Causing Trouble with Suggestions from 1988

I wandered through some old stuff this week.  Stuff I wrote long before I ever heard of Hardnox.  Stuff I wrote back in 1988 when George H.W. Bush was running for President.  I thought I would bring this stuff out and throw it into the wind and see what kind of trouble I can stir up with old ideas.


1. A commission of citizens shall be drawn from the affected community to determine the understandability of a law. If this commission cannot agree on the meaning of the law, the law shall be sent back for rewriting. This commission shall consist of 100 (or 50 in certain circumstances) persons divided strictly according to the demographics of the affected community (college graduates – grade school dropouts – employed (white) (blue) (gold) collar – male – female – professional – unemployed – military – religion – etc.; figured on the basis of population age 18 and over. All members of the commission must be registered voters and must be citizens of the US and residents of the community affected. No member of this commission may be an attorney, justice, legal secretary, para-legal, court employee, or the spouse, child or dependent of same.

The word community, as used above, is an ambiguous term depending on the level concerned. It could be a school district when talking about an education board election, a town when speaking of the mayoral race, the state when bitching about the governor, or the nation when PO’d at the President.

2. A federal commission on language shall be created to examine the need for the creation of “gender controlled” language. If this commission determines that there is a specific need to create gender free words, those words shall be carefully and intelligently created, and placed into circulation within the language, in documents, encyclopedias, dictionaries, et cetera. Awkward terms such as “chairperson” “MS”, “he and or she”, “he/she”, “s/he” shall be formally discouraged, and will not be used in any official correspondence. Currently in English there is gender-specific language for the female, but no gender-specific for the male. The terms “he/his/him” have commonly been used where no knowledge of the gender of the subject is available, or where the subject(s) are of mixed genders. Consideration might be given to the re-adoption of MASCULINE SPECIFIC words, keeping the current he/him/his as they were originally – human inclusive. Consider the root language for English (German): MANN/PERSON HERR/ADULT MALE FRAU/ADULT FEMALE JUNGHERR/YOUNG MALE FRAULEIN/YOUNG FEMALE. JungHerr and Fraulein became Herr and Frau by either marriage or reaching of an indeterminate age wherein they are obviously responsible for themselves rather than the responsibility of a parent or other adult.

3. The legal defense “NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY” shall be replaced by the legal defense of “GUILTY BUT INSANE”. (In this wise the person is determined to have or have not committed the act, and punishment/confinement is based on the mental state. Currently, if you are “schitzo-bananas” you are innocent even if 23 witnesses and two different video tapes have you committing the act on the corner of 3rd and Market at noon on Wednesday.

4. A Three-tier lower court system shall be created. The First Court shall have the duty of determining guilt or innocence only. It may not sentence, or recommend sentencing. The Second Court may sentence only, it may not change the verdict, either higher or lower. The Third Court looks at constitutional protections and rights. If the rights of the defendant are violated, this court may award damages or reduce sentences to compensate. It may release a person completely, setting aside the sentence, but may not overturn the conviction. (Should C-3 determine a violation of rights, it may bring charges against the person who violated those rights, but information obtained from that violation still stands. Canada has something like this).

5. The concept of Personal Responsibility shall be included in all legal transactions. Each person is responsible for his own actions, and cannot use society, PTSD, social deprivation, slave status of a great-great grandparent, etc., as a defense for non-social or anti-social actions, unless that person can show, without a doubt, that his situation is unique, and why others, who overcame similar situations, were aberrations.

6. Arbitration. Disputes between persons not involving chargeable violation of the laws shall be settled by an arbitrator. This shall replace Small Claims Court. The subjects shall both represent themselves without attorneys. The arbitrator shall consist of a Chief (who need not have legal training) who is elected, a councilor, who is appointed for one year from the public defender/ prosecutor office and a citizen drafted from the jury roster. This citizen shall be paid by the state at the same rate as the councilor and Chief are paid. The Chief shall only vote to break a tie in the decision making process.

7. No person who has received welfare for more than 24 months out of the past 36 may vote until they have been employed for at least 12 months.


8A   The US Department of Health shall open 8 regional medical academies organized along the lines of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis or the Military Academy at West Point. Attendance at these schools shall be on the same basis as attendance at the Service Academies.
8a(1). 4 year graduates shall be certified to practice medicine as a physician in ALL STATES AND TERRITORIES of the US. Students incur an 8-year military type obligation to serve where and when assigned.
8a(2). 2 year graduates shall be certified to practice medicine as a Registered Nurse in ALL STATES AND TERRITORIES of the US. Students incur an year military type obligation to serve where and when assigned.

8B   The US DOH shall open and operate small hospitals and Clinics within depressed urban and rural areas, and in any area where the poverty level is greater than 20% of the population or the normal unemployment rate is more than twice the normal level for the nation. They shall also take over operation and control of the VA hospitals.

8C   Care shall be provided on a walk-in basis, and there shall be no cost or charge for any person who is receiving Welfare, Social Security or Veteran’s benefits. Other persons shall be charged and billed in the normal manner through their health insurance provider.

8D   The US DOH shall assume control and responsibility for all public health concerns, including those currently controlled by the individual states. Along with this they shall take control of all medical assets and liabilities currently held by the various states, including administration, buildings, and employees (except those of the various state guards and militia)

8E   The US Department of Health shall streamline and reduce those assets and liabilities to a manageable and working level.

8F   The US DOH shall provide pre-natal care without cost or question to all pregnant women who are citizens, legal residents, or in the United States on a legal and valid passport/visa.
8F(1). Pre-natal care shall be provided to illegal aliens on a space available basis, accepting NO legal or moral responsibility for that child or mother, and the country of origin shall be billed for that care.
8F(2). Children born to non-citizens while in the US shall NOT be granted US, or dual citizenship.

OK, Ladies and Gentlemen (any you liberals out there who want to troll along) – tear this apart.

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Retired from the US Navy (21 years) and state (20 years). Recently remarried after being widowed for 5 years. 2 daughters, and a step-daughter, all functioning adults). Graduated from college after the Navy with BA in Education, psychology, Economics, History and Political Science. Teach Hunter Safety for Washington (since 1991) and do historical reenactments for Civil War, WW-1and WW-2.
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5 Responses to Causing Trouble with Suggestions from 1988

  1. Uriel says:

    Interesting. One note–rural communities had “health units” such as you mentioned at least for a very long time. I personally went to them for checkups and inoculations. The unit was functioning at least as late as 2005 in my hometown. So 40-50years they met the basic health needs at minimal cost. Back then only doctors available were 30miles away except for maybe one or two. The unit acted as a go to for general checkups relieving the few doctors of over burdens. Then those doctors oversaw patients in the local small hospital or recommended going to specialists if they couldn’t handle the cases. I think the state picked up the costs not the Feds.

  2. Auntie BS says:

    I think this is a good start. There were a few things that need more thinking, but I honestly don’t have the time to further analyze it right now. One simple addition may be that these systems should apply equally from the bottom socioeconomic scale to the government members.

  3. Other than devolving some things to the states to decrease the size and reach of the Federal Government and I completely disagree with #7, being on welfare should have NO effect on the ability to vote. Other than those objections, you have some workable and reasonable ideas. It’s good work VM.

    • vonMesser says:

      It is my thought that people who live on welfare are not producing anything (except maybe more people). They are going to vote for whomsoever will increase their welfare. They will vote for increased taxes and increased payouts, and have no responsibility theretofore.

      Social Security Retirement and those on “real” disability are in a different class. Same with those who are retired but whose retirement is poorly designed – it’s not their fault that this country does not have an intelligent plan for old folks.