Another Winning Move by President Trump


New Trump Order Seeks To Tear Down Regulations, Build Up Apprenticeships

Western Journalism
Jack Davis
June 15, 2017

President Donald Trump acted Thursday to demolish a bureaucratic infrastructure that he said needed to be removed to allow America’s companies to create apprenticeships that will provide jobs for millions.

To do so, he signed an executive order that will more than double the amount of money delegated to apprenticeship programs from $90 million to almost $200 million annually.

Trump also vowed to increase federal grants to support companies that launch apprenticeship programs in fields such as information technology, as well as more traditional areas like the construction trades. He said the money to support these apprenticeships would come from under-performing job training programs.

Currently, apprenticeships must meet federal requirements, making the creation of new apprenticeship program a complex and complicated process.

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Presidential Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships in America – Executive Order

Purpose. America’s education systems and workforce development programs are in need of reform. In today’s rapidly changing economy, it is more important than ever to prepare workers to fill both existing and newly created jobs and to prepare workers for the jobs of the future. Higher education, however, is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Furthermore, many colleges and universities fail to help students graduate with the skills necessary to secure high paying jobs in today’s workforce. Far too many individuals today find themselves with crushing student debt and no direct connection to jobs.

Policy. It shall be the policy of the Federal Government to provide more affordable pathways to secure, high paying jobs by promoting apprenticeships and effective workforce development programs, while easing the regulatory burden on such programs and reducing or eliminating taxpayer support for ineffective workforce development programs.



President Trump is living up to his goals and putting people first. The Democrats and liberals who are determined to stop him deserve to be jailed. 

The more they gritch and groan, the more they show the rest of us how lucky we are to have voted for our country and how terrified they are.

Winning looks great.


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11 Responses to Another Winning Move by President Trump

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Mike Rowe (among others) is applauding this move. ANY action that directs monies and students TO community colleges, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs and AWAY from liberal arts universities and legal degree studies is to be applauded.

    • Uriel says:

      Definitely SafeSpace. For too long higher ed dimwits have held the reins. And look where that has led.

  2. Shar says:

    What a great move by our President. Paid apprenticeships and a good paying job at the end. Most of today’s apprenticeships are unpaid and do not guarantee a position.
    My oldest son is struggling to find a job in his field which all of a sudden requires a MA. He has 4 yrs of college in his field and 3 yrs experience. I wish I could convince him to go for a Trade apprenticeship.

    • Uriel says:

      If you find the right company it really is the way to go. sometimes a degree means little even when it is in the same overall field. I had a family member, who was going for accounting degree with good grades and a willingness to work, the high dollar company was happy to assist so long as he remained with the company for I think five years.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Indeed, winning does look great. The Left and the UniParty ain’t having any of it since it dents their wallets. Tough shit, it’s happening anyway.

  4. Popular Front says:

    That would fit nicely into an idea I’ve been pushing for years now – the idea of National Service. Now you say those words and everybody immediately thinks ‘military conscription’ – well, I don’t.

    There’s a lot of bright kids out there who would love to go on from high school into higher education and technical training, but they can’t afford it and their folks can’t afford it. So they miss out and so does the nation.

    Well my idea is this; the government foots the bill for their technical training and accommodation whilst receiving it. No goodies or sweeties, no cash in hand, just a proper education in construction, engineering, IT, medicine, the sciences etc – but NOT #$%^&* Law!! (or ‘gender studies’ or ‘interpretive dance’ or any of that bullshit type of thing). They graduate their training with a nationwide-recognised degree so can work in any state or territory of the USA.

    What’s the payback? Easy. After graduation you owe the US government 10 years service and are posted to where you’re needed most. You get a fair wage and after your tenure (payback) is complete you can cut loose and hang your shingle wherever you want, with 10 years hard experience to kickstart your private career.

    You offer a scheme like that and you’ll be flattened in the rush to sign up. Just like an enlistment but with great benefits to the public and the nation. An added bonus is that as a government initiative, the performance of the instructors can be monitored and any kind of pencil-necked leftist dogma inside say, the architecture class can be weeded out and discarded swiftly. No union interference of any kind, just teachers and students working for and with the government. Don’t like that? Fine and fuq you, you can’t get on board. I hear Wendy’s are hiring, jack.

    • Uriel says:

      sounds like a solid idea for those who still have gumption Popular in a way the apprenticeship does the same thing.

    • vonMesser says:

      “Fair Wage” I suggest making the wage commensurate with military pay and allowances. Automatically be appointed to a “pay grade” based on the education provided, with various government housings/housing allowances. I did an article on a series of 4-6 regional medical schools and teacher colleges based on Annapolis/West Point a while back with national service in mind. I can dig it out if anyone is interested.

      • Popular Front says:

        Exactly vM, that’s what I have in mind. A very structured system, clearly laid out as to who gets what and for how much etc. I truly believe this is viable.

      • Uriel says:

        go for it von….you never know who might read and get ideas which will help

  5. Wendy says:

    This is just why I joined the ARMY at 27 yrs old. I wanted adventure, good pay for the rank I earned, free medical care, etc. I served in the 8th Infantry in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. I drove large trucks, and I loved it!!!!