Official Trump-Pence News Release On Climate Deal Divorce

It is a rare pleasure to wake up the email server in the morning and find some good news.  Here’s the official broadcast message from Team Trump Pence about the climate accord.  As a native of Pittsburgh, I really appreciated and understood our President’s heart when he remarked that he pulled the US out of this crap deal because he is working “for people in Pittsburgh, not in Paris”.  Now y’all go enjoy your weekends, knowing that you will not be co-signing a check for 200 billion American Dollars made out to a bunch of globalist asshats!

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Trump Make America Great Again

It’s time for AMERICA to be in control of AMERICA’s future.That’s why President Trump withdrew the United States from the disastrous Paris Climate Deal yesterday.

No longer will your government funnel billions of your tax dollars into the hands of global power brokers who don’t have your interests in mind.

No longer will your government crush American families with job-killing regulations.

No longer will your government be happy about putting coal miners out of business.

This is one more instance of a promise made and a promise kept.

Now he needs you to show the media that American voters support our AMERICA FIRST agenda.

Thank you,


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2 Responses to Official Trump-Pence News Release On Climate Deal Divorce

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    I have previously commented in other places that if the lefties are sooo concerned about
    “climate change” they should put THEIR money where THEIR mouths are and send all THEIR cash to the UN climate experts for distribution to third world hell holes.

    Go ahead, set an example for the rest of us. Instead of shooting your mouth off about people dying, islands disappearing, asthma increasing, etc. why not trade in your SUV for an Amish buggy, or just a horse or two. Not only will you have green transportation, you’ll get your lawn mowed in an environmentally conscious way.

    As an alternative, you should team up with Elon Musk so you can together colonize Mars and we won’t have to put up with your horse shit here any longer. Don’t worry about the lawn there. There isn’t any.