Sunday Blessing and a Truth the Liberals and Socialists Want To Silence

Father Pedro Opeka: Apostle of the Garbage People





Published on Jan 9, 2015
Fr. Pedro Opeka, C.M. works with persons living in extreme poverty in Madagascar. Their work is an example of Systemic Change: enabling people to identify the root causes of their poverty and create strategies that change the structures which keep them in poverty.



Life is about choice — feed and clothe people, they become dependent and apathetic.

Provide the faith, hope, and skills which provides self assurance and value of ownership of those people for accomplishing by themselves and the world opens up to them.


Liberals and socialists DO NOT want this message cast abroad for people to see and understand.


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3 Responses to Sunday Blessing and a Truth the Liberals and Socialists Want To Silence

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Uriel: You sure got that correct. Lefties try to shut down stories like this for multiple reasons: Individual success is “evil” and “unfair” to those who fail. Self-reliance is “wrong” because nobody should be allowed to have more than his neighbor, regardless of how hard he may have worked for it. Self-reliant people don’t need to depend on Big Gummint and probably don’t fear the local friendly dictator, and as such won’t readily concede to be taxed to support either of them. And perhaps worst of all, the reality of Christian-based love and help is to be denied and blocked whenever possible: Only Big Gummint is allowed to help the needy. God has no business meddling in the government’s business.

  2. Hardnox says:

    SafeSpace’s comment was spot on. The left doesn’t want anyone to have freedom.