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Recently I decided to see where the confirmation of President Trump’s nominees stood in the Senate.

To say I am furious is not even close.

There are a lot of nominees who have been placed on dockets for committees to review and pass over to the main body for approval since February 2017. Many appointees have languished waiting to be confirmed WHILE THE SENATE HAS BEEN BUSY DOING VERY LITTLE BUT COMPLAIN.

A closer look at those sent to committees:

Privileged Nominations Pending – 4

Nominations Pending
Agriculture, Nutrition, Forestry – 2
Armed Services – 2
Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs – 5
Budget – 1
Commerce, Science, Transportation – 5
Energy and Natural Resources – 5
Environment and Public Works – 1
Finance – 8
Foreign Relations (includes ambassadors) – 14
Homeland Security and Government Affairs – 6
Health, Education, Labor, Pensions – 3
Select Committee on Intelligence – 1
Judiciary – 14

Nominations Confirmed Since February
Department of State – 7
United Nations – 1
Department of Defense – 5
Department of Justice – 4
Department of Foreign Service – 8
Department of Transportation – 2
Executive Office of President – 2
Department of Health and Human Services – 3
Securities and Exchange Commission – 1
Department of Labor – 1
Department of Agriculture – 1
Supreme Court of the United States – 1
Department of Homeland Security – 2
Central Intelligence Agency – 1
United States Sentencing Commission – 2
Department of Housing and Urban Development – 1
Department of Energy – 1
Department of the Interior – 1
Department of Commerce – 1
Environmental Protection Agency – 1
Small Business Administration – 1
Department of the Treasury – 1
Department of Veterans Affairs – 1
Department of Education – 1

I couldn’t find 40 or so names listed in the White House memos that ever were assigned a PN, or sent to committee.

Let’s look at the rolls of the worst offending committees:

Foreign Relations – Chairman-Bob Corker, Ranking Member-Ben Cardin, Majority-James E. Risch, Minority-Bob Menendez, Marco Rubio, Jeanne Shaheen, Ron Johnson, Christopher Coons, Jeff Flake, Tom Udall, Cory Gardner, Chris Murphy, Todd Young, Tim Kaine, John Barrasso, Edward J. Markey, Johnny Isakson, Jeff Merkley, Rob Portman, Cory Booker, Rand Paul

Judiciary – Chairman-Senator Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member-Senator Dianne Feinstein, Majority-Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Minority-Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Senator Michael S. Lee, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Al Franken, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Christopher A. Coons, Senator Jeff Flake, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Mike Crapo, Senator Mazie Hirono, Senator Thom Tillis, Senator John Kennedy


Many of these people have been plastered all over the fake news channels and ranting about Trump’s ineffectiveness.  Well, here it is in black and white how “effective” these senators are at their own jobs.

Several of the foreign relations hold ups are for ambassador posts vacant since January 20th that are extremely important in foreign countries as liaisons with their governments.

If you recognize any senators from your district or simply want to get a lick in at these people, I suggest a short email from everyone flooding their accounts “might” spur them on to get their jobs done asap…or use letters to editors in media…or blistering blogs….

Congress seems to be deliberately throwing up roadblocks and obstructing government process that serves not our country but their own imbecilic selfish needs. If they really wanted to prove to citizens that they had the welfare of the country at heart, a lot of this nonsense would be done and they could point and say “Look at all we voted on and how we worked for the country as responsible adults and representatives of our districts”…but they can’t and as obstructionists would rather Destroy Our Country than let President Trump do his job and pass or fail on his own merits not their petty contrived complaints.

May a flock of buzzards with full cargo circle around and drop their stinky loads on their heads. It is the least they deserve for their efforts.



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11 Responses to President’s Supporters – Call To Action

  1. Auntie BS says:

    I understood the anti-Trump rhetoric BEFORE the election, but now that he is our president, anything less than being supportive is ANTI-America! It is against the will of We, The People, who want the swamp drained. It is against a man that wants to make America Great again, meaning that these assholes want America to FAIL again, like Ovomit was working so hard to ensure. It is treasonous! Is it just me, or does anyone else see a civil war ensuing?

    If, by some miracle, enough of us see through the anti-Trump lying media to re-elect him in 2020, what will the left do THEN? Start shooting? Will we end up like Syria, or like this nation was in 1861-1865?

    • Uriel says:

      Good points and questions Auntie

    • vonMesser says:

      Auntie BS, IF the left starts shooting, things will probably resolve before the end of the year (unless they wait until December to start). We will never get to the Syria state, and long before the 4 years of the Civil War, things will end.

      The food producers will stop sending food to the cities.

      The city asswipes will come out into the countryside to forage (loot) and will be shot down like rabid dogs.

      Most of the “preppers” in the city will either flee, or die when the city burns.

      The cities will burn due to looting and rioting, and the Army/Guard will be called in to put down the insurrection. Army bases will become sanctuaries for military families and retired military (The services take care of their own)

      The Navy and Marine Corps will defend the borders of the country and their bases – and will take in military families and retired military. Ditto the Coast Guard.

      I have no idea whatsoever what the Air Force will do. All their combat is based on flying zillion dollar airplanes and carpet bombing the hell out of someone who can’t shoot back, or flying zillion dollar airplanes against someone else in their zillion ruble airplane mano-a-mano.


  2. vonMesser says:

    Neither of my worthless POPS senators are on these committees, so I can’t write a letter to them (as if writing Patty Murray or maria Cantwell would do any good anyway)

    • Uriel says:

      That’s ok Von. But we at Hardnox ought to be smacking them around and calling them out (as if we don’t already lol)

      • Uriel says:

        Here is an interesting question though-does the PN start at 0 each president? I couldn’t seem to find out BUT if so then more than 500 have been issued for President Trump and as you can see very few have been noted or filled.

  3. Popular Front says:

    I still don’t understand the problem here. Now, the GOP has the White House, a majority in the HoR and a majority in the Senate, correct? If that is the case then why are their nominations and appointments being blocked in any way? Democracy is about NUMBERS, if you have the majority then your will prevails, yes?

    Why aren’t the Democrat obstructionists being told to sit down and shut up? In fact, how can they obstruct if they are a MINORITY?

    • Uriel says:

      Excellent question – consider the case of wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will…that and once they arrive in DC “something – water, drugs, air – something” happens to ensure their compliance with the will of the liberals…..

    • Hardnox says:

      PF, the problem in this country is that the majority of our electeds play for the UniParty team. The fact that they have an R or a D behind their name is irrelevant.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Looking at the first pic with Chuck U. Schumer it is the height of hypocrisy with him behind that sign when Congress has exempted themselves from ObamaCare.