Society of Craven Cowards

Railroad Pike meet Sledgehammer.

Commentary on media and the masses who are buckling under the assumption that offending those who are against western values have the upper hand because we choose to allow them to frighten us rather than stand up for what WE believe.

Bullies get their way because they know that they are among sheep. They know there won’t be a real challenge to their authority. If a real challenge occurs, bullies often retreat. Some do fight, but they don’t have the moral high ground and they know it so are often defeated in the end by their own lack of resolve.

We have to decide — not they. Are we willing to stand up for ourselves or do we become slaves to their demands.

Well said sir.


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5 Responses to Society of Craven Cowards

  1. R.S. HELMS says:

    Short and sweet … one great post to express the frustration of some of us who just can’t seem to understand why the majority is allowing the barely significant minority to bully the masses… especially those congressional leaders whom I call RINO, just don’t seem like a very descriptive noun (acronym turned noun), for the coward wanna-be brave in the land of the free…

  2. captbogus2 says:

    Well said. BUT… With the government’s attitude towards us if we should stand our ground and mete out exactly what the other side desperately needs then WE would be arrested, incarcerated and most likely lose a bunch of rights that are (ha) inalienable while the other side will continue to act like spoiled, pampered children under the tutelage of Big Brother…

  3. Terry says:

    I do believe we have a “High Noon” situation here.
    America is ‘Hadleyville’, the muzzies (and the left) are bad guy ‘Frank Miller’, and Donald Trump is ‘Marshall Will Kane’.
    But this time, the patriots in ‘Hadleyville’ will stand with the Marshall.