Globalization And The Law From Justice Scalia’s Viewpoint

While searching for a particular Justice Scalia comment, I found this speech he gave in archives. It is long but very insightful for those interested in viewing the topic of globalization through the eyes of a constitutional scholar.

This is the first time I have heard a Justice Scalia speech but wish there had been far more opportunities. Though given in a soft spoken manner, he certainly provides food for thought.

This particular speech is not only a present day concern but given the push by the United Nations and certain shadow entities for globlization is a serious consideration for the future. It also was a prophetic comment at that time on the Supreme Court as it has been over the last eight years.

No one will ever know for sure what happened on that fateful weekend when he passed away, but for those who are members of the global elite it was an important turning point that hopefully President Trump by his nomination of Neil Gorsuch and possibly others in the future can ensure does not come to fruition through a compromised Supreme Court and judicial system.

For constitutionalists, his passing was a serious loss for guidance and wisdom in the Supreme Court. His absence left the court overrun by a liberal agenda that ascribes to globalization more than state in their views.


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2 Responses to Globalization And The Law From Justice Scalia’s Viewpoint

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent find Uriel. Great commentary too.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks. I still haven’t found the clip I want. Anyone remember one of the last one on one fox I think clips where Scalia says. What can they do to me then point blank says “other than kill me”