Trump’s Employment Promise Is Being Felt Almost Daily Now

Winning slowly but surely — imagine if Trump did not have to fight all the little nonsensical roadblocks the Democrats and liberals are so bound and determined to throw up. After eight starved years, we finally have a president that not only is living up to his promises of campaign trail but doing it despite their efforts to stall progress.

Kittery, Maine was incorporated in 1647, staking a claim as the “oldest incorporated town in Maine. It sits surrounded by the natural harbor and estuary of the Piscataqua River. During the Revolution, the first vessels of the U.S. Navy were constructed on Badger’s Island, including the 1777 USS Ranger commanded by John Paul Jones. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the nation’s first federal navy yard, was established in 1800 on Fernald’s Island. The facility rebuilt the USS Constitution, and built the Civil War USS Kearsarge.

As of the census of 2010, there were 9,490 people. Kittery has one of the highest graduation rates in the nation with 93% of students completing high school or higher degrees. Between 2000 and 2010, Kittery showed job growth of nearly 12% with the Naval Shipyard contributing more than 5,000 jobs in 2010.

The shipyard accounted for $756 million in total economic activity in 2016, according to the SSA annual economic impact report for 2016. The 2016 total included slightly more than $43 million in payroll for military personnel who work on the yard for the Navy and Coast Guard, more than $76.5 million in purchases through the supply department, more than $128 million spent on contracted maintenance, structure alteration and support and more than $12 million spent on utilities, according to the report. Most of the employees for the shipyard come from Maine and New Hampshire.

A May 26, 2017 Fox News report highlighted this small town in its “Huge investment in Navy shipyards drive economic turnaround.”


“The economic impact is huge.”
– John Joyal, Seacoast Shipyard Association

“The impact these shipyard employees have? They are on planning boards, school boards. They are coaches… all over the Seacoast area,” Mark Nelson, SSA vice chairman and vice president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 4, said. “We affect everything that goes in our communities. We pay our taxes, we’re active in our communities. That’s why I say it’s not just about the money…”

The shipyard is always busy – and one of four Navy-owned and operated in the U.S. that is currently ramping up its work – courtesy of the Trump administration. Employees are tasked with making sure subs are warfighter-ready – and have no room for error.

The Navy recently got the go-ahead to expand its current fleet of 275 deployable ships to 355 over the next decade. The order means thousands of U.S. jobs are up for grabs now in Kittery, as well as at the Navy’s shipyards in Bremerton, Wash., Norfolk, Va., and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

When the shipyard does well, the community does well.

“The economic impact is huge,” John Joyal, chairman of the Seacoast Shipyard Association, told Fox News. “Real estate, merchandise, gas stations, restaurants… everything is connected. We give back to the community and the community gives back to us.”


Kittery has always been successful because they realized over the years that the shipyard even as valuable as its work is to national security also contributes in many other ways. They chose to look on other avenues like fishing, shopping, specialty stores, and historical sites as money makers as well, rather than sit back and wait for handouts.

They like many other small communities across the United States are the true backbone of our nation. These are the ones that Democrats have forgotten in their quest for one world governance and elimination of our country as a sovereign nation.

Small towns in other areas may not be so fortunate to have such a long and prosperous history but each come from strong patriotic stock, long on living by a code of ethics and the guarantees found in our country’s written contract with its people while short on accepting handouts with strings attached.

Some folks don’t appear to have the same focus and understanding of what this country is truly about because unemployment, welfare, greed, and a breakdown in sound ethics have been missing for years. They have forgotten what happier times were like when families lived, worked and played in a community setting. 

Hand a person all they need, things will soon be gone, broken, or given away.
The person will again starve.
Teach skills needed to provide for one’s own self– helps build self-esteem and assurance.
Provides focus for a better future and rarely requires help again.

I am not saying having jobs will cure all ills but look around now–
– Where there should be active employment and activities, there is hopelessness.
– Where families should be enjoying a well-earned evening after work, there is fear of gangs and violence.
– Where there should be young minds filled with possibilities or skills to bring to the future and some sense of accomplishment, there are drug addicts and homeless people.

How can these witless excuses of “socialist liberal” muppets make a bit of real difference in lives? They haven’t or can’t.
-They built fancy buildings which helped no one but those who pocketed the money and have fallen to waste or are abandoned.
-They destroyed businesses who either had to move away or cut back, thereby depriving neighborhoods desperately needed jobs. Many of the neighborhoods destroyed were places they never lived or worked in.
-They stomp, shout obscenities, scream, and cry signifying–nothing.

Yet for all their actions NOTHING they have done has actually provided more jobs; taken care of the sick or elderly; provided better education; improved neighborhood; fed, clothed, or housed the less fortunate; saved anyone from becoming an addict; or, provided stable home lives for neighbors or friends.

So why should people even pay them attention other than to prove them hypocrites? They shouldn’t. These people for the most part probably never held a job for long. Many are leaching off parents, family members, friends, or the government but think they are far superior. Hand them a broom to clean and they run away to the “safe spaces”. Tell them the truth and they throw tantrums.

They are the losers and while Trump may not be the model president throughout his term in office AT LEAST HE DAMN WELL IS TRYING unlike these melting, useless excuses for snowflakes. No not all are millennial. More disgusting than young adults are the older excuses for adults who are or have been useless drains on society for most of their lives.

Hopefully, this will turn around at least some as jobs begin to open up and provide opportunities for more people to expand their horizons, their pocketbooks, and have less time to listen or participate in the insanity of the socialist leftists.

But to do that Democrats and liberals really need to cooperate and stop thinking with their “snowflake” attitudes. Sure there may be issues and challenges–no one says to stop fact checking or working to better things through collaborative non-partisan effort–but to deny employment opportunities, training, hope, and upward mobility after years of decline should be thrown out with all the swamp waste.

This frantic childishness by people who either should know better as older adults or learn from experience like snowflakes is not just unacceptable–it is downright wasteful of time, effort, and money when fellow Americans need better opportunities to succeed, not more pandering or corruption through welfare and social dysfunction.



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4 Responses to Trump’s Employment Promise Is Being Felt Almost Daily Now

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post. I find it truly refreshing that our president is trying to keep his campaign promises. When was the last time that happened?

    What I don’t get is the obstacles being thrown in the way by the Left and the Republicans. I understand why. The Left wishes to deny Trump any success and the UniParty doesn’t want their fleecing programs interrupted. That stated, they all have constituencies that need jobs and those lack of jobs will bite these professional politicians hard.

    The Left and their uniParty colleagues will not be able to thwart POTUS much longer as I predict a number of hammers will fall soon. He ended his highly successful foreign trip and the cockroaches here at home need to be dealt with.

  2. Shar says:

    Good post and comments. Come on hammer fall.