To Roast or Be Roasted – “New Tell All” Book Soon To Be Released


Obama’s West Wing frat house?

The Daily Mail, UK article written by Karen Ruiz on July 12, 2017 is an “early promo” for a September release of a book written by Obama’s speech writer, David Litt. The article is a blatant pitch to buy the book but one has to wonder will Obama and Jarrett really appreciate its message.

Billed as a “light hearted memoir”, the upcoming book titled “Thanks Obama, My Hopey Changey White House Years” may either be a “roast” or be roasted before it goes public, I am thinking.

The new memoir from Litt is promising to “lift the lid on life inside the West Wing – and paint a picture of a surprising bro-culture in the White House.” It is said to reveal how the team – and other White House aides – drank, smoked, called each other ‘bro’, and liked – or pretended to like – only college basketball to please the president.

Litt, a Yale graduate, was one of the youngest White House speechwriters in history at the age of 24. He reveals in the book his apprehension that came with applying for a National Security Position in Washington with a history of recreational drug use. Despite drug use being rumored an ‘automatic deal-breaker’ for federal jobs, Litt was cleared to work for the president on April 1, 2011.

Litt was one of the many millennials who became obsessed with Obama when he heard the then Senator campaigning.
After graduating with a degree in history from Yale in 2008, Litt drove to Ohio and worked as a field organizer for Obama. “And then I moved to D.C. with absolutely no plan whatsoever and was lucky,” he says. MSN

After a nearly disastrous internship with a local DC communications company, Litt went to work for a speech writing firm called West Wing Writers. They wrote speeches for Senators, C.E.O.’s everyone in between, heads of big foundations, and that’s how he learned something about the craft of speech writing. Two years later, Litt was hired to be an entry-level speechwriter at the White House for Valerie Jarrett.

In 2012 he was promoted to Presidential Speechwriter and in 2014 to Special Assistant to the President and Senior Presidential Speechwriter. He was also the lead joke writer for the four White House Correspondents’ Association dinners during his tenor.

“There’s lots of young people there because you work incredibly long hours, nobody’s paid very much, and so young people are often the ones with the energy to do that kind of work,” he says in the MSN article.  “The truth about working in the White House is it’s so stressful and high pressure that if you can make it, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re you know the right age or whatever else.”


In January 2016 , Litt stepped down to take a job as the head writer and producer for the Washington, D.C. office of  Funny or Die  which is a comedy website.

While I have no doubt the book will be amusing, from a conservative older adult point of view I have to wonder just what might be revealed on a deeper level if I were to read it.

For instance, the “tag of the day” appeared to be who scored better “partners” floating around in the media world, no doubt also feeding them a “tidbit” of information as needed along with their sushi. The frat house attitude obviously was not only accepted but considered to be useful to Obama. It is after all apparently not unique in the twenty something culture but certainly not really kosher considering that this is the top echelon of government in the nation. If handled correctly, those “pipeline” patsies were highly useful.

Then there was the “drug” thing. Perhaps many millennials see nothing wrong with using drugs or with staying a bit “stoned” even on the job; but, how in the world could they judge the quality of their work while under a fog of drugdom? How easily could they have been caught in blackmail schemes, indiscriminately spouted state classified information, state business be “leaked”, and poorly exercised judgement occur by this level of government employee?

If this was supposed to be a “deal breaker” for a federal job, then how many hundreds more had been allowed to skate past this little troublesome requirement? No wonder some of those interviewed by congressional committees sounded stupid if this was allowed to happen.

How much easier it was and apparently is to sucker millennials if they believe that “recreational” drugs can be part of their daily routine and should have no restraint from using them even during work hours? There in lies the REAL danger of legitimizing “recreational” marijuana and an obvious reason that the head honchos of the liberal world encouraged and pushed for its legalization.

I may scan some of the book’s pages if for no other reason than to delve below the surface for the “real roasting” of Obama though I am not sure I would pay my hard-saved pennies to buy it.

However, I might also go into a deeper funk after reading if it points to
what the millennial generation is really like.


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11 Responses to To Roast or Be Roasted – “New Tell All” Book Soon To Be Released

  1. Shar says:

    I doubt if I would read a free copy. Trying to forgot the hopey, changey years.
    We are on the road to recovery. Not sure the book will sell. We all lived thru it and most of us didn’t find it funny at all.

  2. Dynalady says:

    Sounds like the book may confirm what so many suspected-just w/details we didn’t want to imagine.

    Shar-couldn’t have said it better. Let’s hope the book will clue-in people his age just what the last 8 yrs has cost us all.

    Along those lines–American Conservative University podcast on iTunes had a program coupla yrs ago. A self-described liberal Dem journalist wrote a book called Getting bin Laden (something like that). The operation began under W Bush, then continued under Obama. Atmosphere of W’s White House author said–calm, quiet, professional, orderly; BHO’s–back-biting, favoritism, stress, chaos. Anyone who’s ever worked for a Conservative vs a Liberal–you know the paradigm.

    Program is well worth listening to while you take your walk or do the yard. It’ll make you mad, though, when he speaks of the opportunity that was lost after the raid.Maybe all the 20-something’s advising BHO were too doped up to listen to the military guys.

    • Uriel says:

      Good add Dynalady i doubt anything would change the minds of the mostliberal20 somethings though. Obma oozed charisma and used them but until or unlessthey actually face reality i dont see them changing. These kids have been brought up without values nd their brains ruined by drugs THAT is a scary thought for yhe aging communities to ponder as these kids age into their thirties

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    This is not the “tell all book” I have been waiting for.

  4. Deserttrek says:

    as far as drugs. substitute alcohol and the situation is no better and maybe worse

  5. Hardnox says:

    This book will simply confirm what we have known for 8 years, that our entire government was run by adolescents.