“West Point To Arlington”

I heard this song on The Sean Hannity radio show and I welled-up a bit. It’s a tear-jerker.
“West Point to Arlington” is a tribute song for Special Forces Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel who was Killed In Action while serving in Afghanistan in 2013. The song was co-written by his friend Sean Niquette, who is an Iraq War veteran, in collaboration with Bob Reagan and Don Goodman from Operation Song,which is is a nonprofit in Nashville that helps veterans share their stories through song writing.
It is sung by Ward Davis.

It’s a song written about one warrior, in one war, but dedicated to EVERY warrior, in EVERY war,who GAVE ALL. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.



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11 Responses to “West Point To Arlington”

  1. Hardnox says:


    “We must not mourn those warriors lost on the field of battle, instead we must celebrate that such men lived” – General George S. Patton

  2. Shar says:

    Salute. Freedom is never free.

  3. RE says:

    Would to God there were more General Patton’s today. Our town had a very nice service this morning for the fallen warriors. God Bless all those serving this great nation yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  4. Uriel says:

    Beautiful song and like all at Hardnox – Salute to all who gave so that we could remain free….May we remember and live up to the honor of your sacrifice as we go forward. Be at peace.


  5. Peppermint says:

    Lord, that song really is a tear jerker! I am trying not to break down and sob over it.

    My memories on Memorial Day always turn to my Uncle who was killed in Nam. The funeral I will never forget at Arlington Cemetery. Taps was very painful that day.

    We also visited my Grandfather’s grave which is also at Arlington.

    My Uncle was killed there while my Brother was also serving his time there in Nam. My thoughts went to my brother praying that he too would not come home in a body bag.

    Another thing I recall is how wonderful the military treated us for the funeral. They were awesome.

    I salute all who served in our military with the dignity and honor they deserve for their sacrifices dead or alive.

    • Terry says:

      Nothing can fill one’s heart more with sorrow, emotion and pride, than a funeral for a fallen warrior.
      A grateful SALUTE to your Grandfather, Uncle, and Brother.

      • Peppermint says:

        TY Terry. You can include my other uncle and my nephew. 5 Marines in my family. Lots of heartache in my family, but I’m very proud of all of them.

        • Terry says:

          A salute to them indeed.
          Our Country is blessed to have Patriots like your family, which has certainly paid it’s share for our freedom.