Macron wins, France loses

One of the ladies at my church was born in Europe.  Her family comes from Saint Petersburg Russia., and she lived in France for 40+ years.  I asked her a bit about the French elections, and she wrote the following piece.  I offer it up to you from Sasha, as a viewpoint from another perspective.  I also offer up the cartoon she posted on Facebook just before the election, as well as another of similar ilk.  Enjoy.


Macron wins, France loses

I am not a specialist, I have not read all the details, but here is what today’s French election looks like to someone who lived in the country for some 40 years and dove deep into the French psyche.

The most important thing to remember is that neither of the two candidates can in any way be compared to Donald Trump, contrary to some media claims. Trump, willy nilly, represents American values to a large degree, i.e. freedom, limiting government interference, trusting civil society, etc. Both Macron and Le Pen are statists: they like a strong government that engineers society and leads it toward their respective goals. Indeed, Le Pen’s genuine love for her country may give the illusion of a resemblance to our overt and vocal love for our America. But any government run by her would still be a top-down affair with a pretty totalitarian bureaucracy soaking up the wealth produced by all those hard-working people (and there are plenty, despite the slow corrosion of the work ethic through Socialist acid) to ultimately format “the People”. The only comparison that could possibly be drawn between Macron and Trump is the fact that they are both outsiders.

Though this requires some qualifying as concerns Macron.

Macron is actually a typical product of the French so-called “royal pathway”: a graduate of the ENA (which produces the “high functionaries” of the state), he then worked at the Inspection des Finances, the department that thinks of ever new ways of fleecing the hard-working French, followed by work in the private banking sector, ending up as a Minister of the Economy in Hollande’s Socialist government. A meteoric rise in a picture-perfect career every French parent dreams of for their son. He is a master of “ENArchist” gobbledegook, an unbelievable jargon that uses language to gloss over, garble or twist whatever reality happens to offer up on a given day.

If any comparison is to be drawn, it would be between this new president and Hillary. Both were supported by the mainstream media to a degree well beyond simple bias. Both received the support of big global money, key clubs and established wealth. Both are experts in doublespeak, with brushstrokes of mandatory social compassion against a backdrop of being neither too far left, nor – heaven forbid – anywhere near the right.

The whole use of far-right, left, center, Socialist, means very little at this stage in France. The concepts go back to the French Revolution, and are now used only to trigger Pavlovian reflexes of fear and submission (I am a “man of the left” = I am a good person). It’s a passport to social acceptance, not a thought-out political positioning.
After the weak and somewhat ridiculous presidency of Hollande destroyed the Socialist party created by Mitterand, the “grand bourgeois” who worked for the Vichy government during the Nazi occupation, Macron’s new fake party, “En Marche”, is purportedly “progressive”, uniting both the left and the right. In other words: whatever!… Macron has been called, in France, an “extreme-centrist populist”.

Watch France become weaker yet, and its people become more miserable – they are already strong consumers of anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs. And check out the article below: it will give you the nitty-gritty truth of the situation in France, the hands-on expression of that formerly wonderful country’s decline.

And reading this, let us remember how blessed we are in our beloved America!

Thank you Sasha, and Yes, God Bless America.

or those who speak even less French than I do, the 2nd cartoon is THE ILLUSION OF A CHOICE, and reads LEFT    RIGHT  with both going into the slaughterhouse


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  1. vonMesser says:

    I’ve never clicked LIKE on my post before, but I didn’t write this, just had a very wonderful lady do it, and I like her “muchly” and “Yuuugely”

  2. Shar says:

    What a mess they will be in for five years. Nigel Farage thinks Le Pen will beat him in the next election.

  3. vonMesser says:

    OK – a bit of correction from Sasha:
    ……Well thank you!
    ……PS. I was born in Washington D.C., George Washington University Hospital. And
    ……my Dad’s family has been in America for 300 years (for the Scottish part) and
    ……since 1852 for the German branch…

    So it’s her moms family that comes from St Petersburg, not all of them

  4. SafeSpace says:

    Just a word to our frog friends: When Macron invites in 150,000 additional Muslims, and they plant their flags on the Eiffel Tower, and burn down the Louvre, and piss on your Constitution, do NOT call the US military for help. We bailed your sorry VIchy asses out once at tremendous cost in blood, treasure, and human lives. If you asshats feel you must keep sleeping with murderers, you are on your won.

    • Navyvet says:

      100% agree, The French keep bending over and spreading their cheeks. Then decide that surrender wasn’t the best idea and cry for help. Rinse and repeat. Eff em.