An Overlooked Truth About the Shemitah

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By Judge Anna Von Reitz
The Shemitah is a holy mystery associated with the “Sabbath of Years”.

Every Seventh Year in the Sacred Calendar of the Hebrews is what we farmers would call a “fallow year”.

The land is to lay fallow. The vineyards are to rest. People, too, and are instructed to store up for the Shemitah so that they can rest and the poor may be taken care of in the year without harvest.

The last day of the Shemitah Year falls on the last day of Elul, the 29th day of the sixth month in the Sacred Calendar.

This last day of the Shemitah Year is called “The Day of Remission” or “The Day of Nullification”.

On this day, all truly Orthodox Jews are required to cancel out all credits and debts and start over fresh.

This means they lose claim to all the credit they accumulated in the last seven years and forgive all the debts owed to them. It is a complete “reset”. A financial Ground Zero. The slate is wiped clean and the game begins again the next day, Tishri 1, which begins the Festival of Trumpets and the most Holy month in the whole Hebrew Calendar.

The ramifications of this reset are always hard to deal with. The guys that used to have all the money have lost their liquidity. On the other hand, the other guys who were carrying all the debt, are relieved. Society gets reshuffled. Fortunes are lost and fortunes are made, and another seven years begins.

A Rabbi from New Jersey has established a very plausible and indeed, frightening, statistical correlation between the Shemitah and larger scale financial disasters and cataclysms, including 9/11. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn also notes a frightening correlation between what is happening in America today and what happened in Israel just prior to the Babylonian Captivity in 586 BC.

The Kingdom of Judah was given a warning of Judgment, a short incursion by the Assyrians that caused relatively minor destruction. The Prophet Jeremiah warned them to repent, but instead, they were haughty. They defiantly declared that they would rebuild with their own hands and make it better than ever. They forgot their reliance on God, first and foremost.

And eerily, so did the members of Congress do the same thing following 9/11. Without as much as lip-service to the Great Architect, they defiantly declared that they would rebuild bigger and better than ever. From there, everything has followed in lock-step, right down to replacing Sycamore Trees with other trees, just as King Zechariah did 2,600 years ago.

The Kingdom of Judah had also begun following after the foreign gods of the Babylonians and participating in idolatry and the horrific practice of child sacrifice to the Babylonian gods. Rabbi Cahn notes that just as in Judah then, carnality, selfishness, materialism, and criminality are steadily on the rise here, and millions of babies are now being sacrificed here, as a result of legalized abortion—all with the same effect: judgment.

Are we in the cross-hairs of Divine Judgment?

Jesus said, when you see the Great Abomination standing where it shouldn’t be standing, you will know that the time of reckoning is near.

And what is the Great Abomination? It’s a woman. A Babylonian goddess. She has many names— Semiramis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, Columbia….as in District of? She is also known as the Mother of All Harlots.

Ashtoreth invented money and idolatry in general. She created her own religion— sacred groves, sex as a sacrament, ritual child sacrifice. Sound familiar? She is always shown as a beautiful woman with rays of light coming from her head…..yes, just like the “Statue of Liberty” standing in New York Harbor.

There she is, the Great Abomination, standing where she shouldn’t be standing.  Jesus told us 2,000 years ago, and there she is.

We might as well paint a red-and-white target on New York City.

The Rabbi has some very important insights published in his two books, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, but there is just one thing…… he makes the common mistake throughout of talking about “America” when what he is really talking about is the federal United States.

Like nearly everyone else, he has been bamboozled into thinking that the federal United States is America, when it isn’t. There are two distinct nations here— one that is apostate, one that is faithful.

And this time, it is of vital importance that the faithful override the Babylonians, repent our sloth and gullibility, and do what has to be done to create a moral, spiritual, and cultural rebirth, beginning with turning our faces to our Father, with tears and trust.

The Jews of Jeremiah’s time left him to stand alone, just one young prophet to face off the weak and venal King.

