Outrage over Sarsour’s July 1 address to ISNA

On July 1, 2017 Linda Sarsour spoke in front of ISNA luncheon honoring Community Service Recognition. Many of us have become familiar with her name in particular as one of the co-founders of the World Wide Women’s Day March. She was the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York and co-founder of the first Muslim online organizing platform, MPOWER Change. Sarsour has been at the forefront of major social justice campaigns both locally in New York City and nationally.  Sarsour was named among 500 of the most influential Muslims in the world.


Note: turn down your volume and listen CAREFULLY to her words….jihad has many forms not just murder and mayhem.


I realise many who read our posts would question why I have added this speech to our site, only listen if you choose.

— KNOW thy enemy is always important.–

Let’s consider that Women’s Day march and her rise to prominence after 9/11…

WOMEN are NOT celebrated or allowed much latitude outside the homes in the Islamic religion and culture of the Middle East…they have never been from the earliest history and especially now under the stricter fundamentalist sects of Islam today. We see many, many examples of how they are treated–yet this woman would have us believe she represents the Islamic faith and the women of her culture and the world…really?

If she were abruptly returned to Palestinian land today, would she survive? Would she be allowed to speak freely, comment in public, march with thousands of women chanting for their rights, wear “tempting” attire including makeup and nail polish, stand before the world to become a vision of feminine rights? Extremely doubtful.

Granted for a space of a few years, women in that region did manage to rise above their menial positions in society. They did become voices for women’s rights. BUT where are they today in that region? Quite a few have been put to death in horrific ways, others silenced from fear, and others have retreated behind the veil. A few brave souls are still carrying on but they are well aware that at any moment of any day, their lives might be forfeit.

Yet we in the US are to believe that Linda Sarsour speaks FOR those sects that revile women and treat them worse than cattle? Are we to accept that she has the right to call for “jihad” or voice thoughts for the men of the society? Right, good luck with that one. The state of Islam and the fundamentalist fervor of Islam religion would totally freak if this were the truth and the way. So why would any Muslim listen?

That answer may actually be fairly simple. The same message coming from the mouth of an imam in the United States has and more so now would create serious angry retaliatory issues. However, the state of Islam is an opportunist. They see that women in the western culture have far more latitude to speak and so how better to present THEIR message than by the delivery of a culturally non-threatening female.


Some in MSM quickly offered a milque toast version in support of Linda Sarsour’s speech after there were comments of outrage by conservative Americans.

One comment:  Sarsour spoke at a “Hamas fundraiser.” Perhaps specifically not true as to its purpose, the media has been attempting to water down her comments as non-threatening and portray the location as benign.

ISNA and many of the groups named by Sarsour have since 2008 been declared a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) trial with good reason. Information can be found at several sites including trial documents on this. Investigative Reports is one such site. Thanks to the election of Obama, this society and all the others have managed to continue in our country and grow stronger. However, they do not advocate for assimilation.   None of them prefer to follow the laws of our country and become dedicated patriotic members of our western culture except where it can further they goals and their takeover of our western country for their purposes.

Sarsour’s brief address highlights this. She may not speak for all Muslims but she certainly is advocating for most.  The very foundation of the Islamic faith is that all monies not needed for direct personal living needs to be pooled into a greater body for the goals of the whole. So all meetings no matter how worded, daily worship, and all funds not needed directly ARE a fundraiser for purpose of the whole.

A second comment: The definition of the word “jihad” – non-Muslims cannot expect to get the definition nuances. Its use and intricacies are not bound by the understanding of western civilization but by the secretive inner workings of the Islamic religion. Islam has always kept its inner beliefs and rites out of the hands of so-called infidels. Those that do attempt to explain in detail soon find themselves at odds and in danger from the fundamental core of the faith.

We in the west have our own examples of this kind of core secrecy in groups like the Knights of Columbus, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, and other groups. The secrecy guarantees that those outsiders have no real understanding of the workings within the groups and can not voice opposition to practices.

The word “JIHAD” in the western culture according to Dictionary.com was  first recorded in 1865-70. Even though the Caliphates practiced it from the beginning according to the Quran, they apparently did not deem it necessary to allow other cultures they attempted to conquer to either use or understand its meaning. Otherwise, wouldn’t the word have been a part of the historical records and languages? Languages like Greek, Roman, Minoan, Egyptian, Germanic, French or English? Would the word not have been mentioned in great documents of worth like those by Plato,  Socrates, the Crusaders, kings of western lands, and Catholic priests over the many centuries?

