The New Wave of Politicians for 2018 – Beware Patriots

In August 2016, Minnesota voters elected Ilhan Omar as the first Somali-American Muslim woman elected to a state legislature. Obama selected at least two Muslim female judges to sit on benches in the court systems between 2015 and 2016, Associate Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam of New York’s highest court and Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo Brooklyn Civil Court. In 2006 Keith Ellison was sworn in to the US House of Representatives using with both the Bible and Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran.

There have been many instances in the recent past where CAIR has asserted considerable influence in the political arena and by forcing through the ACLU legal compliance into areas of the law in order to protect or advance the Muslim cause from the local to the highest levels of government. They have funded or been in some way instrumental in educational introduction and studies using teaching materials and methods designed to push the Muslim cause, government training and language compliance, political contributions, and assisting organizational start ups that are Muslim related across the US.

Some would venture that this is no different than other religion-backed groups and they might be right; except, those groups have never been implicated or considered to be instrumental in advancing the cause of a religion which is openly and currently under the “guns” of countries of the world for massive destruction, war crimes in numerous countries of massive proportion, and horrendous acts of medieval violence against their own women and children or those who practice a different faith within the areas they are occupying.

Now according to Western Journalism CAIR is again asserting and inserting themselves in another state in the political arena as they are fielding another practicing Islamist, Deedra Abboud, as a candidate for the Arizona Senate in 2018.

The author of the WJ article, Capt. Simpson considers this a dangerous trend. He wrote:

Islam is not a religion in the normal sense and understanding of the term “religion.” Islam is without any debate a theocracy, which is a religion wrapped in a government with its own legal and justice system, both of which are plainly at odds with the U.S. system of law and justice under the Constitution.

Last year, I asked the question, “Is the United States crumbling one state at a time to Islam?”

I would offer the opinion that no politician in America today who is loyal to any alien form of government over our own should be allowed to hold any office as an elected official of the people.


Photo on Dan Nowicki Twitter

Abboud is a lawyer and community activist in Phoenix who wears a hijab, founded and heads up the Global Institute of Solution Oriented Leadership organization, and was involved in opening the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in 2003,” the AZ Central Arizona news reported.

During her 15-minute announcement event, an upside-down Arizona flag behind Abboud flapped in the wind. A spokesman said it was an error, and not a political statement. Abboud has been registered to vote as an independent, but a campaign spokesman said she re-registered as a Democrat Monday in advance of filing official candidacy papers.

Abboud is the founder of an organization called the Global Institute of Solution Oriented Leadership and the recipient of the Martin Luther King Award in Tempe and Phoenix, according to the short bio that accompanied the news advisory about her Senate candidacy. As a lawyer, she focuses on immigration and estate planning. In 2003, Abboud helped open the first Arizona office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. She was the group’s local executive director at the time.


According to the Sacramento Bee in an article on March 17, 2017, California is also seeing at least one important political position with a Muslim who has declared to run for office.

Asif Mahmood, a Democrat and Muslim doctor from Los Angeles, announced his run for California lieutenant governor outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters downtown Los Angeles.  He is from a small village in Pakistan and said he came to America to become a doctor. He said health care, education and fighting Trump are his top three campaign issues.  If elected, Mahmood would be the first Muslim to hold statewide office, said Danna Elneil, a representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


Dennis M. Lynch and other sites are also reporting that a Muslim has declared to run for governor in 2018.  Abdul El-Sayed, 32, a Rhodes scholar and Egyptian American doctor, was appointed as executive director of the Detroit Department of Health & Wellness Promotion in 2015. El-Sayed recently resigned from his post to run his gubernatorial campaign in Michigan. If he were to win, El-Sayed could become the first-ever Muslim governor in the United States in 2018.


IF I had not read passages from the Qu’ran and heard imams talking about jihad,
IF I had not read and written about the documents seized and filed in the Holy Land trial,
IF I had not seen how the entire European continent is being destroyed, and
IF I had never seen a single horrific picture or article about how people in the Middle East are being tortured and killed…
I MIGHT almost accept these people.


Not only that but IF there is nothing wrong, then WHY have so many people been killed around the world in bombings, rampaging trucks, and sword or gun-toting fools yelling out the words “ali akbar” to justify their crimes? Why has the US spent nearly $7 trillion in the last fifteen years to fight over in the Middle East? Why do we have soldiers returning who are missing parts of themselves or others being returned to their families? WHY ARE WE EVEN OVER THERE THEN?

Not only that but IF there is nothing wrong, why have we in this country been subjected to mass murders, terrorist plots, bombings, deaths, and fear because of this ideology? Why are we seeing a massive increase in rapes, international slave trade, related religious “deaths” and disfigurements here?

