ACLU the legal strong arm of the “shadow government”


ACLU proponents say the ACLU is the country’s leading watchdog in protecting the civil liberties, freedoms, and rights of all people. They say the ACLU preserves the Constitution by defending liberty against government abuse and illegal policies.

Their opponents say the ACLU is a left-wing organization that uses the courts to subvert the Constitution, protect criminals, and attack religion. They contend that the ACLU advances an extremist agenda, and is a threat to the United States.


For many years, every activist, socialist, Muslim, or other group needs assistance to push forward ideology which is anti-constitutional or designed to re-interpret the constitution in favor of some ideology which appears to be against the morals, values, or laws of our country in the last quarter decade at least, the legal hounds of the ACLU group have been there.

WHO is the ACLU?

Let’s start with their history…

ProCon provides a comprehensive timeline of their history and information.

A Few Facts about ACLU
1) A special Congressional committee found on Jan. 1931 that the ACLU was “closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United States” while on Oct. 23, 1939 the House Committee on Un-American Activities found “there was no evidence that the American Civil Liberties Union was a Communist organization.”(note: a person or group does not have to have the wording and mission of a particular political party stated in their information to be performing services and actions which strengthen that party’s position as far as I am concerned. The old adage “birds of a feather” still has weight.)
2) In 1977 the ACLU successfully defended the right of Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois. Thousands of ACLU members resigned in outrage, the organization went $500,000 into debt, and its Executive Director resigned one year later. (well gee, imagine that)
3) ACLU has defended numerous churches, law enforcement organizations, and conservatives including Oliver North (1988) and Rush Limbaugh (2004). (token actions do not speak for the greater weight of the evidence of caseload)
4) ACLU today is the nation’s largest public interest law firm, with a 50-state network of staffed, autonomous affiliate offices. About 100 ACLU staff attorneys collaborate with about 2,000 volunteer attorneys in handling close to 2,000 cases annually. (how can so few handle so much since their caseloads are huge?)
5) Per their website: The ACLU is non-profit and non-partisan. We do not receive any government funding. Member dues and contributions and grants from private foundations and individuals pay for the work we do. (Question one: how many of those contributions stem from monies they received via taxpayers or by twisted strings from other people? Question two: Non-partisan — really, how many cases of rights challenged against citizens for Christian beliefs or injury from anti-Trump actions have they filed or won since 2015? Question three – how many cases have been handled which challenge for the rights of states as guaranteed in the constitution rather centralized government?)

“to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” (insurrection or overthrow of the laws of this country is NOT preserving nor guaranteed in the constitution)

March 2017 – William Craddick – in blog accuses that ACLU has moved beyond their original charter as a legal advocate for individual rights under the Constitution to actively taking a hand in training and organizing protest groups throughout the country.

People Power Resistance Training; “March 11, the ACLU is holding a Resistance Training. This event will launch People Power, the ACLU’s new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country and take the fight against Donald Trump’s policies not just into the courts, but into the streets.”

Each chapter is largely responsible for its own funding. While funding sources and amounts vary from chapter to chapter, roughly half comes from donations. Remaining funding consists of grants from other organizations, ACLU investments, and attorney fees, which are awarded when the ACLU wins a case. (You can’t have huge grants from Soro’s organizations and other shadow groups or members from those parties who direct your organization with political agendas then claim non-partisan)

According to their public tax filing records, in Part II, section A of their 2013 filings appears a breakdown which did not seemingly appear in 2015 filing. In that compilation by year breakdown, it shows ACLU as an organization has received over $308 million in grants, contributions, and membership fees between 2009-2013 and another $40 or so million in interest and other income.

ACLUF – Ties To Democrat Party and Soros Connections examples:

Open Society information history information release:

Aryeh Neier joined the Open Society Foundations in 1993 as president after leading Human Rights Watch and ACLU. Over $300 million annual expenditures after his move into the foundations were noted. (Open Society has pushed the Muslim, labor union, and socialist propaganda and rights since inception.)

ACLUF news release November 12, 2014 – “ACLU awarded $50 million by Open Society Foundations to end mass incarceration.” (One can only imagine if this is an example of one single issue focus, how much else has been funded in such huge sums by OSF.)

