Officer Sues BLM Over 2016 Ambush Shooting

Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson, seen here in 2016, and four others are being sued by an unidentified Baton Rouge police officer for allegedly inciting and encouraging violence at demonstrations. (Max Becherer/AP)


‘Permanently disabled’ Baton Rouge officer sues Black Lives Matter for 2016 ambush shooting

Washington Post
Katie Mettler
July 10, 2017

One year after law enforcement officers in Texas and Louisiana were ambushed by angry gunmen who said they were retaliating for high profile fatal police shootings nationwide, critics of Black Lives Matter are still trying to pin responsibility on the movement.

In a new lawsuit filed Friday in Louisiana, an unidentified Baton Rouge officer blamed DeRay Mckesson, Johnetta “Netta” Elzie and three other prominent Black Lives Matter leaders for allegedly inciting and encouraging violence at demonstrations across the country.

More specifically, it claims the movement and rhetoric of its leaders inspired a decorated former U.S. Marine sergeant to unleash a torrent of bullets upon Baton Rouge police on July 17, 2016, leaving three officers dead and another three injured — including the plaintiff, identified only as Officer John Doe Smith in the lawsuit.

The officer, a 42-year-old father of two who worked in law enforcement for 18 years, was left “permanently disabled” when bullets struck his abdomen, shoulder and head during the methodical ambush by 29-year-old Gavin Long at a convenience store.

This lawsuit is the second one filed against Mckesson by a Baton Rouge police officer; both were filed by attorney Donna Grodner. In the previous lawsuit, Grodner argued on behalf of another unnamed officer that Black Lives Matter and Mckesson were responsible for injuries the officer sustained during protests that took place in Baton Rouge after Sterling’s death.

Mckesson’s attorney asked a federal judge to throw out that lawsuit, reported the Advocate, arguing that Black Lives Matter is a social movement, not an organization, and therefore cannot be sued. The judge has not yet decided whether to dismiss the case, according to the Advocate.

Mckesson and other protesters arrested during that July demonstration in Baton Rouge later sued the city and local law enforcement agencies. They later agreed to settled, reported the Advocate. Charges were never brought against 98 of the 190 people arrested at the protests, including Mckesson.

On Sunday, another lawsuit was filed against Baton Rouge and Louisiana law enforcement agencies on behalf of 13 protesters and two reporters arrested during the demonstrations, alleging excessive use of force and civil rights violations, reported BuzzFeed News.

David Roland, director of litigation at the Freedom Center of Missouri, told PBS News Hour that he was concerned that civil lawsuits blaming Black Lives Matter and its leaders for the actions of individuals loosely affiliated — if affiliated at all — with the movement could threaten the First Amendment.

“It’s easier to dissuade protests, to chill speech, using the threat of a civil suit at least in some ways,” Roland told PBS. “It can’t result in someone going to jail, but it can result in them being bankrupt.”

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These officers did not deserve to die just as the ones in other locations did not deserve to die because your ranting idiots could not control their actions or keep from stirring up some wannabe tough guys into shootout situations that would not have occurred without your people’s extreme actions over the last 3 years.

Your group has been one of the most visible in nearly destroying whatever productive gains the Black communities have made over the years by your petty, selfish rants and actions. Way to go. You may not have pulled the trigger but you are guilty of causing them to play out their psycho wet dreams by the violence regularly found at marches BLM takes part in.

Culpable is a term in criminal law that refers to the blameworthiness of the accused. An accused is culpable when he or she is sufficiently responsible for criminal acts or negligence to be at fault and liable for the conduct. Culpability often implies some knowledge of the wrongfulness of one’s actions. As far as I am concerned the active involvement of BLM in chaotic marches across the country and your being on scene and recognized as a leader in the BLM movement emboldened the rabble rousers to be even more violent.




It is one thing to peacefully protest—-it is another to become what this group has devolved into.

Yes, McKesson – BLM  is responsible for the violence and the hate spewing across this land. Had they protested peacefully and without the destruction, screaming vile rants, and loss of lives of officers then this would not be necessary. No matter how soft-spoken the words, if you can’t control your protestors then SHUT DOWN THE MOVEMENT.

