Decades Of Death Around The Democrat Party’s Leading Figures

There are two paths to follow here. They start out in different directions. And then they seem to intersect at one key point.  The information reported here is a combination of facts from various news sources, and suppositions by the author of this post.  The conclusions reached are those of the author.

The first of our two paths we will call the Pedophile Highway, and it starts in Habersham County, Georgia in 2010.  Conservative Georgia State Senator Nancy Schafer, a much-loved resident of the northeast mountain region, turns up dead in her home, along with her husband.  The case is officially ruled a murder-suicide.  Schafer is aggressively working to root out child abuse from the state’s Department of Protective Services.  Children are disappearing from state custody, and (she thinks) being sold into a national pedophile ring.  Schafer is about to take her case public when she is found dead.

Follow the Pedophile Highway through 2015 and 2016, and be sure to stop at Comet Pizza for a late-night bite to eat.  Maybe enjoy a game of ping-pong; the 11-year old boys and girls would love to whack some balls around with you.  Enjoy the unique sexually-themed artwork on the walls, and note that some of the artists represented have John Podesta and his brother Tony as their patrons.  Pay no attention to the older men going to the back of the room, behind that black curtain.  Nothing to see there.

Now follow the Highway to 2017, to a ball field in northern Virginia.  If you time it right, you might see James Hodgkinson shoot Congressman Steve Scalise.  Hodgkinson is s former foster parent.  Two teenage girls died while in his care.  One doused herself with gasoline and set herself on fire.  The other succumbed to a drug overdose, after reporting repeated abuse at the hands of lifelong Democrat activist Hodgkinson.

Scalise is a pro-life Republican who is actively working to combat child sex trafficking in the United States.  Scalise is a co-sponsor of HR 1761, the Protecting Against Child Exploitation act of 2017.  James Hodgkinson’s motive for the shooting is said to be his hatred of Republicans.  Ponder the fact that a known child abuser shoots an anti-child abuse advocate, when Hodgkinson had his pick of several GOP targets, including Tea Partier Rand Paul.  And also think about the fact that that Hodginson drives all the way from St. Louis specifically to target … Steve Scalise.

The second of our two paths we will call the Clinton Memorial Highway.  It’s an older and longer route, with its beginnings in Arkansas well over 30 years ago, at an airport in the little town of Mena.  Some folks spot aircraft landing there at night and offloading drugs.  Some folks say Bill Clinton aided and abetted these flights.  Most of those folks are dead, many before their natural time.

Vincent Foster lawyered with Hillary Rodham at the Rose Law Firm.  Vince gets crossed up with the future Missus Clinton, becomes depressed, and commits suicide.

Johns Ash of the United Nations, author Victor Thom, attorney Shawn Lucas, and attorney Beranton Whisenant Jr. are all outspoken pursuers of various claims against Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the DNC.  They are investigating financial and election fraud, child trafficking, and sovereign embezzlement, among other charges.  All die of unnatural causes within the past two years.

Let’s skip ahead now to 2017.  We follow the Clinton Memorial Highway to a row of townhomes in DC in the pre-dawn hours on a recent morning.  Democrat operative and Bernie Sanders supporter Seth Rich is walking home alone.  He is shot three times.  The shooting is captured on video by multiple security cameras installed on the townhomes courtesy of a DC Police Department neighborhood-watch program.  All the video files disappear.  Liz Lyons, the “privacy officer” for the DC Metro Police force, is charged with controlling access to all video images collected at crime scenes.  Lyons denies all requests for the bodycam footage from the responding officers.  The police force labels this a “robbery attempt”, ignoring the fact that Rich did not lose his wallet nor his watch nor his smart phone …. only his life.

Rich is said to have passed emails that incriminated the Clinton Campaign and the DNC in multiple voter and election fraud schemes that impacted the 2016 primaries and the eventual Presidential election.  Specifically, Rich is said to have had emails that would not be beneficial to the future careers of Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, of Hillary Clinton, and of John Podesta.  Rich is said to have turned these emails over to Wikileaks’ Gavin MacFadyen, who conveyed them to Julian Assange for eventual publication.

Seth Rich, bleeding profusely, is transported to MedStar Washington Hospital.  Ambulance personnel say Rich is alive but in critical condition.  Rich dies at MedStar.  The autopsy report is not released.  The very next day, when we revisit the scene of Rich’s shooting, we spot Debbie Wasserman-Schulz in a cluster of newspeople and friends, in front of the row of townhomes.  Why does that matter?  Because perpetrators are always drawn to return to the scene of their crime.

