Fed Up With Media Matters? Get Even Now, Here

You’re all likely aware of the ongoing Leftist campaign to end First Amendment protection for any American who has the temerity to speak the truth about the Left, about progressives, about Islamists, about King Putt, about The Hildabeast ….   This campaign has been waged for years by the Soros / Clinton-funded organization named Media Matters.  Run by size seven asshat David Brock, it uses Twitter ‘bots and phone banks, staffed by legions of Pajama Boys and Gals, to contact sponsors of conservative radio and TV programs, and to convince them to yank their sponsorship from those shows.  And in this era of wussie-owned media, all it takes is the sound of snowflakes falling on the roof to scare the Scions of Capitalism into tossing truth-speaking conservatives off the air.  God forbid they should lose even a penny of income in pursuit of an unpopular truth.

The latest prominent target of these attacks is Sean Hannity, who has been found guilty of repeatedly telling the truth to his sizeable audiences about Hillary Clinton’s decades of lies, about George Soros’ funding of the American Left, about the impact “open borders” is having on America, about the Russians “hacking” our elections.  Sean has recently asked questions about Seth Rich’s death and the strong likelihood that Rich (a Dem staffer and Bernie supporter) was Julian Assange’s source for the DNC emails “that the Russians stole”.  Media Matters is in full “seek and destroy” mode because the closer Hannity et al get to the truth, the more paranoid the Left becomes that their entire anti-Trump narrative will collapse.

There’s been no organized way to combat this evil attack on free speech … until now.  A group called Media Equalizer is providing timely and updated information that can be used to pressure sponsors of the most egregious libtard talking heads on TV.  Media Equalizer has collected some of the most outrageous video/sound bites from turds such as Rachel Maddow, “Tingles” Matthews, Keith Olbermann, the I’m-too-cool-to-need-two-names Toure,  as well as like-minded jackwagons on the three so-called major networks.  But Media Equalizer takes this one step further: They provide contact information for the sponsors of libtard TV.  Nobody is talking boycott here, but rather a phone / email / social media campaign to shame those sponsors into returning their support to conservative programming, and yanking it from the most outrageous Leftist shows. 

This is brilliant:  FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE, and cut off profits to the proggie bastards.  They want their snouts in the cash trough just as bad as the Fox News bosses do.  Read about it here, and please consider joining the effort.  (The website has too much content to cut and paste; please just click thru the link.)


#StopTheScalpings  for those of you on Twitter

— With thanks from SafeSpace —

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8 Responses to Fed Up With Media Matters? Get Even Now, Here

  1. Auntie BS says:

    We are looking for FOX alternatives– seems that they’re moving WAY too left. Sad. OANN is our only hope, once it is carried by our Cable carrier or offered by Chromecast, Smart TV, TiVo, etc. Or, maybe just cancel cable TV and move the computer to the living room.

    • SafeSpace says:

      Auntie BS: We tossed the flat screen and the Dish a couple years ago. To find out what is actually happening in this world we rely on websites including our own Nox and Friends, plus Conservative Treehouse, Judicial Watch, Zero Hedge, and Canada Free Press. We can stream videos from a few reliable sources on YouTube, or via Mark Levin / Michelle Malkin’s CRTV. You cannot imagine how much more peaceful the dinner hour is, now that the talking heads have been banned from the kitchen. Try it, I guarantee you’ll like it!

    • Uriel says:

      OAN is an upcoming conservative group.

  2. deacs domain says:

    We are a long way from cleaning up the treasonous mess created by batears brownie, soros, and all leftie minions
    I welcome any means available to hurry the process of “make america great again”
    —With thanks from SafeSpace —

  3. Shar says:

    Good info thanks for the sites to follow. A recent poll of Trump supporters showed 85% believed the media was fake news. I can’t believe it wasn’t 100%. I agree FOX is going down the tubes. The Murdoch sons are running the show. Hear they are very liberal. I like the business channel especially Lou Dobbs. Hannity has a good radio show. So does Dr. Savage. The newspapers are liberal rags. I wouldn’t use them for a litter box.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Looks like FOX will go the way of the lamestream now that the sons are in charge. All I can say is A,M.F.

    They’ll have Hannity’s head soon along with Dobbs, Napolitano, and Pirro. maybe they can all move to OAN or start their own network. FOX started as alternative, so can someone else.

  5. Terry says:

    Thanks for the link, SS. I just subscribed.