Trey Gowdy Furious Over Closed Door Congressional Security Leaks

As new head of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, it is important that information contained and discussed behind closed doors be secure from leaks. Unfortunately, Trey Gowdy found out this week, those in attendance of a “secure closed door meeting” apparently can not be trusted to honor their oath and committment to national security.

The June 20th press release for the Russia Investigative Task Force Hearing stated that “On Wednesday, June 21, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, will appear in open session starting at 10 a.m. to answer questions related to Russian active measures during the 2016 election campaign as part of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation. Media wishing to attend this hearing must be credentialed through the appropriate Congressional Media Gallery. Credentialed media will be allowed inside the hearing room at HVC 210 from 9:15 am on a first come, first served basis.”

Here is the video from that OPEN congressional investigative meeting:



Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for the salivating MSM liberal leaning news media.


‘I’ll be damned!’ Trey Gowdy FURIOUS closed-door Intel testimony leaked, says only 8 people in the room

BizPac Review
Michael Dorstewitz
June 23, 2017

Someone leaked closed-door testimony — so who was it?

An outraged Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared on CNN’s “Outfront” Thursday after testimony from Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats leaked to the press.

And the media leaks came after Coats was assured by both the South Carolina Republican and his Democratic counterpart on the committee, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, that nothing he disclosed would make it into the public sphere.

“About eight hours ago, Adam Schiff and I looked Dan Coats in the eyes and we assured him that there would be no selective leaking of his testimony to us,” Gowdy told “Outfront” host Erin Burnett. “And I’ll be damned if eight hours later, there aren’t three different leaks with what he told us.”

Within hours of the closed-door hearing, NBC News reported that “Coats tells House investigators President Trump seemed obsessed with Russia probe.”



“So if anyone is questioning why Congressional investigations aren’t taken seriously, and are viewed as political exercises, you need to look no further than the fact that we looked one of our intelligence officials in the eyes and promised him there would be no selective leaking. And here I am being asked about it not even eight hours later.”

Gowdy told Burnett that there were only eight people in the room when Coats offered his testimony, and said that such leaks to the press could deter other witnesses from coming forward.

“I can’t tell you who it is,” Gowdy said when asked who the leaker was. “But I can tell you this: You’re going to have a chilling effect on other witnesses who want to share classified, sensitive information when it makes its way to the headlines before the transcript’s even dry,” he said.

“I can tell you this,” he added. “It wasn’t me and I don’t think it was Representative Schiff.”

Coats Tells House Investigators President Trump Seemed Obsessed with Russia Probe “NBC News” by KEN DILANIAN


My reporting on DNI Coats telling House investigators today that Trump seemed obsessed with the Russia probe.1:38 PM – 22 Jun 2017




But then NBC is certainly NOT worried about whether national security and integrity of reporting is involved even during the Obama days.

“”   “Who Leaked ‘Top Secret’ Intel Report to NBC News?” Published on Jan 7, 2017

Who is on the Permanent committee?

  • 115th Congress members: Trey Gowdy, South Carolina, Chair  (R); Devin Nunes, California  (R) ; Mike Conaway, Texas (R); Peter King, New York  (R) ; Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey  (R); Rick Crawford, Arkansas  (R) ; Tom Rooney, Florida  (R) ; Will Hurd, Texas  (R).
  • 114th Congress members: Devin Nunes, California, Chair  (R); Jeff Miller, Florida  (R); Mike Conaway, Texas  (R); Peter King, New York  (R); Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey  (R); Lynn Westmoreland, Georgia  (R); Tom Rooney, Florida  (R); Joe Heck, Nevada  (R).

We can’t blame the leak on a Democrat party member either congressional year. Obviously either someone has loose lips, being blackmailed, or a Democrat leaning agenda for the UniParty.


Way to go Jackasses…as if we don’t have enough problems with the running of the country and Democrat “soft coup”…

Now OUR OWN REPUBLICAN CONGRESS members can’t be counted on…. typical, we give you guys every opportunity to stop the death spiral our country is in and YOU SIDE WITH TRAITORS.  

Time to get a warrant and trace the records between leakers and their media “trash reporters.” Then roast them on public media and in the courts.

Perhaps prison time for both would help people understand there is a difference between “whistleblowing unacceptable and unlawful government activities” and “treasonous” acts of leaking national security information to the public at large in order to take over a sitting, constitutionally elected government by the people.




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11 Responses to Trey Gowdy Furious Over Closed Door Congressional Security Leaks

  1. Navyvet says:

    Ah Trey. You have been in Washingmoney long enough to know that with 8 people in the room, at the very least, 7 of them would sell their grand daughters to a pimp for a few bucks.

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  3. GunnyG says:

    Tap em, find em, hang em.

    • Uriel says:

      I’m with you. Dems may be Anti-American on issues but I can’t abide traitors within rank

  4. Wise Owl says:

    This is absolutely reprehensible and people need to be in prison!

  5. Hardnox says:

    This is disgusting. These whores are selling us out. Got rope?

  6. vonmesser says:

    Two old Russian sayings
    1. 3 people can keep a secret if 2 are dead.
    2. When 3 people sit down to plot, 2 are Chekist spies.