The Millennial Obama Poseur Who Will Save The Democrat Party (Yeah, Whatever You Say)

I guess ex-King Putt has realized that a cadre of 75+ year olds hold little appeal to millennials.  Not wishing to leave his precious “legacy” in the hands of Crazy Bernie and Ranting Loonie Maxine, Barack Hussein Obama has found hisself a gen-yoo-wine little millennial puppy dog, a totally non-threatening academic who has accomplished nothing in the private sector nor in politics to date.

Presenting Jon Ossoff:  A grad of the London School of Economics (where the very very smart people go to school) and a producer of documentary videos for the Al Jazeera network (proper grooming in the filed of hating America), Ossoff is being positioned to magically and oh-so-naturally rise in the ranks of the Democrat Party.

This toy man (who bears a striking resemblance to Alfred E. Neuman) recently challenged Karen Handel in the runoff for Newt Gingrich’s old Congressional seat in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  Here he is, carefully appealing to some conveniently-placed minority hajib-wearing locals as he campaigns.  Election day is June 20th.

That chinless, half-asleep, semi-shaved look Ossoff sports should appeal to Pajama Boy and his pussy-hat-wearing screaming vagina-equipped pals, and assure Ossoff future success at the ballot box, according to the brilliant strategery of Obama and his Make America Last team.  Watch how they mold and shape this worthless lump of clay into a fierce progressive attack dog.  I wonder if we might invite King Salman to crush this puny asshat beneath his stallion’s hooves….

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8 Responses to The Millennial Obama Poseur Who Will Save The Democrat Party (Yeah, Whatever You Say)

  1. deacs domain says:

    What a HOOT!! This little watcher of rising penis’ will get trapped between a pair of REPUBLICAN brass balls .

  2. Wendy says:

    What a PUSS! He’ll get nowhere. 🙂

  3. Uriel says:

    I thought Trudeau held the “honored” position. The picture above reminds me of a young Paul Ryan complete with raised eyebrow (for innocence?) and the sad downturned puppy dog eyes.

  4. Navyvet says:

    Is this fruit same guy as pajama boy or are they lovers? He does look more manly than Dingle Berry though.

  5. Shar says:

    This is almost as good as watching Maxine Waters explain what dims stand for.
    I thought it was PJ Boy too. What a wimp.

  6. SafeSpace says:

    Local pundits predict a fairly close race — surprising considering that the GA district in question is not heavily minority. Your humble correspondent will post the election results here when they are available, later this summer.

  7. vonMesser says:

    And, remember, he does not even live in the district he wants to represent.

  8. Hardnox says:

    The dims have poured over $10 million into this asshats campaign. The left is desperate.

    Let’s hope the conservative people in this voting district have enough sense to turn out and override the huge dim voter push.