Looks Like Radical Left Decided If Less Violent Threats Aren’t Enough in Georgia…

to get their way, then they will resort to other means of getting their people elected.



The special election is to replace former Rep. Tom Price (R), who left to become President Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary. The two main candidates in Georgia District 6 are Karen Handel (R) and Jon Ossoff (D). A federal district judge ordered the voter registration to be reopened on May 4th citing the ruling as part of a broader lawsuit by a Washington-based advocacy group, which last month accused Georgia of violating federal law by reducing the amount of time residents had to register to vote.

Republican House candidate Karen Handel is under attack. First it’s the massive Democrat funds being dumped on the Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff. He was having trouble at first getting the poll numbers up so “someone” decided that they would dump millions of dollars into the race.

According to OpenSecrets as of March 29,2017 available figures, Jon Ossoff has received $8,207,309 and spent $6,070,557 while Karen Handel had received $467,245 and spent $273,267 as provided by Center for Responsive Politics. No outside spending had been recorded at that time. However, the totals listed above certainly point to outside influence since the figures quoted just barely equal $1 million.

The donor categories throwing out the most money: retired $321,890; misc issues $233,129; Education $216,214; lawyers/law firms $151,644; health professionals $112,890

But that wasn’t good enough for the Dems, they then began an email flood of threatening letters.

Now those emails have actually turned into a serious national security issue which has the FBI involved. Karen and her neighbors received the actual hate filled rant letters but inside the envelopes was also a suspicious white substance that had hazmat units and the FBI swarming into the neighborhood.

Fox5 – “GOP House candidate Karen Handel, neighbors get suspicious packages” By Brooke Singman June 15, 2017.

“The FBI is responding along with Roswell Police Department and Fire to a suspicious white powder with letters,” Special Agent Stephen Emmett in the FBI Atlanta Field Office told Fox News. “The situation is at several residences in Roswell, including Karen Handel’s house.”

The radicals must have been pissed that Fox5 would dare to write the article so they included another target – the news agency. “Threatening letter, powder delivered to FOX 5 Atlanta studios” by Dale Russell, June 15, 2017.

Tests on a suspicious package delivered to FOX 5 Atlanta Thursday revealed that the white powdery substance inside was baking soda. Authorities were called to the television station Thursday afternoon after that suspicious package was opened.




While these idiots must have thought what a great joke to play, after all the severed head and rancid play got attention, what they failed to realize is that the FBI and our laws take more than a dim view of these antics. There are laws in place to put these fools away.

Of course, not one incident has occurred at the Ossoff campaign. IF the people involved with these incidents are actually found to have been part of the Democrat campaign, then that should disqualify Ossoff from any office. Georgia ought to be questioning WHY a state candidate is actually receiving so many millions of dollars when this should be free from outside state interference. It ought to be time for every state to pass a rule of law that NO OUTSIDE donations or interference from any party should be tolerated.  If states expect to be part of the constitutionally guaranteed process of governance, then…


All of these antics are totally getting out of hand. The idiots do not realize the harder they push, the closer to real bloodshed the country is coming. I am not sure exactly what has to be done but obviously the first step is slapping huge fines and prison time on a few of the more prominent folks.

The second thing and the most important is for the Department of Justice to go after George Soros and all of his putrid groups who are paying and being paid to revolt and cause chaos here in the United States. This IS a war being fought first on the financial level and then down the line to the criminal activities of the minions.  The State Department has a terrorist list and can freeze any financial avenues associated with them—so use it to stop these a$$holes.

National Security and progress demand that these people be shut down before the rancor actually erupts into an all out home front war. I can’t say it any plainer. The ONLY winners are those supplying money and the goods to the factions.


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5 Responses to Looks Like Radical Left Decided If Less Violent Threats Aren’t Enough in Georgia…

  1. Hardnox says:

    The problem exists all over the country. We in Virginia were gifted our asshole governor the same way. Tons of outside money was poured in. To top it off, the Left funded a third party (libertarian) to pull votes away from our conservative candidate.

    Now McAwful has his eye on the White House.

    This contest in Georgia is a big deal for the Left. They have poured many millions into the metrosexual’s campaign. Let’s hope GA chooses wisely and they get off the couch.

    • Uriel says:

      Amen to that Hardnox…we have said from the beginning that the insanity of the presidential election was the beginning. EVERY election no matter how localized is at risk and every conservative must continue to fight.

  2. vonMesser says:

    No money from anyone outside the “voting district”.
    Unlimited from within the district – but every donation over $1.00 (total) must be fully reported. That means if you give $1.00 on Monday and $1.00 on Tuesday, that’s $2.00 cumulative, and must be reported.

  3. Bobbie P says:

    Soros is probably behind it all.