Reminder to Patriots and Republicans – President Isn’t the ONLY Government Position At Risk


Democrats and Liberals are waiting with baited breath, illegal activities, and planning with high hopes that THEY and their deep pockets can turn state by state to be a totally different country this next governorship election cycle!



Battle for governorships ramps up as terms expire

PunchingBag Media
Alice Greene
July 14, 2017

In most states, governorships last four years and governors can be re-elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

It’s been eight years since a wave of GOP governors took office, and the battles to replace those spots will be fierce. Over 200 individuals have announced official campaigns, with new announcements coming almost daily.

“The rash of new candidates is unlike anything political observers have seen,” reports The Hill. 

There are 17 states where current governors have reached the end of their maximum term; 13 of those outgoing governors are Republican.

In other states, including Alabama, Iowa, and South Carolina, governors running for re-election face challenges within their own parties.

“In states with two-term governors, whether they be Republican or Democrat, the rising stars in either party have been blocked from taking the next step. This is their opportunity, and if they miss this opportunity they may have to wait another eight years,” says Phil Cox, a former executive director of the Republican Governors Association.

Seven members of Congress are running for governorships, possibly because their role as lawmakers have become more onerous.

“If you are in Congress right now, Congress is incredibly dysfunctional, it’s not a fun place to work, and they’re not getting anything done,” says Cox. “Statewide office is far more attractive because it’s a somewhat less partisan environment.”

Some gubernatorial candidates, who have never held office, are taking advantage of the general negative attitude towards politicians by branding themselves as outsiders bent on change.

“People are fired up to run for office, and there’s an increasing recognition that the Democratic Party has to rebuild through the states,  says Jared Leopold, a spokesperson for the Democratic Governors Association. “Governors can make a huge impact on policy.”

As it stands, there are 33 GOP governors – more than the party has had in 95 years. There are 16 Democratic governors and 1 Independent (Alaska). There will be 38 races this cycle, and the winners will be in office when the next round of redistricting takes place in 2021.

38 races this cycle

Of the 17 states where governors have reached their term limit, only 5 voted for a party different than that of their governor. Maine has a Democratic governor but voted for Trump. Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, and New Mexico have Republican governors but voted for Hillary.

Of the 21 elections where governors are not at the end of their term limit, only four have announced they will not be running for re-election: Connecticut, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wyoming. All four states aligned with their governor in the last presidential election.



You can bet your last penny that Obama and the Democrats are behind closed doors making plans that either by legal or illegal means will attempt to destroy our country.  THE most powerful source for takeover and focus besides President will be Governors.

If you think President Trump is under attack now, just wait…….it won’t be just him under attack if the Dems do manage to take most of the governorships.

This cycle like the presidential election will be CRITICAL to either moving forward as a sovereign nation based on the constitution or eroding into a socialist autocracy to be turned over to the New World Order. 

Do not let anyone lose focus….voting for a free republic or voting for a communist one is the endgame.


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5 Responses to Reminder to Patriots and Republicans – President Isn’t the ONLY Government Position At Risk

  1. Wise Owl says:

    AGAIN, WTF is the GOP DOING about the Deep State, and the former administration’s corruption? Worrying about transgender soldiers? Russians? I hear Trump ate a piroski– OMG!

    • Uriel says:

      Makes my blood boil too Wise Owl. I dream of walking into the main chambers and barking orders to sit down and start working, behind me is a dozen erase boards to force them to talk and get the bills done.

  2. Shar says:

    More reason the voter rolls need to be purged of dead and illegals.

    • Uriel says:

      RIGHT AWAY at that Shar. There is a time limit before elections commence that can’t be crossed or courts will stop their efforts.

  3. vonMesser says:

    Washington is not up for reelection this time – but note: We have not had a Republican state government (Governor or legislature) since Reagan was in office.