The American Left Is Talking Itself Into Violence

From the Federalist:

The American Left Is Talking Itself Into Violence

Something is wrong with the American Left. The recent spate of violent protests on college campuses has been well-documented, but the violence and intolerance championed by left-wing student activists is beginning to creep off campus and into mainstream public life.

The reason for this is straightforward enough: although progressives pride themselves on their putative tolerance and diversity, the imperatives of leftist politics are fundamentally illiberal. Justice imposed through power is the philosophical foundation of the political left, and when earnest progressives become convinced the only avenue to power is violence, their tolerance quickly falls by the wayside. Consider a few recent events, none of which involved college protesters but all of which were marked by threats of violence.

Ahead of a town hall meeting this week in Virginia’s fifth congressional district, Republican Rep. Tom Garrett received a series of disturbing threats—not just against him but also his wife and family, even his dog. One message said bluntly, “This is how we’re going to kill your wife.”

As a result, the town hall event was heavily guarded, with uniformed and plain-clothes security lining the walls and scattered throughout the 300-seat room.

Earlier this month, Jennifer Carnahan, the new chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party, received a torrent of racist hate mail and at least one threat of physical violence that forced her from her home for a weekend. Carnahan, who is Korean-American, was targeted after publically apologizing and calling for the resignation of those responsible for an offensive image posted to the 7th Congressional District Republicans Facebook page.

It didn’t matter that Carnahan didn’t post the image, or that she did everything right. The folks sending the hate mail called her racist, and threw a few racial epithets directly at her for good measure.

Last month, left-wing activists in Oregon caused the cancellation of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade by threatening to drag “fascists” off the parade route—and by fascists, they meant the Republican Party of Multanomah County. In an email, the activists warned, “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward lgbt, immigrants, people of color or others.”

Leftist Intolerance Invites A Breakdown Of Civility

For a long time, the mainstream media has treated conservatives as intolerant, even bigoted, for their views on gay marriage, abortion, and a host of other hot-button cultural issues. But now, faced with the spectacle of rioting college leftists, even the mainstream media is coming around to the realization that liberals are not as tolerant as they think. In fact, recent psychological research suggests they are not any more tolerant than conservatives.

Jonathan Haidt, a psychologist at New York University, told Politico in a recent article that, “Nowadays, as the right sees it, the left has won the culture war and controls the media, the universities, Hollywood and the education of everyone’s children. Many of them think that they are the victims, they are fighting back against powerful and oppressive forces, and their animosities are related to that worldview.”

Conservatives are also combatting a growing level of hostility in public life. Since Trump’s election, much of it has come from the Left. At another town hall this week, Rep. Tom MacArthur, a New Jersey Republican, tried to explain his thinking on the GOP health care bill to angry constituents. MacArthur, who authored the amendment allowing states to apply for a waiver to opt out of some health insurance requirement, knows something about preexisting conditions. His daughter died of health complications when she was 11. The cost of her care was more than $1 million. MacArthur was in the room when she was taken off life support.

When he tried to talk about this, the crowd shouted “Shame!” When he said, “I put my head to my daughter’s chest and listened to her die,” they erupted. One person yelled, “Other babies will die without care, too!” Another jeered, “Did you have money for her care?” Someone suggested MacArthur, “Write a book.”

It’s not just angry mobs at town halls. On Wednesday, an editor at the Huffington Post called on his fellow leftists to stalk Republicans: “They should be hounded by protesters everywhere, especially in public—in restaurants, in shopping centers, in their districts and yes, on the public property outside their homes and apartments, in Washington and back in their homes states.”

Last week, senior Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald—who, let’s be honest, seems a little off—said he wants every Republican who voted for the American Health Care Act to have a family member come down with a serious illness, lose their insurance, and die. For good measure, he added that he also wants them “to be tortured.”

The Way We Use Social Media Is Exacerbating the Problem

How has it come to this? No doubt, leftist ideology invites a kind of intolerance that leads to violence, as we’ve seen. But this tendency is exacerbated by a breakdown of civility fueled by social media. Would we see the kind of brutal, cutthroat behavior that’s marked the crowds at these town halls if those people had not inured themselves somewhat to it?

And where might they have done that? Where would they have practiced the kind of no-holds-barred political debate that impels them to throw off the pretense of decorum and shout down their congressman? Or threaten him?

They—and all of us, really—are learning to behave this way on social media. Just as the violence on campus gradually seeps out into the streets and town halls, so too does our violent and intolerant rhetoric online eventually manifest in the real world. That so much of it is now coming from the political left is not an accident.

With every Facebook post and Tweet, every demonstration and boycott, they have talked themselves into it. It’s going to be difficult, maybe even impossible, to talk them out of it.


I’m ready.  Are you?  The left won’t like our reply.  That we can all guarantee.  The Left had better be careful what they wish for but as the author aptly stated it may be too late already.  The lefty lemmings are in a tither over every imaginable slight and are high on their new found means of expression.  Some regular applications of wood shampoos may calm some protests as will the arrests of those financing all of the unrest.  Either way, the lemmings are on the loose.  

Lock n load friends.  Maintain situational awareness and most importantly, stay calm… it helps with aim.

~ Hardnox

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10 Responses to The American Left Is Talking Itself Into Violence

  1. We’ve been warning of this impending situation for years. We just weren’t sure of the source/s.

    I thought it would be led by racism, perhaps even ethnicity or religious factions, but it seems that it’s all of the above and even more that I haven’t figured out yet.

    Let’s face it, the world’s gone mad and we’re watching it first hand and at a whirlwind’s pace. It’s only going to get worse. There WILL BE bloodshed! Pray it’s not yours.

    HN’s right, “lock n load”, friends! Carry if you can and NEVER let your guard down. Be aware of your surroundings AT ALL TIMES, especially when you leave the safety of your home, and pay close attention to your local news sources. They may lie but in every story/fable there’s a kernel of truth. Seek it!

    Once again I remind everyone to prepare and shut up about it. Tell no one; not even family. Be that quiet little church mouse storing food in the silent obscurity of “plain sight”. What’s not noticed will not be missed.

    Act like the entire world is against you – IT IS! And that’s NOT paranoia – that’s common sense in a world gone mad.

    And above all, PRAY that the Almighty gives you the wisdom needed to do the right thing at the right time.

    Great article, HN. Thanks for posting it!

    PS: For those who are new or infrequent visitors, here, check out our SHTF Series. It’s loaded with great advice from the four corners of our readership.

  2. Deserttrek says:

    now how to help stop it. the best thing is to turn off ALL media , news weather sports, especially sports, movies etc. tell ALL of the providers and participants, why, they sponsor, spread, assist whatever in the spread of violence and anger.
    sadly the vast majority will watch the nfl in the fall while sat the same time stuffing money into the medias pockets to help spread more hate.
    stupid people on all sides

    • Hardnox says:

      Well stated. Thanks for your visit.

    • Unfortunately, there’s no stopping it. If shutting it off works for you, then fine. But others will continue to watch.
      What WILL work is passing this information along to others. Let them see and read the facts.
      If they choose to remain blind, so be it. That’s their choice. They were informed and have no recourse for their preferred ignorance.
      The “truth” will set us all free; if we listen…

    • vonMesser says:

      If you “shut it off” then you will not know about the threat until it is coming up your sidewalk. I prefer to keep it on, and then I will know of the threat about the time it comes into range (2,000 meters) and can take appropriate action at a distance.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    One might find it amusing to demonstrate tolerance at 3 rounds per second.

  4. BrianR says:

    They seem to forget which side has all the guns.

    YUGE rookie error, strategically speaking…