Judge Jeanine: Where is GOP establishment support of Trump?

Republicans are simply watching the Democrats railroad their president.

Nailed it Jeanine.  Yup, it’s the UniParty.

~ Hardnox


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7 Responses to Judge Jeanine: Where is GOP establishment support of Trump?

  1. Bobbie P says:

    I am watching it as I type this, and am shocked at this obvious revelation. I had thought I was just missing it. It’s frightening that they’re not supporting their own president. And they think we’ll vote for them in 2018??? They are as deluded as Pelosi!

    • Hardnox says:

      Well, look back to the 2016 campaigns where the RNC did not support Trump. The GOPe did everything to undermine him yet he won the nomination anyway beating 16 opponents. Then they did everything they could to support Hillary. Now they are onboard to subvert his presidency.

      The professional hacks don’t care because it’s all about the money whereas Trump is wrecking the feeding trough and the establishment is fighting it. Follow the money.

      If the GOPe were smart they would man-up and support Trump and ride a wave of support from the people and crush the Left. They’re not that smart, and they sure don’t care what we think or want.

      • Bobbie P says:

        Indeed, Hardnox, and then they will be begging us for money and votes in 2018. Yeah, right! But, I am concerned that the same system that can let Hillary off the hook, can hang Trump– they just make stuff up as they go. What the hell do we do if they succeed???

  2. clyde says:

    Truly a goddamn shame. This “party” told us, ” we need the House”. We gave it to them. Then, it’s “we need the Senate”. We gave it to them. Then it’s “we need the White House”. We gave it them. And all WE got was the finger, and abandoned. The GOPe can take a flying f–k for all I care.

  3. Wendy says:

    Response to clyde… I knew we were kindred spirits. I was in the Army 77-79 and my MOS was 64C Motor Transport Operator. I drove deuce ‘n a 1/2 s, and 5 ton tractor trailers.

  4. Bobbie P says:

    A “justice” system that can excuse Hillary’s misdeeds, can prosecute Trump for his non-existent crimes. Clearly, they just make up the rules as they go. How far do you think any one of us peons would get with “Gee, ociffer, I didn’t INTEND to drive drunk”, or “Gee officer, I didn’t INTEND for that child to find my gun and kill his brother”? If they can excuse Hillary for that, they can bust Trump for being Trump, nothing more.

    And, where the hell is the GOP in all this???? Mysteriously quiet… Then they’ll ask for MY vote? My support? Hahahahahaha!

  5. SafeSpace says:

    Where is the GOP support? They sold it to the Democrats. The cowardly loser-mentality GOP has “squandered [its] resistance for a pocketful of mumbles; such are promises, all lies and jest.”