When millions upon millions of Americans stand up and demand change, the US may indeed go down in flames, but America –-the actual America— will place its faith where it belongs in our Father and Eternal King. We will not be disappointed in our Holy One.

Remember Joshua.  Remember Caleb.  Remember Elijah.  Remember Jeremiah.  Remember Yeshua most of all.

Those who have been contemplating setting up more monuments to Ashtoreth and her consort, Satan, need to think again. Just like those who are busily eroding families and redefining marriage need to think again.

Just like those proposing to set up “Fellatio Bars” where a guy can buy a cup of coffee and a blowjob for $60, need to think again. Just like those sneaking around participating in nasty old Babylonian and Druid child sacrifices need to think again.

We are coming and we aren’t coming alone. The Angels of the Truth are coming with us.


~Something to ponder – seriously….

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17 Responses to An Overlooked Truth About the Shemitah

  1. Hardnox says:

    Interesting piece.

    There’s no question that we are at a critical crossroads at this moment in time. The shit is about to get real. The Left isn’t quitting their idiocy and time is running out. The question is whether the right has the balls to stand up for what is right. Evil exists only because good men do nothing to stop it.

    Tick… tick… tick…

    As an aside: are fellatio bars are Maine thing? Never heard of them here in Virginia.

    • Not unless they’ve coded it as “fettuccine” bars like Comet Pizza did using “pizza” and ‘hot dogs”…
      You might want to check around down in the Portland area; they’re just weird!

  2. captbogus2 says:


  3. vonMesser says:

    Very interesting.

  4. I am not sure how to feel about this, I am even less sure of what to think. I will just keep reading, pondering and praying.

    • As a civilization, we’ve strayed so far from our roots, losing our moral compass along the way, that we can no longer recognize ourselves; hence the “identity crisis” we’re encountering today.
      And as you can likely see, we’re trying to establish “man’s law” over what used to be “G-d’s Law”, substituting it with political correctness. Something that is doomed from the onset.

  5. Pence: ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists’ Are ‘the Embodiment of Evil in Our Times’


    I only wish they would realize, once and for all, that islam has neither moderate nor radical followers. Islam is islam, the definition of which means “TO SUBMIT” and ALL followers read from the same book of hate, the qur’an. The sooner we accept this terrible fact, the sooner we’ll be rid of it. But I won’t hold my breath…

  6. Uriel says:

    parallel is indeed something to think about

    • I think HaShem, The Almighty in English, had a wonderful plan. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we followed His guidance and did the same? How much would we prosper from this?!?
      It’s no wonder the Jews, the Hebrews, have advanced so far and fast ahead of the rest of humanity… No wonder they’re hated, envied.

  7. SafeSpace says:

    Another “abomination of desolation” to consider is the Muslim mosque called The Dome of The Rock …. standing on the very spot where the Israelites’ temple stood. The Bible is pretty clear on what events will occur to set that right.

  8. Something else to ponder…
    They may have the wrong location as Jesus said “there shall not be one stone left upon another.
    And if He was speaking the truth, the current Temple Mount wall, now suspected to be the ancient platform of the Roman fort of Antonia, is NOT the location of the original 2 Temples; or He’d be a liar.

    The key fact: There is no “spring” under the current Temple Mount, for the cleansing process required in offerings, as was described in Scripture.

    Read more here:

    Interesting, indeed!

    • vonMesser says:

      Gotta also remember, tho, Jesus spoke a lot in parables and in “story”, and He spoke to a different people. So one stone on another might have had a different meaning back then.

