President Trump Remarks at Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

C-Span – Jul 19, 2017

President Trump addresses Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Watch full video here: here

To circumvent the many liberal and MSM objections to there being voter fraud, here are a list of instances of voter fraud concerning abuses and corruption. From different sites across the web:

1) Fraudulent Ballots in Dallas – live case involves hundreds of apparently fraudulent absentee ballot requests in 2016 and in recent weeks for a municipal election targeting elderly voters living in west Dallas, Texas. Noncitizen Voter Fraud – 2012 and 2014 Mexican national living in the north Texas communities of Dallas and later Grand Prairie convicted in illegally voting in US elections.

2) Electoral College – pressure campaign commenced against members of the Electoral College to intimidate them into not casting their ballots for President. In addition individual voters came forward with allegations of intimidation and even death threats by Democrat members to keep them from voting as they chose. These acts were tantamount to “political terrorism” and clearly violations of the Voters Rights Act. They should have been immediately dealt with by the Obama administration but were ignored.

3) North Carolina Audit – Showed that Democrats Outvoted the GOP fraudulently. In late April, an official audit of the 2016 Election by the North Carolina State Board of Elections found 441 felons voted; 41 non-citizens cast ballots; 24 voted twice; two pretended to be dead voters; and nearly 20 more cases of voter impersonation remained under investigation.

4) Nevada – Over 100 cases were under investigation concerning improper registration of Non-Citizens to vote and at a minimum at least three were proved to have voted in 2016.

5) Ohio – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted released a 2016 edition to his office’s ongoing tally of non-citizens found registered to vote and casting ballots. Ohio found another 385 registered, with 82 casting ballots “in at least one election” since the 2015 report. The total number of non-citizens found registered since 2013 stands at 821 with 126 of those voting. Columbiana County woman was jailed after pleading guilty to voter registration fraud.

6) Kansas – Secretary of State Kobach has convicted nine cases so far in election related crimes.

7) Virginia – More than 1,000 non-citizens had been registered and voted since 2011. Former James Madison University student pled guilty to submitting 18 fraudulent registration cards for the Democrat Party to receive commissions. Harrisonburg, Va., claimed about 20 voter applications were submitted for dead people.

8) Florida – Two people were charged with voter fraud in October 2016.

9) Colorado – September, 2016, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams revealed that dead people were voting in multiple elections. “We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred,” he stated. Two women allegedly cast ballots for their relatives without their prior knowledge or input. In March 2017 a person from El Paso County, Colorado, admitted to obtaining a dead man’s mail ballot and voting in the 2016 primary.

10) California – At a minimum in the 2016 presidential primary, there were reportedly 194 people who voted twice.

11) Missouri – Initial results of a Democratic primary in St. Louis in 2016 were scrapped after absentee ballots were improperly recorded.

12) North Carolina – Granville County Board of Elections temp was allegedly busy altering at least 250 records belonging to felons whose voting rights were frozen until their sentences were complete. Tennessee resident, pleaded guilty to felony voter fraud in North Carolina in 2015 after he voted in person in Tennessee, then sent in absentee ballots to Florida and North Carolina.

13) Kentucky – Magoffin County, Ky., three people were convicted of felony voter fraud in 2016. Magoffin County Magistrate Gary Risner, Deputy County Clerk Larry Shepard, and Tami Jo Risner were discovered buying votes.

14) Arkansas – Democratic State Rep. Hudson Hallum, along with his father Ken Hallum and two campaign workers, were caught bribing absentee voters and tampering with ballots.


Taken separately, these all appear to be negligible when considering how many voters cast ballots. However, if these are only the tip of the icebergs and simply highlight the reality that there are plenty of people willing to commit and committing voter fraud and intimidation actions every election cycle.

In some cases, their votes have influenced the outcome of close elections and caused someone to be elected that should not have held the position. In more than a few cases those willing to commit egregious acts of voter manipulation and fraud have been members of the Democrat Party.

They may excuse their actions as helping a given candidate or helping individuals to become active voters, but they are in essence cancelling out the votes of individuals who have been voting their preferences. This is legally and morally wrong. So having states who should ALREADY be carefully vetting rolls get their citizens voting lists corrected makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense and the fault lies with Anyone manipulating the votes in states (in particular as videos, court cases, and media have proved Democrat Party members or their hired representatives) and the Supreme Court backing up their illegal manuevers. The refusal to allow states to require picture identification and citizenship validation at the time of acquiring drivers license or voter registration and precincts is utterly ridiculous in light of the fact that everything from birth to death and especially governmental agencies require those same identifications every day in countless ways. Or cross-checking birth/death records. Or making sure that precincts are run by trustworthy official. Or that voter suppression, intimidation, and fraud cases are not actively and transparently pursued in order to assure all voting citizens that their vote was not illegally invalidated.

Yes despite MSM and Democrat rants on the subject to deflect from their activities–voter intimidation, manipulation, and fraud has and is occurring where controls by states are forced by the Supreme Court and Democrat lawsuits to be hindered, controlled, or lapses from poor management record keeping has occurred.

Seems to me every political party, state, and citizen would welcome the assurance that our elections are not tainted by corruption nor foreign intervention.

The citizens of all the states who are refusing to provide this level of assurance of their voting rights need to seriously consider who they have elected and if the goals they voted for are being fairly represented — as one vote/one eligible citizen — or whether their votes even counted. Elections are often won or lost over only a few votes. Hopefully those voting were casting legal and individually decided votes and not being cancelled out or manipulated.

Having this being taken care of now by Trump is not only a promise fulfilled but a reassurance that “one vote/one eligible citizen” is assured no matter who or what they choose to vote for and that the constitution and our country remains strong and true to the rights of all citizens.


UPDATE: I had not heard this until now. Apparently the Democrats filed a lawsuit to stop this commission from convening.

According to the video from Top Stories Today, which just posted to You Tube, the district court judge denied their lawsuit. The Democrats must be sweating bullets over this if the video is correct.


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