Deprogramming Elmo

When it comes to liberal brainwashing, it’s important to ‘get ’em while they’re young.’ Liberals have always believed in the long game, so using popular Sesame Street character Elmo on Monday as a propaganda tool against the Trump Administration’s immigration policies was only par for the course for “fake news” CNN.

Appearing on a panel discussion with Sesame Workshop’s Sherrie Westin, David Miliband from the International Rescue Committee, and CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, Elmo was asked about Syrian children the puppet ‘visited’ at a Jordanian refugee camp.

Not to worry. Our ol’ buddy Paul Joseph Watson sat little Elmo down and deprogrammed him. He’s ready to set the story straight now.

I guess since adults caught on that CNN is FAKE NEWS, due to what Project Veritas has been publishing, they are going after the kids….Elmo is now giving fake news, and CNN adult employees believe Elmo as a “source”. Great Journalism!

I heard that Cookie Monster saw Trump colluding with the Russians about the elections. Watch for that special report.



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9 Responses to Deprogramming Elmo

  1. Popular Front says:

    ‘International Rescue’? That’s the Tracy’s outfit from the puppet show ‘Thunderbirds’ in case you didn’t know. Milliband really is a waste of space.

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  3. Dynalady says:

    They keep saying ‘the children, the children…”. I think everyone here already knows that the vast majority of the ‘refugees’ coming to the USA & Europe are males, aged 18-35. Almost no women or children.

    • Terry says:

      That’s a fact Dynalady.
      But the left does everything “for the children” as you know. Unless they are from the USA of course.

  4. Hardnox says:

    The Left is really showing their desperation.

    PJ Watson is always spot on.

  5. Uriel says:

    I’m kind of shocked that Elmo was allowed in the refugee centers truthfully…