NYPD Officer Assassinated

A NYPD Policewoman (mother of 3) was gunned down while in her cruiser yesterday by a thug for no other reason than the color of her uniform.  Fortunately, her partner whacked the killer but that doesn’t extinguish the loss now being felt by her family and co-workers.

This is Obama’s legacy.  He owns it.  Any other narrative is simply dishonest.  Batears started this meme in 2009 with his Cambridge police “acting stupidly” and the whole thing snowballed into murdering police officers ever since with this insane “war on cops”.  Everytime a black gets killed by police the media goes batshit crazy and the lemmings follow suit.  Never mind that blacks are killing each other in record numbers.  Oh no, that doesn’t fit the narrative.  Best to blame cops and keep the morons stirred up.  It’s disgusting.

So far in 2017 there have been 67 police officers killed indicating a serious uptick in police murders.

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22 Responses to NYPD Officer Assassinated

  1. Jules Smith says:

    Disgusting. Time for some street vigilante’s.

  2. Hardnox says:

    What’s even more outrageous in this disgusting murder is the lack of media coverage. Where is mainstream media coverage of attack on NYC cop? A banger gets his just reward by a cop and the media goes batshit crazy for weeks yet they can’t mention this tragedy.

    • Bullright says:

      That’s what I wonder, where is the coverage? How could they avoid this? Mother and family, just bad. . MSM should be ashamed of their sick selves.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    At what point is Obummer charged with inciting violence? Obstruction of justice? Treason?

  4. Shar says:

    Good question, Wise Owl. I read an article that the killer was a Hillary and BLM supporter. I guess a black life doesn’t matter if they are a cop. These people are sick.
    Batears owns it.

  5. clyde says:

    Not only OBozo, but the entire democrat party especially their media poltroons.

  6. Brittius says:

    On a personal note, I retired in the late 20th century. I was a cop in New York City. Over the years, I do not recall the number of police funerals that I attended. The liberal leadership of the city, with mayors and city council members, all openly against police. A city where drug dealers had gained a chokehold from a toehold. It was when Rudy Giuliani, became mayor, and took a very mature and responsible stance to not allow the city to fall to crime, that he appointed Bill Bratton, as police commissioner, that the chains were removed from police. The war on drugs, drug dealers, and drug users, in answer to the Crack Wars, had begun, and in time, and a lot of hard work, the streets were cleaned up of the criminal element. I made 574 arrests during my career, I earned 48 citations. I was only one of 30,000 cops, who each day, did our best, for the people who live, work, and visit the city. From the dark days of crime, to finally seeing families enjoy the city. A sense of accomplishment finally was felt. It became so safe, that a new breed of people, yuppies and hipsters, spread, from their tiny enclaves of safety, to branch out throughout the city, and they, voted liberal progressive democrat. A reversal was starting. City Hall, was once more flooded with the pie-in-the-sky dreamers, rather than the older pavement pounding man-on-the-streets. Crime returned and elected officials demanded that police precinct commanders, for the sake of reelection hopes, reclassify everything to “harassment”, a simple violation, to mask and conceal criminal activities that occurred. There was a need, for the NYC Sullivan Act of 1911, to be repealed however, the liberals vilified the gun more than they vilified crime, because the true statistics were juggled. The majority of criminals, the violent ones, all, had prior arrests and convictions for violent crime, and odds are, that an armed citizen, somewhere, would have permanently terminated criminal careers, if only that one law, named in dedication to a crooked politician, who started gun permits as means to control votes, and if anyone got out of line, their gun permit was either revoked or refused renewal, and the crooked politician’s gangs would pay a visit to the family for assault, rape, kidnap, arson, and murder. Another cop has been executed in 2017. Since 1911 until now the farce of gun control has caused countless numbers of deaths in NYC, but it is pushed aside because it is not what people want to hear. Who killed the latest cop? Answer: A smug voter, who opted to place into elected office a twit politician who appeases criminal activities, because most of the politicians, have been clients of gambling, prostitution, and drugs. They call it the good times. Those who knowingly refuse to vote for political hopefuls that would make the city safe, are to blame. Look in the mirror and think about it, any time election cycles come around.

    I remain, a staunch advocate for Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, to be unified as one law, and made the Law-of-the-Land. People will not want to have jobs as cops. That only increases the odds of crime flourishing. Across the street, a kid, a college graduate, I had suggested he take the written exam for NYC Police Officer, with this latest execution of a cop, said that he will not do so. One cop killed, and another who would defend the streets will not step up. That’s two cops taken out, and how many more, with this single murder, will never put on the badge? For the city, it’s a lose/lose proposition, but the problem remains at the top officials, as usual. The mayor, and the city council. I live each day with a sense of failure, because I would have liked to have done much more to help the city, including if possible, returning to the Job, which will never happen, and now, I see, so many previous police deaths, spat upon and taken in vain. My city. My streets. Always. It will never change that in my heart and in my soul, I will always be a cop.

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  8. vonmesser says:

    We still need a THIS PISSES ME OFF button.

  9. myfoxmystere says:

    Had the thug been a white man, libtards would have been oinking for something. But because the thug is a black BLM ape, they could care less. Who cares if a black male thug whacks a black mama in an NYPD Blue uniform, right? In their view, she was an Aunt Jemima, a whitey sock puppet. It’ll be only a matter of seconds that they’ll scream about her partner whacking an innocent black thug for trying to defend himself from a cop who hates black men.

  10. SafeSpace says:

    Hey Comrade DiBlasio: Look how well your gun control laws are working (you jackwagon).

  11. Shar says:

    Bloomberg is donating big bucks for 2018 primaries hoping to get the dims back in. Let him spend his money. People are sick of violence and what the left stands for.

    Brittius thanks for serving NY well. I agree many will be afraid to become cops. A world of sick people egged on by the left. NY needs another Rudy. DiBlasio, Cuomo, and the likes need to be replaced.