Poop – Gowdy Takes Himself Out of Consideration for FBI Chief

From FOX News:

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., announced Monday that he had removed himself as a candidate to replace fired FBI Director James Comey.

Gowdy, a former state and federal prosecutor, had been mentioned as a possible successor to Comey, who was dismissed last week by President Trump.

In a statement, Gowdy said he spoke to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Monday and shared “my firm conviction that I would not be the right person” for the job.

Gowdy added that the FBI deserves a director “with not only impeccable credentials but also one who can unite the country as we strive for justice and truth,” adding that he was confident such a person will emerge.

Gowdy, who was elected to Congress in 2010, also chaired the House Select Committee that investigated the 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya.

Over the weekend, Justice Department officials interviewed several candidates to replace Comey as director, including former Rep. Mike Rogers; Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas; U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson; and Fran Townsend, a former homeland security adviser to former President George W. Bush.


Poop… I thought he would have been great for the job.  He hates the Left, especially Hildabeast.

~ Hardnox

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21 Responses to Poop – Gowdy Takes Himself Out of Consideration for FBI Chief

  1. captbogus2 says:

    He would’ve been good but I believe he is more valuable right where he is.

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  3. Shar says:

    Disappointed as well. I am not familiar with Hudson or Townsend. IMO no one from Bush era should be selected. What happened to Kelly from NY? I have faith that Trump will pick someone awesome.

  4. Uriel says:

    Gowdy is a fighter and well known to hate corruption which is exactly why Dems and RINOS would NOT have confirmed Gowdy.

  5. Popular Front says:

    It speaks volumes for the man to rule himself out of what I suspect would be a very well-paying job. Too many others would leap at the paypacket and just bumble along. Respect.

    • Hardnox says:

      Excellent point PF. I had the pleasure of meeting Gowdy’s best friend, a Marine Lt. Col., who explained to me that his bud is the real deal regarding Mr. Constitution and Mr. Law & Order.

  6. Auntie BS says:

    Let’s hope that Gowdy is more effective in his present role, especially on various committees.

  7. clyde says:

    While indeed he would be good, we need his ass right where it is. No matter who Trump picks, Head Clown Schumer will stall block delay as much as he can.

  8. Shar says:

    Clyde maybe the turtle (McConnell) will out fox Schumer. ChuckU is a scum bag. I laugh at Trump calling him Crying Chuck.

  9. vonmesser says:

    I think he is more valuable in congress.

  10. tiretramp says:

    D A M N.

  11. Shar says:

    Not familiar with this site. Looks like another one withdrew


  12. Shar says:

    Hardnox, you’re welcome. Is this a legit site?