SO WHY THE F*** are we so accepting and allowing those in a political, legal, marketing and educational jihad free rein in our country? WHY has CAIR and all its tentacles not been declared terrorists and removed? Why are we continuing to see avenues like the political races upcoming beginning to fill with those who are Islamic followers? WHY are we continuing to fund NATO and send our weapons, equipment, and manpower to the Middle East right now?

We can not fight this enemy around the world when we are being overtaken within our own borders. That is a prime example of insanity.


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12 Responses to The New Wave of Politicians for 2018 – Beware Patriots

  1. deacsdomain says:

    The most dangerous of times , indeed.
    Our law certainly holds fast against treason. That is EXACTLY what these people( Muslims) preach at every street corner or public forum.
    I say the same thing about the BROWN FLOPPY EARED ONE, hang em from the highest tree.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi deacsdomain. If I honestly believed Muslims following Islam were being painted by the same brush as those radicals I would say so but only one sect so far has been and they are killed even before Christians. If Muslims follow the stricter fundamentalist imams then they are dangerous. How does it make a bit of sense to let them change our country to their dictates when we are fighting the same ideology over there?

  2. Auntie BS says:

    If I am not mistaken, Jeh Johnson is a Muslim, as are several Congressmen and others in our FEDERAL government, not to mention the past president who I still believe is a Manchurian Candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood. I keep wondering if we are not seeing the beginning of the same influx of people as this country experienced 500 years ago, when European settlers pushed out the native North Americans and eventually took over the country, leaving the natives with token reservations. Those that adopt our laws and ways, of course, are free to live outside reservations. Will we, Americans, be put out onto reservations and only allowed outside if we adopt Sharia Law?

    I am sure the native North Americans had similar concerns, but by the time they tried to stop it, it was too late. Are we witnessing the fall of the once mighty United States, as we allow– no, INVITE– Muslim immigration and foolishly bend to their demands that we adopt their ways? Why did Loretta Lynch declare that anyone disparaging Islam would be prosecuted? Where is the same protection for someone disparaging Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, et al?

    • Uriel says:

      Any reference to Jeh’s religion were expunged. I actually caught Wikipedia in the process before they had a chance to delete. Yes he and several others. I believe including the old CIA director are Muslim. Nowhere does it say Lynch is BUT Obama only surrounded himself with those who converted so she also was suspect even though she had a Christian upbringing. NO one will ever convince me Obama was not Muslim. In fact, reading some accounts when Trump moved in strongly suggested prayer rooms. He also removed the drapes quickly from the Oval Office some mentioned because of their emblems that were embossed in the fabric though nothing confirmed on this.

    • deacsdomain says:

      MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is exactly what the light brown one is , a MUSLIM plant. MY PRES.TRUMP needs to have the light browns history extracted and analyzed.
      A few years ago i wrote a piece to a local rag which pointed out exactly what you have said. it was not accepted and not published. We PATRIOTS must keep the public eyes open to what is happening all around us.
      The following is not a racist comment. It is a point of fact. Our black brothers are the highest number of converts to the MUSLIM faith- not a true religion by the way, I have asked a few, who are good friends of mine, if they know the history of the faith, if they have a copy of the KORAN. NOT A ONE. They converted because of protest of , or a vote against, what they felt were injustices:When , in fact it was a vote for the DEMOCRATIC party.
      Enough from me, lets have a comment or many .

      • Uriel says:

        Good question Deacs—how many have converted to Islam here in the US for anger issues but have no copy of the Qu’an or know any of Islam’s history since it began. Some in prison may have done as a “brothers-in-group” thing. In the Christian faith all people read and and discuss verses. Even if they have no Bible to start, most have access to read for themselves or are given one. From what I have “perhaps wrongly” seen–the same can not be said of Islam. They rely only on an imam to interpret.

  3. skip says:

    Just makes one sick to think that the ones we have elected to protect us are the Enemy and are growing stronger daily. They are fighting Trump from every-side and the good guys in Government [if any] stand around with thumb up there ass and the other hand out for a handout. Sicking.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Skip. No kidding. I have gotten to the point I won’t watch much on TV and keep aspirin handy. My life span is short I hate to think what happens after I am gone. (Hopefully I am gone before the SHTF)

  4. SafeSpace says:

    Valerie Jarrett is Muslim. Huma Abedin is Muslim. Feh Johnson is Muslim. Barry Soetero is a Muslim of the second degree, being a closet communist at the same time. Apparently the Muslim faith makes room for homosexual infidels when they are in positions of power, and will use that power to advance Islam. How else to explain the Muslim embrace of the little brown boy-man?

    Courtesy of Kevin Jackson, here’s a partial list of lesser-known Muslims hired by King Putt. They are throughout our government, many in positions that require high security:

    And here is more detail, courtesy Counterjihad Report:

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks for adding SafeSpace. If I’m not thinking wrong Obama’s first cabinet choices were mostly Muslim and had to be replaced. Certainly all his “czars” were or at least closet sympathizers.

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