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Since the firing of FBI Director James Comey last Tuesday the silence coming from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Susan Rice, and a host of others has been deafening.

Normally these Leftist asshats won’t shut up.  Now they all seem to be hiding in a cave… and probably lawyering up.

Funny, that James Comey, who wouldn’t shut up, is now refusing to testify before a Senate Intel Committee hearing scheduled for next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, AG Sessions has directed all US Attorneys to follow US Law on MANDATORY SENTENCING GUIDELINES.

Tick, tock….

I predict a hammer is about to fall and the shit is about to hit the fan.

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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13 Responses to Thought for Today

  1. Tony NY says:

    The reason for their silence is they are busy destroying every last piece of evidence. They will never be prosecuted which confirms the two sets of laws , one for us peons and one for the Democrat party members. Lady justice is not blind and we are no longer a republic governed by law. Thank you communist progressive Democrats,

  2. Shar says:

    Tony, Sessions may surprise you. Yep Tick, tock.

  3. Terry says:

    I won’t be surprised if Comey commits a double head-shot suicide soon.

    • Hardnox says:

      More truth than fiction there bro.

      It is stunning how many people have ended up dead that had dirt on the Clintons… and yet they remain free.

      • Terry says:

        I suppose they remain free due to “how many people have ended up dead that had dirt on the Clintons”.
        It’s a vicious circle.

  4. What’s really awesome is that Trump and Sessions have turned the tables and are bringing the fight to “them”. They’re not used to that and now they’re having to re-think their strategies, hiding and silent all the while.
    I can’t wait for the hammer to the meet anvil…lol

  5. Hopefully hussein44 is now in the woods with killary

  6. Shar says:

    The left knows Sessions isn’t a light weight. They can’t figure out Trump at all. Things you don’t know you fear the most. Tick, tock.