Faiz Shakir joined ACLU in January 2017… one of most senior advisers to former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid… Senior Adviser and Director of Digital Media for House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi…spent seven years working at the Center for American Progress and was a founding member and editor-in-chief of The Center for American Progress (CAP) was a project spearheaded by John Podesta with heavy funding from George Soros. ThinkProgress.

Open Society Foundation press release – March 21, 2007 – “Open Society Institute Appoints Ann Beeson as New Director of U.S. Programs”. Beeson was the Associate Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The American Civil Liberties Union is composed of two separate corporate entities: the ACLU and the ACLU Foundation. The ACLU engages primarily in legislative lobbying while the ACLU Foundation carries out most of the litigation and communication efforts. A contribution to the ACLU Foundation is tax-deductible but does not provide membership privileges. Membership is possible only through a non-tax deductible contribution to the ACLU. The two organizations share office space and employees, and are together commonly referred to as the ACLU.

Highlights since per their history on their website:
2001 to Present – Keeping America Safe and Free – Patriot Act – vigorously to oppose policies that sacrifice our fundamental freedoms in the name of national security
2003 – Lawrence v. Texas – Equal Treatment for Lesbians and Gay Men
2005 – Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District – Keeping Religion Out of the Science Classroom (out of curiosity – how can one not note religious creative process when science itself is showing man performing for the most part the same creative process?)
2009 – Protecting the Right to Privacy – Safford Unified School District v. Redding
2010 – Helping LGBT Americans Serve in military
2011-2015 Defending Reproductive Rights (What about the rights of sentient fetus? Science has been aware for some time of the fetus and its responses.)
2013 – Windsor v. United States – ended the Defense of Marriage Act
2014 – Voting Rights in 2014 – Voter ID laws in Pennsylvania and Arkansas and against all voter suppression (every person in the US has to provide identification records from social services to employment to government to death regardless of age or diverse backgrounds so how is this different?)
2015 – Obergefell v. Hodges – Fight for Freedom to Marry Law of the Land (this started out not about sanctity of marriage but rights to legitimacy for inheritance, property, taxes, etc. which has nothing to do with sanctity)


You can paint a rosy picture if you want for this organization, but in examining their information and searching through a lot of their interference from grassroots towns to national attacks, this group is not and has mostly never been for the republic of the United States and the rights of its individuals as members of the country.

Rather, they have pushed and litigated time after time for ways to disrupt and revamp our country’s laws in order to bring a more socialist view of how government should be approached.

I do see at least in the beginning that they tried and succeeded in bringing order out of chaos in the fight for equal rights under the law for minorities such as women and Americans of color but those “minorities” were legal citizens and a large block of the population.

However, once they became sycophants of the Soros’ or shadow government view of open borders and socialism along with international new world order proponents, they lost their way and the mission took a darker tone.

So to view this highly funded, strong-arm of the shadow government movement as still for our country and citizens is a baseless and dangerous belief. In most of the cases they have litigated or are currently litigating, we can see the shift from a constitutionalist stance to a communistic and insurrectionists stance. Especially now considering they are entering the “resistance arena.”

They have been openly challenging aspects of law, morality, and principles since the late 1920’s in particular since 1990. Their challenges to presidential rights are especially egregious since if they are as they claim “non-partisan” then they should have been challenging prior presidents like Bill Clinton and in particular Obama over overreaches of power. Yet they DID NOT.  Their claim to “non-partisanship”should be viewed as a false narrative.

Again we see how the IRS 501(c) has been from the beginning a tax haven and a dodge of non-transparency subterfuge for many who have nefarious reasons to want to hide.

Over the years as time has shown, MSM has refused to do other than laud their accomplishments and laws. Many of their litigation suits over the last thirty years have ultimately been disastrous to the general public while we as citizens have been left to deal with results propagated from their efforts.

If in fact this legal strong-arm is involved with the “resistance” movement as its own sites are noting, then the organization known as ACLU itself should have to be brought before judicial courts, congress, and to the court of public scrutiny to answer for its actions.


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3 Responses to ACLU the legal strong arm of the “shadow government”

  1. Auntie BS says:

    I’ve noticed that they never take on the IMPORTANT cases, like asset forfeiture, Draconian drug laws, the myopic DEA, the intrusive HSA, and much more. But, if there is a Muslim agenda to push, they’re there like white on rice!

    • Uriel says:

      Exact Auntie iF they see clear a way to subvert, sabotage, and change the laws against the “common” good and for specialty interests Those are the cases they put their millions behind.