I mentioned that our two Highways, intersect.  Now, July 2017, we are at that point.  Let’s rejoin the Steve Scalise situation, and note that Scalise is also transported to MedStar Washington.  Scalise’s room is cordoned off and entry to all media is denied.  Scalise’s “friends” on the Democrat side of the aisle know that hospital food at MedStar leaves something to be desired, and send pizza to Scalise’s room.

If we check the TV monitor on the hospital wall, we will catch a story about the apparent suicide of Klaus Eberwein, a Haitian government official scheduled to testify against the Clinton Foundation’s mishandling of aid earmarked for famine relief in Haiti.  Eberwein also asked the world to help him find the thousands of young Haitian children who have disappeared from the tropical island nation over the past several years.  Eberwein wondered aloud if they might have been sold into sex trafficking.

Today, as we stand at the deadly intersection of pedophilia, the Clinton Crime Family, and the DNC, counting bodies, we wonder aloud when the DOJ will follow in our footsteps and bring a few of these hideous leftist excuses for human beings to justice.

— SafeSpace —




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8 Responses to Decades Of Death Around The Democrat Party’s Leading Figures

  1. Uriel says:

    Amen SafeSpace. In one report I just read, even the media are becoming nervous. Don’t forget the investigator and lawyer also found dead in Miami working on the case for the DNC citizens group against Wasserman and the DNC. And the guys. in DC(?)just who issued the legal papers to DNC.

  2. Wendy says:

    Great report SafeSpace!!! You literally (and maybe unknowingly) just exposed Pizza Gate, with Bill & Hill & O’Trauma all in on it. Many more as well. Go to and see what comes up. The Clinton machine is capturing Haitian children as sex slaves, and then later cooked and eaten! This is no freak out. This is REAL!!!! Trump needs to put these abusing assholes in prison for LIFE!

    • SafeSpace says:

      Wendy: Thank you. I’ve been following the Pizzagate story via YouTube for a year or so. Last night I came across two new videos there. People have snuck video cameras into Comet Pizza (James O’Keefe-style reporting). I’m to the point where I cannot look at this stuff at night, or I’m haunted by nightmares caused by these sick bastards.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    Does anyone think we are not dealing with hard core communists?
    Remember when the Obama gang wanted to hire Van Jones for an important position and Valerie Jarrett went on and on about how wonderful a person he was, and then Glenn Beck pointed out he was an avowed communist.
    So naturally he now works for the Communist News Network, A.K.A. CNN.

    And another woman they wanted to appoint gave a speech somewhere where she mentioned that she was so inspired by the writings of Chairman Mao.

    Also, never forget Hillary’s college thesis was based on Saul Alinsky.

    Do you seriously have any doubts about who these people are now?

    You shouldn’t. And the final battle has not yet begun.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post SafeSpace. It is sickening in many ways, first that they commit such heinous crimes, plus that they have gotten away with them so far. Lastly, it indicates how pervasive it is among the elites given no prosecutions and these magical suicides and murders.

  5. Tony NY says:

    You forgot that Bill Clinton hung out with a very rich fellow that was convicted as a pedophile. He flew Bill on his corporate jet called the Lolita express to a private island where i will leave it to imagination as to what went on there. Progressive perversion.

  6. Diego Dave says:

    my parents and sisters are retired law enforcement…we have discussed the issues in this article and more like this.

    they are especially incensed and sickened about pizzagate. they all admit that with all the clues available that any honest agent(s) of the law should have no problem getting the 10-4 to pursue these cases and bring the freaks/perps/pervs/animals to justice.

    so the the question we all keep asking each other is since these cases have enough clues to be vigorously pursued, why hasn’t that been done?

    the only answers we have come up with so far:

    * intimidation and collusion across the board by any agencies even thinking about pursuing these cases
    * the freaks/perps/perps/animals are protected by dark secular and spiritual forces

    if someone group/agency had the balls to pursue we all agreed we will put up the money!

    one solace we all have: these freaks/perps/pervs/animals will come to judgement one day from God and i will request front row seats to watch the horror on their faces when they realize their judgement is as real and even more horrible than what influcted upon their victims…i want to hear their screams of horror and groans of despair.

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