Explosive Report on Murder of Seth Rich


Independent group of forensic specialists release explosive report on murder of Seth Rich

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June 20, 2017

An independent group of volunteers specialising in forensic psychology released a bombshell report on the murder investigation of former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

The group came together in an effort to “aid Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police in the hopes to of providing at least one actionable item to MPD.”

The group’s report, released on Tuesday is nothing short of a bombshell and its website summarized its findings as follows:

What we found – After a three-month review and investigation into the death of Seth Rich, The Profiling Project notes the following:

1. Seth’s death does not appear to be a random homicide
2. Seth’s death does not appear to be a robbery gone bad
3. Seth death was more likely committed by a hired killer or serial murderer
4. There may be additional video surveillance of the crime and crime scene
5. The resolution of prosecuting the individual(s) responsible appears to be hindered both actively and passively
6. Seth’s killer(s) most likely remains free within the community

The Profiling Project and Hannity are far from alone in demanding answers. Petitions have been circulating in an effort to hire a special prosecutor to investigate the Rich’s murder.

Read the blog HERE.


The Profiling Project (PP) became involved with the Seth Rich homicide after reading the Washingtonian story “DC Lobbyist Will Hire Actors to Reenact Seth Rich’s Murder” which ran March 2, 2017. The Profiling Project offered to provide a volunteer and autonomous team of professionals and graduate students to review the case, offer insight, and with an ultimate goal of providing the Washington, D.C. Police Department (MPD) with one, new, actionable piece of information.

PP was given no special access to any materials, evidence or persons and due to case sensitivity, conducted only informal, limited interviews. The bulk of our report is based on statistics, prior research and Logos. Data was retrieved from DC Police Crime Mapping interface.

The website allows the public to query historical and current data from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) database for reported crime statistics. The team downloaded the data from all seven police districts, using the time parameters of 1/1/2012 – 4/6/17. All data were downloaded into Excel spreadsheets, merged into one file, and then exported into a statistical analysis software system, SPSS, for more thorough analyses. Data was organized by date of offense, type of offense, and police district.


This stinks to high heaven of a deliberate attempt to cover up the murder of a man who should have been able to live for many years. His problem appears to have been he could not accept the illegal actions of the DNC nor the Clinton machine whatever else he had going in his life. Just who, if anyone, would eventually go to prison if this reached its logical conclusion? The hired killer or the one who hired him?


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7 Responses to Explosive Report on Murder of Seth Rich

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Haven’t many people who have run afoul of the Clintons, died mysterious deaths?

  2. GunnyG says:

    On top of this, Comey opened up a can of worms and Team Obama is going to be investigated!

  3. Diego Dave says:

    1. no rocket science needed to know Seth was murdered
    2. no rocket science needed to know an honest in depth investigation is being obstructed from high level deep state govt and other factions so now the true questions for unbiased investigators are 1) who did the hit 2) who ordered (or paid for) the hit 3) and why did someone want him dead but because of the high level money and power involved, it will be like JFK – everyone really knows who did it but the TRUE perps will never be held accountable for it ; and if any investigation gets too close to perps, trigger person will be fingered, but then die before they can cough up any info that would implicate planners up the chain. all a.k.a. Lee Harvey Oswald.

    sad because ALL involved deserve death penalty, BUT here is something the smug perps have not figured in…one day they will stand before God for their heinous crimes; i get satisfaction knowing that FACT and i hope it is some measure of comfort for this young mans loved ones.

    who is most likely the high level perps? i’ d love a poll…

    Survey Says: Clintonista-Obamination gang, a.k.a CO666.

    • Uriel says:

      Well said Diego Dave..And while I have faults of my own, you are right…I would not want to be any of those guys when the ultimate judge and jury rule on their sins. Survey would be 97,5% only ones not against them would be their own twits and their own votes.

      • Diego Dave says:

        thx. one really weird aspect…family is trying to downplay any narrative of an ordered hit versus a random murder…makes me wonder if they have been threatened not to stir the pot…

        • Uriel says:

          I tend to agree. Also latest word from that team. Seth’s online accounts are being scrubbed or deleted.