World Health Organization Targets Who?


Recent articles highlighting World Health Organization’s manic fixation on the tobacco industry got my attention. I fully acknowledge that tobacco products are a health hazard…my doctor says so every time I visit as have countless ads and pamphlets. My anger isn’t over that. However, where has the WHO got the right to spend millions and billions of taxpayer dollars bringing down this industry when there are so many much more worthy health issues to focus on?

Is there pictures and studies which show how tobacco has created deformed babies? How about information on the extreme effects of tobacco similar to drug addiction and the effects like opiods, designer chemicals, decayed bodies and flesh-eating tobacco? How about the effects of laboratory created tobacco plants which have been artificially manipulated or genetically altered and the effect of the tobacco on humans, plants, and animals?

Here are some points that should have received their august scientifically superior attention.

  • How about the dangers of uneducated or profit hungry “garage” experiments on plants, animals, and humans which genetically alter viruses, bacteria, or other living things?
  • How about the tracing of the genetically altered Zika mosquitoes who have proliferated since released by a very large chemical plant without proper safeguards and is now threatening pregnant women around the world.
  • How about explaining HOW that zika virus mosquito managed to travel so “efficiently” from the confines of the South American compound across the lands and into even Alaska and Canada or across the oceans into Europe and the African continent when mosquitoes have such short life spans and do not generally travel far from particular habitats?
  • How about combating OPIODs and manufactured pills that are currently decimating whole populations of users?
  • How about explaining why such talented and educated members of the scientific community have had many years of funds, top-notch facilities, and able scientists yet have not been able to formulate and eradicate the most dreaded health problem on the planet – CANCER?
  • How about explaining how it is that when the WHO go out in the field to investigate, research, or assist in outbreaks, suddenly even more deadly or greater spread of those and other formerly unknown diseases spring up to ravage world populations?
  • How about a stricter more focused look at industries such as Monsanto and pharmaceuticals who use chemicals, compounds or methods which seem to proliferate more health issues than any tobacco product?
  • How about insuring that practices, procedures, and safeguards of WHO sites are stringent and do not lead to world health issues (like stored anthrax, small pox, leprosy, bubonic plague and dozens of active samples) and are properly handled, stored, and accounted for?
  • How about the long and short-term effects of airborne aluminum and other geoweather engineering?
  • How about the assurance that the vaccines and treatments your organization is pushing are safe and effective?
  • How about finding ways to ensure clean water for the world?

In other words, they cannot seem to focus on the worst issues but seem to be more politically motivated than science based.

Increasingly over the years, we have seen them panic over things and demand people be overly inoculated and panicked whether for real or WHO perceived threats. We have seen them increasingly issue demands, require absolute obedience, and overrule sovereign nations in their control and overextension of power.

Yet they have not complied nor made any effort in ten years to reorganize, change their ways and their focuses? Rather like an alcoholic pig, they gorge at the trough but produce less than they should in a transparent and reasonable manner. This is highly typical of organizations and agencies who are part of the United Nations. How can we know that WHO is non-political or part of the focus of the United Nations and One World designers to eliminate or control populations and economies for some nefarious agenda? They sure haven’t proved so far they can be trusted.

Here are some facts:
1- United Nations gave WHO a broad mandate to act as a coordinating authority on international health issues.
2- The U.S. is currently the largest contributor to WHO actively giving financial and technical support.
3- The WHO faces numerous challenges and limitations, from funding to organization to poor performance in responding to health emergencies. A reform process has been underway to address some of these issues.
4- At the WHO annual meeting in Geneva January 2017, the board and members came down heavy on the organization for its deficiencies from transparency to reorganization. In 2007, the same problems were discussed and WHO was told to reorganize, streamline, and refocus their efforts. Apparently the project was either too complex or those who were to do the work were ignoring the mandate.

A few shall we say major problem areas:
–2015-2016, while still smarting from accusations it overreacted to the 2009-10 H1N1 flu pandemic, the WHO faced withering criticism for not reacting fast enough to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.
–The organisation’s Lyon-based International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has become a target of ridicule among some health experts for issuing confusing warnings on everything from the air we breathe to the meat we eat to the phones we use.
–The WHO is now being questioned about its response to the Zika virus.

In 2016, $241 billion was invoiced out to countries for their fees; $213 billion was received or adjusted; and, $69 billion was left outstanding at December 31, 2016. The US invoice was $56 billion for 2016 according to the WHO accounts receivable status report. At December 2015 we had a balance owed of $32 billion. By the end of December 2016 we still owed $11 billion so somewhere within 2016, the figures were either adjusted or we paid enough to cancel out the difference of $45 billion and still have $11 billion outstanding.

Literally no other country came within striking distance of what our country was invoiced or actually paid during 2016. Japan with all of its many disasters still managed to be invoiced and pay for most of their fee of $25 billion. China owed $11 billion, Canada $6 billion, France $14 billion, Germany $17  billion, Italy $10 billion, Japan $25 billion with $2 million outstanding, Russia $6 billion, Spain $7 billion, and the UK 12 billion. These either were paid or were adjusted to show a zero balance.

So while the health of the world goes to hades in a handbasket–some of the worst created in “mom and pop” labs, unscrupulous and poorly run plants, or by the world’s many high-powered chemical and pharmaceutical industry bad boys, the WHO would rather spend millions on destroying the tobacco industry…how ironic.

World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2017


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3 Responses to World Health Organization Targets Who?

  1. SafeSpace says:

    WNHO appears to be yet another wealth-transfer operation, this time sneakily targeted not just at western industries, but at specific competitors in certain industries where a lot of profit is being generated. Methinks some corporate bigwigs are not happy that another company (not theirs) invented profitable scams like the HPA vaccine. A look at the figures you provided supports this view.

    If the WHO were really interested in “world health”, they would focus their attention and money on exactly two areas: Clean drinking water and rampant unprotected sexual activity. Those two are the bane of most every “third world” nation on this planet, and with the exception of some faith-based interventions (such as Water Missions International), they go ignored. Why? Because there is no money to be made giving away simple water pumps and filters, or condoms and birth control pills. Plus the thugs that run many of those impoverished nations can’t find a way to skim millions of dollars off such basic programs.

    • Uriel says:

      Excellent point on comment and exactly what I see as well.

      • Uriel says:

        That is a big chunk out of our country’s budget. That could be directly targeting these same issues with better oversight hopefully.