Minneapolis and Minnesota Under The Microscope


Yes, Trump and concerned citizens are right…

Sanctuary status needs to be removed by whatever means works best – either legal, enforcement actions, or through financial sanctions. This illogical attitude puts all Americans, particularly those within the city or state at high risk.




Minnesota and in particular Minneapolis in January 2017, as reported by a CBS afflilitate, took a stand as “sanctuary city and state”. Leaders in the state’s Somali and Muslim communities have been quick to condemn terror attacks wherever they occur. They have said such attacks don’t represent the larger Somali community and that they fear a backlash against Somalis in the state.

“Thousands of Somali immigrants have settled in Minneapolis neighborhoods, many of them escaping terrorism, they say, not causing it.

“We are not the problem, we are the solution,” Abdi Bihi of the Somali Advocacy Center said.”

WND posted an article May 29,2015 entitled “Minnesota Muslims brutally honest: ‘We want Shariah’ ” in which the author, Leo Hohmann, discussed “Little Mogadishu”; the issue of how many Somali and others from the area went overseas to fight for radicals; and the response found by a roving reporter concerning establishing a Shariah-compliant in America.

The Atlantic in October 24,2016 made reference to

“…Minnesota is one of the top destinations for refugees moving to America, and Minneapolis has the largest Somali population in the country.

Somali refugees, who are mostly Muslim, began resettling there in the 1990s, after the government of Somalia collapsed and civil war ensued. New waves of refugees have fled Somalia because of famine, drought, and continued political unrest. Though the first wave of refugees are now well established in Minneapolis, and many have become American citizens, Somalia remains one of the largest contributors of refugees to the United States.

In 2015, nearly 9,000 Somalis arrived in the United States, and Minnesota received more of them than any other state.

The community has faced unwanted national attention after nine Somali men from Minnesota were arrested for plotting to join ISIS in Syria. Six have pleaded guilty, and the other three were convicted in federal court this summer.

Now the Justice Department is focusing on the city’s Somali community as part of a pilot program called Countering Violent Extremism, something that many Somali residents say is unwarranted.

Certainly many more articles have been posted, as well as at least one video showing how Christians attending a public event were treated.

Fox News reported this today during its morning segment. For those that swallow the “fake” assertions of a peaceful religion, this should be a wake up call and a warning to keep actively alert.

If one vehicle such as the one mentioned above is moving across an area of the country, how many more are on the road delivering weapons and revving up for more active engagement on our soil?

One chance stop does not mean we are under attack and should act irrationally or that conspiracists should begin blowing Gabriel’s trumpet. But it does mean that citizens should be more aware that strict, fundamentalist Islam has every intention of carrying out jihad in OUR country whether it is in the courts, public demonstrations, or more dangerous means.

These people once emboldened by crowd mentality Can and Will move rapidly forward into an escalating situation. Don’t believe – all you have to do is look at any European country right now for examples.

All you have to do here in the US is to listen to their arguments publicly or through attacks in court using their legal strong-arm ACLU or its rabid group Southern Poverty Law Firm or other groups.

Listen to the rants and rhetoric being carried out in schoolboard meetings, city council meetings, and more. Consider the pointed efforts to suppress the Christian religion or Jewish or any other religion. Consider their fervent rants and demands to receive special treatment in prayers during business or school hours or holidays.

Watch the prejudicial treatment and efforts to erase non-Islamic beliefs or coined phrases against “Islamophobic” words, attempts to use laws, order or constitutional rights against the majority throughout the country.

Consider the demand, not the suggestion or request, for physical dominant changes such as signs, street names, altered history, removal of historical records from educational material, or removal of public displays in areas as “offenses to their sensibilities.”

Then consider the significance of a driver and/or occupants of a chance vehicular stop who felt comfortable traveling our streets with so much firepower and ammunition…

Yet still liberals and moderates refuse to understand the rising danger. It will not be long unfortunately before they can no longer deny as they all come under attack. Remember dumbkoffs, if patriots and Trump supporters are under attack today, the feeding frenzy will spill over to the so-called moderate liberals or conservatives tomorrow—-then what will you say?


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13 Responses to Minneapolis and Minnesota Under The Microscope

  1. malenurseken says:

    Yes I know. And Mineapolis not far from ND. Minnesota borders ND. Many of tyhose somalis are coming into ND cities.

  2. Uriel says:

    Oh dear… I knew ND had a problem but had not realized it wasn’t just dropping refugees in unannounced. Not having visited there sadly, I did not realize how close ND was.

  3. vonmesser says:

    It will continue until the lamestream media is, itself, targeted by these perverted killers.

    • Uriel says:

      While I honestly have no wish to see anyone harmed, I think you are right.

      • Navyvet says:

        I dont wish to see anyone harmed either…..but if it is the media I will enjoy it to the fullest.

  4. Shar says:

    I read an article recently about Germany confiscating peoples second homes for immigrants. I think it happened in the Netherlands too. Hopefully it will not happen to us.

    • Uriel says:

      More than that happened Shar possibly Germany if I remember right. Actual families of the country were forced out of government housing or forced to take in refugees I believe I’m right but haven’t rechecked

      • vonMesser says:

        2nd homes, vacation homes, have been taken. Additionally, Germany has something called “extended family homes”. These are sort of like apartment complexes in which large families (Grandparents, parents, kids, grand-kids, great grand-kids – in some placed 5 or 6 generations) each residing in their own suite. Empty suites are also being taken for these “refugees”. Some of these buikldings have beenn in the same family for 400+ years.

  5. malenurseken says:

    Well Von Thats how they do it now even in Minnesota! House big or small enuff for a small family has 20 people living in it! My son lives in Devils Lake ND. Huge lake! We were fishing last spring and SOMALIS came by the carload and van loads! From Minnesota! Crowded us out! We finally left and went home! And they all over FaRGO! Theres ppl working there. If you buy bacon they wont even check you out! YOU GOTTA WAIT for another checker to come take over! They wont even touch the package! WTF are we doing with these ppl working here and being hired! DEPORT!

    • Hardnox says:

      That happened to me once. I threw the bacon at the cashier and left the checkout with my stuff there, then ripped the store manager a new ass. Flock them!

    • vonMesser says:

      The ones in Germany, Poland, rural France, were designed in the middle ages wherein the family would live there, move about rooms/suites as they grew, expanded, or declined. babies would be born, and old folks taken care of until burial. No welfare, just the family.

      In my (wealthy, quite wealthy) family home in Ostprußia the head of the house had the big suite, his parents had small suites, each of the 9 children had rooms of their own, the married son had a suite of 4 rooms with his wife (and would have gotten more rooms if they had not emigrated to the US after WW-1). The family had been on the same property since 1425 (+/- 5 years). The whole “house” was about 15,000 square foot of floor space with courtyards, stables, and out buildings.

      No one expected welfare, you worked for the family or you left on your own. Girls married out to other families, boys married in or accepted “shares” of the estates.