I find it extremely odd that a culture of religion like Islam would not have had interaction somewhere along their waves of conquering forays across the European continent to the point that violent words like “jihad” would not have seeped into the fears and cultures they crossed… I am not saying that the historical events didn’t happen. Simply that it is odd that a lot of the language and customs of Islam did not stay and become imbedded into western culture in the same way Roman, Greek, or English have. That is definitely food for thought for those who belive Islam is a pillar of the world.

Comments on calls for Sarsour’s deportation are accurate.  Citizens born in the US are considered natural citizens regardless of where their parents came from — hence the struggle to define anchor babies versus those whose parents have actually immigrated and in the process of naturalization. They cannot be “deported” which is what MSM and the Islamic State hope people don’t look beyond.

However, there is more to the issue….voluntarily, they can renounce their citizenship while outside the US, ask for naturalized citizenship or sanctuary in another country, or serve in a foreign country’s military against ours during war.

A citizen who overstays living in a foreign country for so many years and does not renew citizenship by spending time inside the country, I think falls into a gray area status. I recall my uncle who lived with his German wife in Germany having to return to the states every seven years or so to stay for a period of time in order to keep his military retirement and citizenship status up-to-date.

Involuntarily, a person could be expatriated or lose citizenship if he or she receives a conviction for treason or attempting by force to overthrow the U.S. government, including conspiracy convictions.

Now that is exactly what the Brotherhood and Muslim societies are terrified could happen. To put it mildly, they plan on fighting tooth and nail to prevent this from happening. If they are found to be anti-American groups who have plans to overthrow our government then their rights of citizenship as an entity and as individuals are at stake. The 2008 trial named them as “co-conspirators” but never followed through to declare them an enemy of the state though it should have been done.

Obama made sure to bring many sympathizers and radical members onboard in government as well as protect them through his actions but the second that the State Department dries the ink on declaring them anti-American groups and the government begins trial on members for treasonous activities, these groups and their members could lose rights even if born in the US as natural and naturalized citizens.

Sarsour and her six siblings were born in Brooklyn to Palestinian immigrants. Her parents came from a village near Ramallah in the West Bank and emigrated in the late 1970s.  Today her father continues to own and run a grocery store in Brooklyn. They adhere closely to the tenets of Islam. Sarsour herself is a “modern” version of the followers. She became a political activist.

What is less well-known about her:

  • Her husband, Maher Judeh aka Maher Abo Tamer, quietly sympathizes with Palestinian causes and radical groups while believing that women should be in homes not seen or heard out in public. This must make for quite an area of contention between her family’s strong adherence to Islam, her arranged marriage, her children, and her own activist activities.
  • In a 2004 article that appeared in a Columbia Graduate School of Journalism publication, Sarsour revealed that a pair of incarcerated men who were pictured in an Arabic-language newspaper that recruited suicide bombers for Hamas were, respectively, her cousin and a family friend. Meanwhile, Sarsour’s brother-in-law was serving a twelve-year prison sentence in Israel for his involvement with Hamas.
  • According to one media source, her close connection to New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, helped her organization AAANY secure  over half a million dollars and upwards of ten million over five years from the Mayor’s Fund.
  • She hysterically claimed on one Maddow show  in February 2015 that Muslim kids were being killed in the US in order to order to advance her political agenda.
  • She is an advocate of Sharia law. Though this one is puzzling to me as how can she explain the good in Sharia law rulings when she has ample proof out of the Middle East on the cruelty of their punishments. Tweets listed on Daily Wire point to years of misrepresenting the “good” of Sharia law from loans without interest to how reasonable Sharia law is.
  • She is vehemently anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian one state solution.
  • Finally, we are known as much by those we praise and call friends as what we do. In Sarsour’s case, she praises Farrakan and Nation of Islam which from their own words is one if the more radical groups in the US. She refers to Siraj Wahhaj as one of her favorite people. Siraj Wahhaj favors Sharia punishment over more liberal US laws and long ago was implicated in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing though nothing ever came of it.  She posed for a picture with Salah Sarsour, a member of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee and former Hamas operative who was jailed in Israel in the 1990s because of his alleged work for the terrorist group. She also has been a strong advocate for the release of Muhammed Allen, who is currently in an Israeli jail for his work with the terror group Islamic Jihad.


