JW, Christopher Farrell on Lou Dobbs – Comey is a dirty cop

June 8, 2017

Christopher Farrell and Lou Dobbs call it like it is on Comey…what happens when the top FBI director caves to political manuevers and colludes with a political party rather than be non-partisan and do the job correctly.

FBI agents should have forced the issue to the forefront and talked to congress or the Trump administration early on when President Trump first took office. Now the agency is so bowed with the taint of corruption, one wonders if the honest and non-partisan members of the FBI will ever fully recover.

As Farrell says, the federal marshals should have been moving as soon as the testimony was heard to impound all of Comey’s records, investigate his life, Lynch, the Clintons, and those of any such as the professor who aided in covering up the truth and committing a felony.


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2 Responses to JW, Christopher Farrell on Lou Dobbs – Comey is a dirty cop

  1. Hardnox says:

    Arrest warrants need to be executed immediately for Comey and Lynch… and others.

  2. Uriel says:

    Absolutely. Under oath Comey outed himself and Lynch. Some blogs suggested Lynch immediately retained a lawyer.