Project Veritas : American Pravda Investigation Pt. 4

A new Project Veritas video again exposes Jimmy Carr, the Associate Producer for CNN’s New Day saying he doesn’t think he “said anything wrong.”Carr was recently featured in Project Veritas’ American Pravda: CNN video series, stating that CNN thinks Trump is “f*cking crazy,” that Kellyanne Conway looks like she was “hit with a shovel,” and that the American voters are ‘stupid as sh*t.”

After seeing the first and second Project Veritas video which exposed CNN employees admitting the Russia narrative was “bullsh*t” and a “nothing burger,” Carr says he “had a moment of panic “, yet was so stupid he fell right into the trap again !


 The arrogance of the left has no boundaries, and apparently neither does their ignorance.
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2 Responses to Project Veritas : American Pravda Investigation Pt. 4

  1. Hardnox says:

    Nail meet hammer.