Hannity: Comey the criminal?

From Hannity last night…

Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Ryan could end this kabuki theater yesterday if they wanted to.  These two asshats have allowed the charade to continue because they represent the UniParty and not us.  Time to man-up.  Likely that won’t happen unless their fortunes are put at risk.

Comey and Lynch need to be indicted immediately.

Robert Mueller needs to be dismissed as “special investigator” immediately.

~ Hardnox

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7 Responses to Hannity: Comey the criminal?

  1. Shar says:

    Also why hasn’t the intelligence committee wrapped up? It sounded like Susan Collins is still looking for more. That is one senator that I hope loses next round. Listening to the hearing it was hard to tell the GOPe and Dims apart.

  2. BrianR says:

    While we’re on an indictment binge, let’s not forget the Hildebeast. The statute of limitations on her crimes has come nowhere near running out.

    I want to see her trade her pant suit for a jump suit… in prison orange.

    It’s starting to look like that’s the ONLY way anyone will ever get her to STFU and go away.

    • Hardnox says:

      I hear ya bro. Hildabeast is at the top of my wish list. When Lynch and Comey flip (after waterboarding) they’ll give her up.

  3. Shar says:

    Interesting no suicides in their future????

  4. SafeSpace says:

    This latest episode in the never-ending saga of The Beltway Swamp has demonstrated that Donald Trump is all alone in the government. He has many supporters, but they are us. His team, the GOP? A bunch of pantywaisted mealymouthed super-cautious self-centered asshats …. just like Mister Comey.

  5. Shar says:

    SafeSpace, couldn’t have said it better. Totally spot on.