Bernie Sanders, Socialist Role Model: A Greedy, Petty Liar

When will you millennials learn?  Socialists LIE and STEAL from YOU.  Socialism benefits only the few who control the system.  For just a teensy little minute, get your heads out of Twatter, put your Facebook self-promotion on pause, and consider these facts about your hero, the hectoring curmudgeon from Vermont:

The rich are evil and steal from you, sez Bernie.  So why is Jane Sanders under FBI investigation for bank fraud?  Seems Senator Bernie may well have pressured a bank to make a bad loan to Burlington College during Jane (Missus Sanders) tenure as president there.  Is it stealing for a powerful man to twist a banker’s arm to get someone else’s money for a crap investment?

Bernie Sanders refuses to answer when pressed on FBI bank fraud investigation of his wife

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) grew agitated when he was asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tuesday whether his wife, Jane Sanders, was the subject of an investigation by the FBI over possible fraud in a failed land deal from her days as president of Burlington College.

“We understand your wife has hired a lawyer to represent her in a possible probe into a land deal that fell apart,” Burnett said. “This was back when she was president of Burlington College—”

“No, it was not when she was, oh,” Sanders interrupted, “let me say a word about that, you know.”

“I just want to ask you,” Burnett continued, “do you know if she’s under FBI investigation?”

“Excuse me,” Sanders interjected, “my wife is about the most honest person I know. When she came to that college, it was failing financially and academically. When she left it, it was in better shape than it had ever been.”

“Five years later, just at the moment, coincidentally no doubt, when I’m a candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, a co-chair, vice chairman of the Republican Party in Vermont launched this investigation,” he continued.

“So all that I will tell you now, Erin, it is a sad state of affairs in America,” Sanders added, “not only when we have you know politicians being destroyed … when there are attacks against elected officials, when you’re going after your wife, people’s wives, that is pretty pathetic, and that’s where we are right now, and that’s about all that I’m going to say.”

“I do just want to understand though,” Burnett pressed, “at this time, do you have any knowledge as to whether she’s under FBI investigation?”

“That’s all that I want to say, and we’ll let it play out,” he responded. “But I think it’s fairly pathetic that when, you know, people are involved in public life, it’s not only that they get attacked, but it’s their wives and their families that they get attacked. That’s what this is about.”

The investigation involves a $10 million loan that Jane Sanders secured for Burlington College to purchase 33 acres of land. Investigators believe Sanders might have embellished the financial health of the institution in order to obtain the loan. When the donations she promised didn’t materialize, the college defaulted. Prosecutors may also be looking into whether Sen. Sanders used his political position to encourage the loan.

This isn’t the only scandal that has mired Sanders’ post-presidential campaign life. After the terrible shooting targeting Republicans in Alexandria, Virginia, it was discovered that the shooter was an enthusiastic supporter of Sanders while spewing vile comments on social media against Republicans.

Sanders denounced the violence but many reminded him of how he tried to pin the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords (Ariz.) on former Alaska governor and one-time GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Now let’s consider your precious Bernie Sanders’ real estate portfolio.  Bernie is the man who campaigned on the comment “How many yachts and homes do you billionaires need?”  Ol’ Bern, the man of the people, the commoner’s friend, owns three large and prestigious homes, and has a net worth of tens of millions of dollars:

Bernie Sanders slams billionaires, gets reminded he owns 3 houses

 Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is having a difficult time with his latest tweet assailing the wealthy. First, Sanders, who ran a progressive presidential campaign criticizing Wall Street and the rich, tweeted out a message Thursday evening with what seems to be a typo, telling billionaires: “You can have it all.”

After deleting the initial tweet and replacing it with a new one, swapping “can” with “can’t”, Sanders was mercilessly mocked for questioning how yachts and cars billionaires need when he and his wife bought their third house — a $600,000 beachfront residence — in August.

And then there’s the question of Bernie’s new ride.  At left, below, the top-line Audi he’s purported to be driving.  At right, below, the image Bernie wants you millennial suckers to buy.

But my very favorite proof that Bernie Sanders is the prototypical socialist is the attitude he holds about charity:

Bernie Sanders: ‘I don’t believe in charities’

Professor: Democrat ‘has no real respect or regard for civil society’

Published: 04/04/2016 at 8:36 PM

A 1981 New York Times item quotes Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as saying he doesn’t “believe in charities,” an outlook that one expert says is common in socialism and would destroy civil society.

