Tucker Carlson Wrecks CNN Over Retracted Fake News Story


Posted June 26, 2017.


Great comments Tucker!

CNN needs to go down.

“CNN negative on Trump coverage is at 93 percent.”


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3 Responses to Tucker Carlson Wrecks CNN Over Retracted Fake News Story

  1. SafeSpace says:

    President Trump should revoke CNN’s press credentials and deny their so-called reporters access to White House briefings. How do you get the attention of a spoiled and snottly 5-year old? Send the brat to his or her bedroom with no TV, no toys for a good long while. Eventually even the most hopeless spawn of millennials learns that endless crying and obnoxious behavior has consequences. CNN acts like a roomful of 5 year old brats … let’s treat them accordingly.

  2. Terry says:

    Ms. Attkisson nailed it. She has a great grasp on the underhanded dealings in the swamp.
    It’s good she came over to our side.

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