You and your friends were caught spouting off on social media about not receiving your pay for attending those riots, remember? That says it all…

BLM and all the offshoot groups are “anarchists gangs” in every sense of the word. Your groups are funded and under no illusions that your actions are designed to do the most harm and chaos possible to the areas where you are marching. Taking money means that you are culpable and are involved with highly organized handlers funded by the likes of Soros and others that would overthrow our constitution and government.

If you don’t want to do the time or be named a co-conspirator in an anarchist group — don’t do the crime, be a part of such a group, or incite others to further their rants and actions! Your presence at all of the locations as one of the founders is a tacit agreement to their actions and the unwarranted police officer deaths that have been occurring at least in my mind. 

How many of your core groups are bussed into locations across the country to create the senseless rants, chaos, incite crowds to kill officers, and other violence? How do you acquire the money to supply transportation, pay for food, organize for signs, and especially to pay activists? Those funds don’t fall out of the sky like manna from heaven.

How many of your followers have taken the time to march through the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans or dozens of other cities and towns calling out the senseless deaths of those hundreds and thousands or more innocents killed in random violence by groups ?

How many of BLM people actually go out in the communities to offer assistance, hand out food, make homes safer?

Here’s the challenge — Post less violent social media rants. Instead actually post BLM members taking part in helping in the communities where churches, food banks, homeless people, families, and elderly desperately need your help. Turn to stopping drug addiction in the black communities, poor educational and employment options, eliminating prostitution of children and slavery, shutting down violent gangs, and dozens of other hometown needs instead of destroying the real gains made by blacks in the public and private sectors. Post about the truth not vile rhetoric born of illogical rants without basis in fact.  





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7 Responses to Officer Sues BLM Over 2016 Ambush Shooting

  1. Shar says:

    BLM a social group….good spin. Jail them.

    • Uriel says:

      If those “founders” didn’t encourage and pay activists but actually did good that would be one thing. But I am with you Shar it’s time to put them on an anti-American anarchist list along with others and stop this assault on our citizens.

  2. Dynalady says:

    About time the legal profession steps up & does some good in all this. I wish this lady lawyer & her client every success. I hope cities & injured parties make these groups (& NOT the cities/taxpayers) pay ‘bigly’ for all the damages they cause. How about some nationwide class actions for people blocked on freeways, prevented from getting to hospitals, work, or voting booths, students pepper sprayed in free speech no go zones, & law abiding taxpayers who are sick of our cops getting hurt/killed & our cities being torched.

    • Uriel says:

      Amen Dynalady. It isn’t as far as lawsuits go very costly ($75,000 is peanuts) but if the group is broken and recognized as a terrorist group then it has met its goal. I hope others also go after these puppets but I really want the Soros clan and the dark shadow groups stripped and in prison preferably in GITMO or Alcatraz reborn.

      • Popular Front says:

        Alcatraz reborn? Now there’s a good idea. Think on it. First of all refurbishing it will provide hundreds of jobs for Bay Area tradespeople and then once reopened you can house 2500 or so of your worst felons there and by its very position you can monitor very closely any visitors they get. Fuq this ‘rehabilitation’ shit, prison is supposed to be PUNISHMENT for anti-social activity.

  3. Wendy says:

    I don’t know how these BLM monkeys even get the idea that their lives don’t matter. Since I’m a white girl, not living in “black shoes”, I don’t feel what they feel. Dr. Martin Luther King tried so very peacefully and eloquently to close those gaps. Now, we have these violent know-nothing jerks hitting the streets to kill “whitey” in law enforcement positions, trying to keep violence from happening to innocent people. They more they scream Black Lives Matter, the more they DON’T matter to me at all. How many white folks feel that the black folks got way more than they deserved when things began to even out??? Now, we all are supposed to kiss their butts and sing Kumbaya. Forget it!!!!!! I’m waiting for the time that the Native American Indians tell them to shut the f–k up. They still don’t have much compensation for what they lost!!! Broken treaties, far less Tribal Land, etc.