Hannity: NSA Leaker is a small fish in the deep state pond

This is a good segment from last night’s show whereas you have probably heard that an NSA leaker with the name of Reality Winner shared some classified documents with a journalist who in turn handed those documents over to the government and now the leaker is in federal custody.

Hannity further highlights the testimony from the entourage of witnesses looking into the Russian Collusion narrative.

As we’ve all been saying…. there’s no “there” there.  It’s bullshit.  Has been since day one and will remain so.  The Left and their media surrogates hoped that by concocting this meme there would be grounds for impeachment of President Trump all the while ignoring that it was the DNC that was so careless with their data servers that they were hacked exposing the collusion they were perpetrating against Dim candidate Bernie Sanders as exposed by WikiLeaks.

Not mentioned by Sean is the reality that only 35 nominees have been confirmed by the Senate.  Supposedly there are about 400 such appointments.  That’s absurd.  McConnell is holding to the 60 vote majority rule while Obama holdovers are sabotaging our president AND us.  Case in point: our Ambassador to the UK is trashing President Trump.  That’s just one example.  About 365 others are doing the same thing.

Comey will testify before the Senate tomorrow and nothing new will be known.  Same shit, different day… and the media will slobber all over these non-revelations for the lemmings to suck up.

Let’s face it.  The Republican controlled Congress could end all of this kabuki theater today if they chose to.  The point is, they don’t work for us as they work for the UniParty which we voted against last November.  Meanwhile, any and all meaningful legislation has been stalled in Congress leaving only about 40 working days left on the calendar for the remainder of this year.

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4 Responses to Hannity: NSA Leaker is a small fish in the deep state pond

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    We KNOW who the “big fish, the “sharks”, are. It’s the little fish that keep clogging the net, so to speak.
    Remove Soros; jail o’shitbag and Hitlery, the “sharks”, and we’ll be off to a great start. Otherwise, we’ll be gill-netting sardines for time eternal.

  2. clyde says:

    You know damn well this one was the “sacrificial lamb”. This story will have a shelf life of fresh fish. As to McConnell and Ryno, one has to remember they are FAR left of Trump, who we know is not exactly a rock-ribbed conservative.

  3. Popular Front says:

    ’40 workings days left’? Excuse me? It’s only just the start of June, so that leaves the best part of SEVEN MONTHS to go before a xmas recess. Get those lazy assholes back to the grindstone and keep them there to earn their inflated paychecks.

  4. Shar says:

    They don’t need a vacation in August. They have been on vacation for 8 years.
    Work or quit. One Freedom Caucus member, I think Jim Jordan, said they should stay until healthcare and taxes are done. Nothing makes them work faster than going home for the holidays or vacation.