      AND there have been lots of mistranslations. For example, we all know that “there was no room in the inn” when Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem. Problem is that the word used for “innkeeper” (kataluma) actually means “keeper of the upper room”. Many people in Judea lived in caves at the time, and on the lower level of the cave was where the animals were kept, and people slept in the uppper rooms of these cave complexes. Usually them “old woman” of the family was the keeper of the upper rooms and she told people where to sleep when there were guests/visiting family. In this wise, it is probable that she said – when assigning space – something like “Marium, you are due soon, I’m putting you down in the hay storage space so you can have privacy when you deliver”. There is, in Bethlehem, the “Cave of the nativity”. ( where the birth is believed to have actually taken place. It has been overbuilt by a church and the believed spot only visibly accessible through a floor.

      Still and all, I believe that we are at a precipice, not a crossroads. Too much further and we tip over into the abyss, and then there will be another flood (probably fire this time, or maybe ice as HE said HE would not use water again.

      • Very true. He tried to use contemporary situations/instances/examples to render a message understandable/relative to the layman’s daily life.

        That said, and unless He was referring to dynastic successions, which being under Roman rule would be highly unlikely, His reference to the Temple being destroyed, “leaving not one stone upon another” means just that. He was quite specific in this subject.

        Yes! There are many translatory errors. From Greek and Hebrew to Latin to English, something is going to be misinterpreted. Maybe not in transliteration but in translatory accuracy; your case in point. That’s why, to get the full meaning of what was “actually” written, one would have to be able to read several languages; and not just the contemporary versions, but the vernacular of His day.

        To the subject in hand: The location was specified in Scripture, in ancient Hebrew, and not being a scholar of that language, I can only rely on those who are – the rabbis (teachers).

        Scripture states that there is a “spring” beneath the Temple, not a well, and it also states that there is a “threshing rock”, one that is smooth, unlike the one under the Dome of the Rock which is jagged and all but smooth. These 2 fact eliminate the Temple Mount from suspicion. And the fact that the stones are not scattered is another.

        A typical example of misplaced locations can be seen in the attempt to locate the ancient city of Troy. And entire city.
        The location was documented by the ancients but no one paid any attention claiming it was based on myth and conjecture when, in fact, the only thing missing was the GPS coordination.
        Notably, it was found by re-tracing original script. Like the original Temple/s, its foundations were buried by time.

        I’m not sure which Book it’s in but I recall Scripture saying that “all shall be revealed in the last days”. Perhaps this may be one of those “revelations”.

        Being destroyed in 70 AD, there’s a lot of time gone by to misplace the original location. A simple “parable”: Does anyone know where their property markers are at the home you were born in??? lmao!

        I agree to the precipice reference. If we don’t turn back and right the wrongs, we will certainly fall into the abyss. Our troubles of today will seem like waking up with our hair askew in comparison.

        And you’re right – it’ll be by fire. But not just yet. That is reserved for after the Christ-reigning millennial time when Satan is finally destroyed and a new heaven and a new earth is manifest. That, too, is written.

        Thanks for a great conversation, vM!

  9. comcast536 says:

    All of you make interesting points of view so I will include mine. We only learn from history what we want. In WW1, which was obtrusive to our beliefs, we participated. In WW2, almost to late, because of our beliefs. It was only after defeating the Nazis that we learned that they had almost decimated the Jewish fate. And only after being attacked by Japan did we experience the fanaticism of yet another race. I believe we have risen to where we are, with God’s help, because our beliefs are more intone with his. Our forefathers warn against a government like our past President and his colleges. O’bama’s legacy speaks for itself. It has been said that the US’s downfall will come from within. We are living in history and thinking about it will not change anything. Hadenoughalready – Freedom is under assault, because people of political persuasion are in power and “we the people” gave it to them thinking that they would have our best interest in mind. We can see that today in
    the Media and left, far left democrats. who have forgotten that we are a Republic.
    So I wouldn’t hold my breath either, I just hope and believe that I won’t be around to see or experience this great nation’s fall.

    • I agree, comcast, and welcome aboard!
      We’ve brought this upon ourselves. Not directly but by our apathy and reluctance to recall those whom we’ve entrusted the power to reign over us. We fell for their lies and did nothing when they stabbed us in the back.
      Silence is acceptance.