In September 1981, the Times reported on comments then-Burlington Mayor Sanders made at a charity event:

“For the kickoff of the 40th annual Chittenden County United Way fund-raising drive in Burlington, Vt., the sponsors considered themselves fortunate to have as guests Mayor Bernard Sanders of Burlington and Gov. Richard Snelling of Vermont,” reported the Times.

“But the charity workers heard the sort of things they wanted to hear from only one of their guests.

“‘I don’t believe in charities,” said Mayor Sanders, bringing a shocked silence to a packed hotel banquet room. The mayor, who is a socialist, went on to question the ”fundamental concepts on which charities are based” and contended that government, rather than charity organizations, should take over responsibility for social programs,’” the article stated.

Joe Loconte fiercely disagrees. Loconte teaches Western civilization and American foreign policy at The King’s College in New York City. He has also held positions with the Heritage Foundation and the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington. From 2001-2003, he was an informal adviser to the George W. Bush administration’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

“It’s no surprise that Bernie Sanders then, and I think even now, really has no real respect or regard for civil society,” Loconte told WND and Radio America. “This is the problem with socialism. It sees such an overwhelming, intrusive role for the state at all levels, there’s no room left for the voluntary society.”

He said the history of America shows civil society as a indispensable part of what makes America great.

“Those associations, those charities, those faith-based organizations that have always been the lifeblood of American democracy have always contributed to this truth as we describe the United States,” he said. “It’s exceptionalism. Near the heart of American exceptionalism is this vibrant, independent civil society.”

A Clinton wannabe, that’s Bernie, honing the arts of deceit, fraud, financial arm-twisting, and greed …. prepping to take over from the Witch of Chappaqua if he gets another chance to top the Democrat ticket.  Lord preserve us.

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8 Responses to Bernie Sanders, Socialist Role Model: A Greedy, Petty Liar

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    The only thing that makes me happier since Hillary lost is that Bernie never had much chance.
    I mean, here’s a guy who spent his honeymoon in Moscow. Who does that?
    A progressive/socialist/marxist/communist, that’s who.

  2. Shar says:

    Finally a Russian connection.

  3. Popular Front says:

    Solidarity with the working class, my ass. Take a look at these people, I/we (Aussies) called them ‘Chardonnay socialists’ or ‘limousine lefties’. They spout outdated pseudo-marxist dogma at the same time as they’re bidding on a waterfront mansion. Their kids don’t attend the local state-run high school – uh uh – they all get pricey private school ‘education’ with all the social snobbery that entails. If there is one political creed that reeks of class contempt it is leftism. Hypocrisy write large.

  4. This is total bullshit. The “probe” was launched by Brady Toensing, a well-known whacko who isn’t even allowed on FIX News anymore. Toensing filed his complaint during the campaign, when he was chairman of the Trump campaign in VT. He is also Chair of the GOP in VT and has been gunning for Sanders for years. There is nothing to this. There is no fraud, and no one was damaged. The Catholic church in VT, which according to Toensing’s claim, was damaged because of the loan default, has stated publicly that they were NOT damaged, because even though not all of the loan was paid back, the amount they did receive was still high above what the assessed value of the property was.
    This is a frivolous lawsuit and exactly the kind of legal bullshit that good Conservatives are supposed to stand against!!

  5. Hardnox says:

    Funny how the uber Leftists expose virtue then do the opposite. Good post.

    I wonder how much the Hillary campaign paid him to run in order to make her look like a moderate?

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Crazy Bernie parades around the Polititcal “Burlington Mink Coat Factory” with his anti rich people political tripe. To me, it seems like he enjoys ripping off the banks for his own political gain. By the way, did anyone else notice he looks like the McDonald’s hamburglar upon a close look? Maybe his “hamburglar” runs were his practice runs to rob a bank without holding it up himself. Feel the Bern! Hee hee hee!

  7. myfoxmystere says:

    Just a quick update: after I commented about Crazy Bernie looking like the hamburglar, I took a look on the internet and noticed a number of us conservatives missed that boat last year. Someone in the college community in Fresno California noticed in early 2016 and wrote an editorial in the Cal State Fresno college newspaper. By the way, Fresno is one of the conservative bastions in north central California, part of the desert farmlands in the Central Valley. If you look up Hamburglar Bernie Sanders, you’ll come across the picture and article that we all missed in 2016. It’s one of those page six type of articles that are hidden gems we treasure.