides proof daily about how close we came to being erased and our freedoms removed.


President Donald J. Trump Proclaims July 17, 2017, as
Made in America Day and this Week
July 16 through July 22, as Made in America Week


Today, we mark the first Made in America Day and recognize the vital contributions of American workers and job creators to our Nation’s prosperity and strength. America owes much of its success to the determination and ingenuity of its entrepreneurs, workers, and farmers, who drive our economy and support our military strength.

American work ethic and quality craftsmanship are the heart and soul of our Nation. We are a Nation of innovators, builders, and farmers. We construct architectural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge and the New York skyline. We feed the Nation and the world with agricultural products like American wheat, corn, and beef. We drive technological innovation, like the internet and the Global Positioning System, from visions to realities.

My Administration recognizes the critical connection between a strong manufacturing base and a thriving economy. I am committed to promoting American manufacturing, opening markets around the world for our producers, and protecting our businesses from unfair trade practices. And I am reducing job killing regulations and cutting taxes, making it more attractive than ever to do business in the United States.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim July 17, 2017, as Made in America Day and this week, July 16 through July 22, as Made in America Week. Today and this week, I call upon Americans to pay special tribute to the builders, to the ranchers, to the crafters, and to all those who work every day to make America great.


In honor of that PRESIDENT TRUMP , VP Pence and many others participated in a celebration of our businesses that was held on the grounds at the WHITE HOUSE. It kicked off the week to celebrate industries who have their roots and products build in the USA.  President Trump could be seen proudly wearing a “Made in America” cap.  The group of pictures below is only a sampling of the ones which were part of the celebration. More can be seen HERE.








No President for over twenty years has bothered to do this or shown themselves to be FOR our citizens and stands by his promises. — and YOU want to impeach this man?

No one said he is perfect for the job but he has been a heck of a lot better despite Democrat efforts over the first months of his administration than Obama over all of his ten years of political life. He has faults just as all do but frankly can congress members on both sides of the aisle stand the light of an investigation into their corruption and activities? From Clinton’s collusion with China, Ukrainian interference in our politics in aid of Hillary Clinton, to selling our mineral right lands to foreign “investors” some of which are Russian – CONGRESS has as much to hide as they have trying to “fake” or bring to light of Trump’s faults. So far everything they have ranted about has proven to be mud in their eyes and diarrhea of the mouth. Their faults have been highlighted.

The funny thing is– had the Democrats been seen as “trying” hard to work with the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans, they might have had a better chance to highlight any actions that Trump did wrong. They didn’t and now they are in the crosshairs of the spotlight of the nation’s citizens and in particular its patriots. Two wrongs don’t make a right but negative when applied against positive will pollute the result and discredit the messengers. Keep braying, all you are doing is ratcheting up the anger until like the French Revolution everyone pays the price.

Obama used the White House for his precious Islamic Nation friends, his illegal activities, anti-everything constitution, and anti-American values buddies. From the very first days, he badmouthed our nation across the world, whining about our sovereignty, our rights, and our values. He siphoned off billions of dollars to pump into the Middle East and to Soros-funded anti-American activities.  

–Where were the outcries for Obama’s impeachment from the MSM and the socialist-led Democrat Party after each flagrant violation of US laws? Non-existent.

–Where was the outrage that the White House had become a haven for Muslim religion and practices rather than western values and religions? Non-existent.

–Where was the voices in congress when Democrats pushed through Obamacare rather than forcing it to be thoroughly examined before passing? Silenced and threatened by the left.

–Where were the Pentagon voices when its ranks were indoctrinated into “whiney wimps” and “transgender havens”? Retired or removed from service.

–Where were the raised anti-racist voices and marches when OBAMA and his crew pushed through their ban on not six but eight Muslim countries? Missing.

–Where were the national security support for keeping our country safer when Obama opened our borders so dramatically? Fired or threatened.

–Where did twenty Trillion in taxpayer “loans” go? Funding illegal coups and violent extremism or into the hidden accounts of the government executive branch including Obama and the Clintons.

–Where did the pride and incentive to be individuals with property, small businesses, and a thriving economy go? Down the drain as individuals, our educational system, our history, and our rights have been flagrantly attacked not from without but from within our Own Government through massive regulations, lawsuits, MSM condemnation,  threats to life and family, maligning of character of those who have been in opposition to their lawlessness, and outright corruption.


SO WHY THE FRACK should we allow this group of treasonous, coup wannabes to impeach this President when clearly the last eight years have been anti-American, lawless, and corrupt from the president down to the local level?

Careful Democrats, Rinos, and Liberals.  ALL Actions have consequences.

From one of the many Deplorables in this country.


Pass this on if you want…sure as “Spit” the MSM won’t unless they can twist it to collude with the anti-American left.

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15 Responses to So Democrats Think There Is Reason To Impeach President Trump

  1. Wendy says:

    GREAT job Uriel!!!!! You just eloquently said what I think as well. Love it! It boggles the mind to think that O’Trauma was “leading” our country down the toilet for 8 long years. Now, he’s pretending to still be president because his narcissism just can’t let it go! Trump needs to take away his salary and ex-communicate him from the U.S. And take George Soros with him as well! Obama should just find himself a small island in Indonesia (with which he is already familiar with) and go dictate to them. He might just get away with it. I despise this man with every ounce of my being. Now, would be a great time to “take him out”!!!

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Wendy. Couldn’t agree more. That island or Kenya works for me (if Kenya would even let him in)

      • Wise Owl says:

        I completely concur with Wendy. Ovomit is anti-American and should be prosecuted if he “crosses the line”, as if he hasn’t already.

  2. Peppermint says:

    Good one Uriel. I’ve had so many of the same thoughts as you and I have to admit it boils my blood.

    Trump is not going to be impeached. There are far too many Trump supporters who are going to rise up if they try to do this crap.

    The Dem/Commies poll numbers are awful. Only a 39% approval rating and the people said they have nothing to offer other than bash Trump.

    No, he isn’t perfect (who is) but he is exactly what this country needs. A man who puts this country first and we citizens. He’s done more work than B Hussein O did in his 8 long, miserable years.

    • Uriel says:

      Appreciate it Pepper. If I had to hate anyone it would be Obama and company. What has happened in the last eight years isn’t just outrageous but extremely damaging to our country. I could almost forgive waffling and indecisiveness but NEVER the destruction we have seen to our principles, morals, constitution, and security as a sovereign nation.

    • malenurseken says:

      exactly peppermint. US supporters are willing to go next step to save AMERICA! DC might get burned to ground BUT hey its all fair in war! Civil war IS coming!

      • Navyvet says:

        If DC is burned to the ground I can’t think of a downside…..unless all of Congress survived.

      • Uriel says:

        unfortunately it is looking more like it every day. I absolutely don’t want to witness war of such magnitude here but if push comes to shove, it may well happen.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Well done Uriel. IF the idiots ever get their way, and I highly doubt it, I predict the shit will hit the fan and it will be turned on high.

    • Uriel says:

      maybe nature will intervene though tragic, such a major occurance can happen that might stop this but then being vulnerable, one wonders which waiting wolf pack would attack first.

  4. malenurseken says:

    LET THE SOB JET! I wonder if N Korea needs target practice ??? That hole of his will be shut eventually! And wont be by his trannywife MIKE!

  5. Terry says:

    Bravo Uriel.
    Ditto what everyone else has already said.