REPORT: ICE Failures Under Obama


REPORT: ICE Failures Under Obama
Leave 2.2 Million ‘Supervised’ Aliens on Street

Bob Price
April 22, 2017

ICE Deportation Report – April 13, 2017

Why We Did This Inspection
This is the second inspection related to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) management of aliens released from detention and under ICE supervision.

What We Found
ICE does not effectively manage the deportation of aliens who are no longer detained, but are under its supervision.

A new report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Office of Inspector General (OIG) reveals startling failures during the Obama Administration that allowed 2.2 million deportable aliens to remain on the streets in a “supervised” status. Aliens with criminal convictions accounted for nearly 400,000 of that total.

The report (attached) issued by ICE Inspector General (IG) John Roth last week details several failures under the previous administration that built a tremendous backlog for deportation officers (DO). Those failures include imbalanced workloads for DOs, unachievable goals, a lack of clear policies and procedures, and insufficient training.

…During FY 2014, Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly a half-million illegal border crossers, a 16 percent increase over the previous year and a 34 percent increase over FY 2012, the report states. The surge led to a tremendous increase in workload for ICE DOs charged with detaining, deporting, and supervising these aliens.

…As a result, the Obama Administration announced its “Priority Enforcement Program” (PEP) in November 2014 claiming to focus on the removal of certain criminal aliens including those convicted of felonies, multiple misdemeanors, and “significant” misdemeanors (e.g., domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation)

ICE DOs are now supervising more than 2.2 million aliens as of the end of August 2016. Of that number, 368,574 of the aliens are convicted criminals. During FY 2015, the first year of the PEP, ICE DOs removed or returned only 235,413 aliens – including 139,368 convicted criminals.

The ICE OIG report details systematic failures
within the organization that creates inefficiencies
in capturing and removing “supervised” aliens.

Case Workload Disparity

Roth cites an imbalance between caseloads assigned to DOs working non-detained aliens and those assigned to supervise detained aliens. He said that despite the different requirements for supervising the two classifications of aliens, ICE could not explain the reasons for manpower assignments in the locations visited during the inspection.

“ICE personnel at all four field offices agreed that the workloads of DOs supervising non-detained aliens are unmanageable, yet ICE has not tried to determine what is achievable and what would alleviate the burden,” the IG continued.

The OIG report supports this, stating that DOs are frequently asked to perform “collateral” duties…

Unclear Policies and Procedures Combines with Insufficient Training

Roth’s report points out the agencies failure to adequately communicate its policies or to provide DOs with readily accessible guidelines to assist the DOs in supervising and deporting aliens. “Guidance is often communicated to field office personnel orally or by email, rather than through formal, documented policies and procedures,” the IG report states. “These deficiencies hinder proper supervision of non-detained aliens, including those who may be fugitives or who commit crimes. Field office staff confirmed that ICE’s available policies and procedures did not help them properly manage their non-detained cases.”

The report confirms that the ICE deportation policies and procedures are “outdated and unclear.”

“Officials we interviewed said ICE considers the 2003 Detention and Removal Operations Policy and Procedure Manual (manual) ‘the official guide’ to operations,” Roth explained, “but ICE has not periodically reviewed the manual or revised it since 2008.” He said that rather than properly amend and update the manual, ICE officials would simply “affix a memo to the front of the appropriate chapter” to indicate changes in policies.

Because of the failure to properly manage and communicate policies and changes, ICE field office policies and procedures tended to vary widely from office to office.

Complicated Deportations

The report explains complications in attempting to deport aliens to certain countries. It states that for some nations, it is nearly impossible to repatriate foreign nationals.

The report stipulates:

For ICE to deport an alien to his or her home country, the country must agree to repatriation. As of August 2016, ICE had identified 23 “uncooperative” countries to which it generally cannot deport aliens. To help deport aliens to these countries ICE may request diplomatic intervention by the Department of State, which determines whether and what action to take against the country. ICE officials also said that some countries, such as China, Bangladesh, and India, restrict the number of aliens for whom they will issue travel documents and accept for repatriation. Finally, ICE has identified 62 countries that are cooperative, but with which it has experienced delays in obtaining required travel documents. Deporting aliens to these 62 countries also requires more time and effort working with embassies and consulates to obtain travel documents and approval for alien repatriation.


Roth’s report concludes with a statement indicating inadequacies in ICE’s management of the agency’s deportation operations. “These weaknesses are hampering ICE’s ability to adequately supervise aliens awaiting immigration hearings, as well as efforts to deport those who should be deported, including some convicted criminals,” the IG concluded.


Recommendation 1: Comprehensively review, revise, update, and maintain ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations policies, procedures, and guidance to address gaps and outdated information.

Recommendation 2: Comprehensively review Deportation Officer functions at field offices to determine staffing allocations for non-detained units and identify appropriately sized caseloads for Deportation Officers working with nondetained aliens.

Recommendation 3: Based on a completed comprehensive review, develop a plan to identify and implement appropriate staffing of Deportation Officers.

Recommendation 4: Develop a standardized training curriculum for all current and future Deportation Officers, including recurrent refresher training courses for docket review and detained and non-detained case management.

Recommendation 5: Collaborate with the Department of State to identify potential mechanisms to address issues that hinder deportation efforts.

Source (all emphasis is mine)


Every day more of the lies of the Obama Administration are uncovered. Every day we see how our congress did NOT protect its citizens by impeaching this arse.

Every day brings fresh justification for not having elected Hillary Clinton and now ANY Democrat to the highest office unless and until the party undergoes a massive change (ain’t gonna happen).

We must be forever more vigilant since apparently DC is so corrupt even a sinkhole opening might not stop the decay.

We must be forever more protective of our rights and elections in order to prevent this kind of takeover of our country again. (2018 is shaping up to be the next major threat)

Stopping PACs, breaking the hold political parties have on local elections, only funds allowed from the area or state, ceiling of donations limitation on election funds, term limits for congress, revamping our justice system to remove liberal judges and replace them with constitutionalists are just the start.


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    Thank God we have a new Prez and and AG that want to enforce our current laws. Congress needs to step up.