European Destiny Observation

Merkel urges EU to control their own destiny, after Trump visit, climate change decision

Fox News
Eric Shawn
May 26, 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday that “the past few days” have shown her that European Union nations must maintain friendships with the United States and Great Britain, but also put “our destiny into their own hands.”

“The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days,” Merkel said Sunday at a campaign event in Bavaria. “And that is why I can only say: We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.”

Merkel also urged EU members to maintain “good neighborly relations wherever possible” with Russia and other countries, then said, “But we have to know that we have to fight for our future and our fate ourselves as Europeans. And that is what I would like to do together with you.”



Gee Auntie Merkel, isn’t it interesting that you would say that after the US pulls out of the climate accord? I mean seriously, if Uncle Sam is no longer going to be the “deep pocket” for the world, suddenly people realize that “hey we have to do this ourselves.”

Sure sounds like a welfare recipient who has finally been told – get a job if you want any consideration. I mean look how some of those recipients are coming unhinged…

The days of Americans passing out cash so they can maybe be liked is over. Novel idea that more respect and more interaction can actually innovate and solve weighty problems without Uncle Sam’s and even United Nations interference. Immigrants came to the US in droves for the very reason that they were free to decide their own destiny and not have some dictatorial governing body take all they produced.

Gee, maybe great in-country minds will finally come up with innovative ideas and ways they can afford to handle a problem, maybe even go back in their own history and find ancient ways that actually might serve them better than German commands, US dollars, and demands of a United Nations. Imagine that!

How about…think for yourself, achieve by yourself, take pride in your own accomplishments and enjoy the fruits of your labor…that has worked for centuries Merkel. It’s called creativity and freedom.

Back in the very beginning of the United Nations when it was first considered, Europe had suffered terribly from war. The buildings and the economies were in rubble. People were barely surviving. At that moment in time across the continent, countries and people were finding that cooperative effort was the only way that a better, brighter future was possible. It wasn’t because they didn’t have motivation but because the ready stock of humans to innovate and continue was starved, depressed, and in many cases drained. It made sense to pool resources.

The League of Nations was born out of a desperate need to move forward and not fall back into dark ages. However, just like any cause, over time the purpose becomes blurred by those who want to validate worth or would rather cede thinking and governance over to someone–anyone. Human nature is by and large a lazy thing–so long as it receives all its needs and wants, it tends to stifle its own abilities and ways to achieve for itself.

Between 1948 and 1952, thanks to the Marshall Plan the United States gave over $13 billion in economic and technical assistance to Europe to aid in reconstruction. It wasn’t money we had lying around but it was our response in a time of crisis to the desperate need of others. Since then we have added far more of course, I would speculate, if not at least then certainly nearly, a trillion dollars in funds. This is money that would have gone far to recovery and stability in our own land.

By 1952 when the plan ended, the economy of every participant state had surpassed pre-war levels; for all Marshall Plan recipients, output in 1951 was at least 35% higher than in 1938.

It is obvious from the sunset of the Marshal Plan that the United States felt there was no longer a need to remain involved in the sovereignty or any further construction. We should have stepped back from further involvement after that plan ended and the countries were able to move forward on their own except as trading partners and allies.

The same can be said of the United Nations. It served a purpose that for the most part as reconstruction occurred helped smooth the way for negotiations and treaties between the nations. It did not help much to smooth tensions during the Cold War era, however.

The one area that the United Nations was important was as a place to air grievances between countries and propose possible solutions. Their influence and main focus was the preventing of future conflicts and acting as a negotiator on issues like nuclear bombs or other weapons of mass destruction. That should have remained the main focus then the United Nations would not be so large, cumbersome, and ambitious to rule all the world today. Even so, a sunset clause and a failsafe should have been built into the UN charter.

There are a lot of stories about wealthy relatives dying in poverty as their many “shirt-tail family members” nickel and dimed them to death. The problem always came in when the wealthy relative could no longer supply their needs and suddenly found himself abandoned and forgotten as the greedy members moved on to drain their next victim.

The United Nations, the Marshall Plan, and United States involvement in European affairs should have ended then in order for those countries to begin functioning again on their own, financially and philosophically.

So like the squealing welfare recipient, Merkel now wants to loudly complain….Good Job Trump. This should have happened years ago when the UN faltered because the US couldn’t shuffle our money to fill its coffers.

The one major issue that communists, socialists, and liberal minds always forget — one day the last drop will be drained and then where will they get their next fix…

Innovation, creativity, sense of accomplishment, personal responsibility, and self-worth are stifled and snuffed out by those who demand more and more…The crash you hear then is when that train no longer runs on a broken track or a plane no longer flies for lack of fuel.


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3 Responses to European Destiny Observation

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post.

    The Euro-weenies have been on our teat for 70 years. It’s about time they were weaned.

    I find it laughable that they suddenly, and proudly announce, their epiphany. What assholes.

  2. vonMesser says:

    HOWEVER, so long as the USSR remained in existence, its only method of existence was either through threat of war or through military growth in occupation of other economies. Once they collapsed, THEN we should have left Europe in a 3-year pull-out.