So do conservatives have it right in their indignation — ABSOLUTELY. Those who listened carefully to the entire video above can hear exactly what the more fundamentalist, Sharia accepting, radical state of Islam and Islamic religious groups and thinking is even if delivered by a female…we do need to know so we can understand the simple facts:

1- They refuse to assimilate.

2 – They demand and expect to see obedience to their religion above any other religions or the laws of the country.

3 – They have no qualms about violence and banding together as one raised voice and enraged entity to bring a country to submission and rule by their own beliefs and laws.




Sarsour means bug in Arabic.


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    Linda Sarsour And Her Jihad-Preaching Mentor
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    Linda Sarsour, like her mentor Siraj Wahhaj, is now preaching jihad to Muslims in America.

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    • Uriel says:

      Thanks for adding f43phantomphixer There is no doubt in my mind that her form of jihad whatever anyone thinks is designed to push for Islamic control of the US

  2. SafeSpace says:

    I suppose America will be treated to hectoring from this five-star hypocrite for years to come…. No one (with the exception of Pamela Geller, who has already been labeled as a “radical” by the American left and its MSM minions) points out the lies, the contradictions, and the denial of historical fact that dominate Miz Sarsour’s speeches.

    To put ISNA et al in the same company as the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, even the Order of The Eastern Star, is flat-out absurd. None of those groups advocates overthrowing American law and our Constitution and replacing them with an intolerant theocratic state — not even the Masons go that far. And there is zero evidence of militant terrorism in the past three or four centuries from any of the western “secret groups” just named.

    Understanding of “jihad” comes more readily when we recognize that Islam is not a religion, in the sense that Christianity is a religion. Islam is a legal system of theocratic statism operating behind a facade of faith. In Islamic societies, the “state” and the “church” are one and the same. The US Constitution specifically prohibits such an arrangement … because we saw how poorly it worked when the Puritans controlled New England. (more below….)

  3. SafeSpace says:

    (continued….) Our understanding of Islam is further advanced when we learn that Muslim scholars believe that it is not possible to translate their holy book, the Qu’ran, into any language other than the original Arabic. This is, I believe, very deliberate: It is difficult for most folks to oppose that which they cannot fully understand. And it is near-impossible to intellectually combat a philosophical and legal system whose specific content is guarded, and is applied to the citizenry like so many lashes.

    On the other hand, Christians fund extensive and elaborate efforts to translate the Bible into every single language on the face of the earth (over 500 such written translations already exist). Christians want the Word to be spread, to be shared, to be understood, and to be lived out freely by peoples everywhere, “to the ends of the earth” as Jesus Christ said. The Bible is not treated as a classified secret document, subject to interpretation solely by a group of old scholarly men in ethnic garb.

    • Uriel says:

      Well stated SafeSpace. I was not implying in anyway that those groups were in the same category just that they are rather secretive about their inner workings. Sorry if it was taken that way. There is no other group like Islam unless we turn and look at satanic ritual groups. Even they are not nearly as violent nor steeped in the dark ages (mostly) as radical or fundamentalist Islam.

  4. Popular Front says:

    Another muslime loudmouth to be placed on the XPD* List.

    * eXPedient Demise

    • Uriel says:

      Agreed Popular the only real weapon is to constantly rebut her conversations and show the truth versus her propaganda. If she takes enough heat perhaps her imam and others would think to silence her public speaking especially if they see no value

  5. Wise Owl says:

    If they advocate Sharia Law, which is in opposition to Constitutional Law, isn’t this advocacy against the Constitution and the U.S.A.? How can this be tolerated??? She is advocating overthrow of our demorcratic republic, our government. It seems to me that if I advocated the overthrow of our government, that I would be imprisoned as a traitor, yet these politically-correct RINOs and libtards let this go on. It is undermining our country! The more followers she gets, the closer to overthrow we come. If she doesn’t like it here, she should denounce her citizenship and go to where Sharia Law is practiced, and leave us the F alone!

  6. GunnyG says:

    Deport every damn one of them. Only way to be safe.

  7. vonmesser says:


  8. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post. What I find glaring is that this charlatan has been embraced by the Women’s Groups that islam seeks to suppress. It’s absurd.

    I hope AG Sessions is paying attention. She and others are subverting America and are aiding those that wish to destroy us.

    • Uriel says:

      I am beginning to worry about Sessions and his crew with so much to investigate and so few available while being held up with swamp muck will he actually be able to accomplish much?