State Dept and DoJ Need To Seriously Listen To Allies And Update Their Terrorist Lists

What happens when we work to develop a good relation with certain Middle Eastern countries and we do not listen to their advice? We get the opportunity to have radicalization of our own citizens thanks to their stupidity.

Report: Top Muslim Scholar Calls for Death of Christians

Clarion Project
Elliot Friedland
June 12, 2017

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the leading theologians of the Muslim world, who is considered the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, has called for the murder of Christians. He was recently blacklisted as a terrorist by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt. Qaradawi, 90, was included in a list totaling 59 names of individuals and 12 entities listed as terrorists connected to Qatar.

Ahmed Adnan, a Saudi journalist, writer and political advisor based in Lebanon made the claim Qaradawi supports killing Christians in an interview with Al-Ahram al-Arabi.

“A call of Yusuf al-Qaradawi was intercepted in which he gave a fatwa to blow up churches and kill Christians,” he said in the interview. “This information is not from me but from a special source. This fatwa inspired training sessions in Libyan Islamist militia camps. These training sessions resulting in terror attacks that blew up churches and the incident of al-Minya.”

On May 26, masked gunmen opened fire on a convoy of Copts in Minya governate, killing 28.

Adnan also claimed in the interview that Qatar was indirectly connected to the Manchester terrorist attack through its support of militias in Libya.

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia published an announcement saying Minister of Education Ahmed Ibn Muhammed al-Issa ordered there should be no book, articles, pamphlets or anything else written by al-Qaradawi in the libraries of the universities, colleges, school and departments of education.

Following Qaradawi’s listing as a terrorist, the Saudi-backed Muslim World League expelled Qaradawi.



The State Department and our enforcement/spy circles need to finally update that terrorist list and get these radical imams out of our country along with their martyr hounds. Every person residing in the US who finds their way onto a terrorist list by these countries needs to be shipped back to their country of origin or at the very least be thrown into solitary confinement at Gitmo.

It is time for our National Security to do their job. The longer these people are allowed to continue their constant effort to rattle our nation and send their imams to train and gather funds, then the more radicalized and vicious these cowards for their cause are. Remove them even if the only option is extreme prejudice.

When imams send out information to their followers like the fatwah, they should be shot or better yet handed over to our Middle Eastern “allies” to meet with their preferred justice…

Frankly one less imam does not bother me. What does bother me is the stupidity of softies in the US who refuse to see and believe the truth….snakes are by nature snakes even if hand fed they will turn on the handlers given the right circumstances.

All mosques and their imams currently under surveillance should be entered and any evidence except weapons and ammunition removed. Then like Russia, I would suggest that those particular mosques be blown up as an example. I do not hate individuals who are of the Islamic faith, what I hate is the ideology of the fundamentalist attitude that Islam projects both in its own Quran and its many side books.

Before anyone gets wound up, Islam is NOT a country nor is it a state. It is neither yet it believes it is both. It like Catholicism and many religions reside within the boundaries of many countries. However like religious movements and invading peoples had to finally understand, countries and civilizations have to recognize that there can only be one government–that of the country–not overseen or governed by a religious or despotic invader head of state in some far off location.

I find it far to difficult to believe that a religion that falls back on archaic barbaric methods of stoning, chopping, dicing, hanging, or many other horrific acts found in their “so-called laws” can ever prevail as a governing body through fear for very long. Look at the constant upheavel of the tribes in their own lands. That alone should be a warning signal.

Whether one believes in a higher power, prefers science and logic, or chooses to ignore all but their own concepts, no one can doubt that odds of success through centuries of fear ever has existed or can ever exist for more than a few generations or at most a century or two.  Human nature alone will make sure of that.

At some point that fear will turn to hatred and that hatred to rebellion. It neither encourages growth nor does it provide for internal faith. There will always be those in command who will “intepret” and rule as they will–either from greed, hatred, or vice. Therefore ANY government that believes it can rule an entire planet has a serious flaw from the start.

Like fiefdoms and small kingdoms, a cohesive long ruling world government will never survive past the first two to seven generations. Period. People in the Roman Empire learned this lesson as have centuries of other conquering ruling classes. Where are the Minoans, Sumerians, Mayans, the Aztecs, the Xia Dynasty, or the Mongols?  They spread out and were either killed, absorbed, or became faded into long forgotten history.

So when approached with a socialist regime ideology or an Islamic ruled ideology where chaos, fear, starvation, and the fragility of human nature all exist in one place…there is NO future just a void of nothingness.

Arses advocating for one world governance may think they have solved the problem by destroying the past…however man like the flow of a tide will invent his own future or will cease to exist. That is a lesson from the past that can never be destroyed because it is within each of us.

The founders of our nation knew these things because they were deep thinkers, inventors, philosophers, naturalists, and had studied the many forms of governance that had come before. They left this country with a great gift. One that we must continue to honor and preserve.

We have forgotten their purposes because we have softened and not studied the reasons why our way of life is important.  We have simply enjoyed its fruits and now must understand that the fruit must be carefully tended. To allow these imams with their fatwahs of hate and their rancid ideology or some shadow government to consume the sunlight of liberty and freedom is a betrayal of all that the founders and our constitution provided.  This is not a gift like a toy to be put up on a shelf and forgotten, only brought down occasionally.  This is one of purpose, use, and hope that must be safeguarded and defended.

Our federal government was set up to protect the whole. It is time now after many  years of corruption and radicalization that we remove those threats and return to protecting and defending our shores. If our allies believe that there is a reason to place groups like CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, and people associated with them on a terror list then we have to know that they can provide reasons. If those reasons are factual then we should do no less than to ban them, their funds, and their people as well. No more stalling.


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