For All You Do….

And For All Of You Mothers Of Millennials…




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8 Responses to For All You Do….

  1. Shar says:

    Very cool. Thanks.

  2. Wingman says:

    Sorry but I can’t congratulate the mothers of millennials. They have done a horrible job of raising their precious entitled little snowflakes but hey it is funny that they are stuck with them never leaving their basements.

  3. Uriel says:

    Awww sweet! Thanks Terry.

  4. azjen says:

    Yes, Wingman & Terry, this seems like many of our millennials aka snowflakes are like this today. I find it hard to believe that ACA covers children up to & including the ages of 26 or 27 while they are still at home. When I graduated from college, I left home, went to work & I was not living off my parents.

    • Terry says:

      That’s a concept lost on a huge part (not all ) of the millennials.
      I was dependent on the government straight out of HS. But only due to the fact that I enlisted in the Army.