Judge Jeanine: Return of loser Clinton should be celebrated

This is great.  Go Hillary!

~ Hardnox

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8 Responses to Judge Jeanine: Return of loser Clinton should be celebrated

  1. Shar says:

    Want to bet she takes the money and keeps it?

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Her PAC should be called Zombies For Clinton. A 70 year old screeching hag, and the Dims think she stands a chance? Even Bernie The Commie looks and sounds youthful compared to The Chappaqua Vampire Bat.

    I suspect the Dims will get around to Mike Obama or Oprah Windbag as potential candidates. Neither of them has as much intelligence as my pet cat, but both of ’em hold great appeal for the jackwagon type voters.

  3. Shar says:

    SafeSpace, stayed tuned Mark Zuck (mister tee shirt) may run. He would have the money.

  4. kenneth wanner says:

    Hahahahahahaha GO HITLARY! Destroy your party further! LMAO! Maybe they get the white house back in 2050 or year 3000

  5. Terry says:

    To the desert…Yeah, THAT’S the ticket !

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