Hannity: How stupid does Comey think we all are?

Last night:

Comey is full of shit.  Hannity nailed it.

The American people deserve justice and as long as Comey is FBI Director we won’t get it.  Further, IF there was a Trump-Russian connection then that information would have been announced long ago BEFORE the election.  Comey is a UniParty stooge who is facilitating the ridiculous meme that prevents healing to occur among our citizenry.  How many more idiotic protests, riots, shootings, murder, and destruction of property must this nation endure?

I remain disgusted.

~ Hardnox

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14 Responses to Hannity: How stupid does Comey think we all are?

  1. clyde says:

    The bigger question for me is WHY THE HELL hasn’t Pres.Trump delivered the famous line to the asshole: YOU’RE FIRED.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I don’t think the president has the ability to fire the director. He can only ask for his resignation. But, if the position does happen to become vacant and Comey gets added to the Clinton death list, may I suggest Sheriff Clarke as a replacement?
      Speaking of riots, did anyone watch the Nat Geo Channel “Rodney King” riots?
      Given all the firearms in circulation today, does anyone think that situation would have ended faster now than it did then? I could only watch a few minutes of it. It was too disgusting when it was live.
      BTW, I had been without power for 47 hours following a line of storms that raced through PA on Monday evening. I had to deal with a 60+ foot tree on my roof. Not a big problem but I’ve been pretty busy for a couple days.
      If you are 69 and act like you’re 29, you are going to feel like you’re 89.

  2. deacsdomain says:

    There have been many disappointments lately. The Comey asshole has become more predictable to the worse degree and ther has been the firings at FOX news.
    FOX is our standard bearer for years & I believe was the most instrumental in our “hiring” or PRES TRUMP.
    We need to press FOX to stay with their conservative agender or we will loose our very loud conservative voice .
    THE M F’s are under every rock that gets turned over.

  3. Uriel says:

    The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The statutory basis for the present nomination and confirmation process was developed in 1968 and 1976, and has been used since the death of J. Edgar Hoover in 1972. Over this time, seven nominations have been confirmed and two have been withdrawn by the President before confirmation. The position of FBI Director has a fixed 10-year term, and the officeholder cannot be reappointed, unless Congress acts to allow a second appointment of the incumbent. There are no statutory conditions on the President’s authority to remove the FBI Director. Since 1972, one Director has been removed by the President.


    An FBI director CAN be fired by a President or replaced when he takes office.
    The ten year term is because Hoover was in the office over 40 years.

  4. Navyvet says:

    It sure looks to me that Comey is kissing every ass in Washingmoney that he can get his lips on. Clearly your typical otherwise unemployable useless government slug.

  5. Shar says:

    For a while I thought Trump was giving him enough rope to hang himself. I’m sure he wasn’t waiting for the losers in Congress to act. He should be fired. Clarke would be good. I heard he was running for Senate. I also heard he was up for a position in homeland security. I think the Senate would be a waste of his time.

  6. SafeSpace says:

    Anyone else notice what an incredible, old-school newsman we have in Sean Hannity? He digs, gets the truth, gets great interviews, and holds the bastards accountable. Trump got more effective support from Hannity than he did from any roomful of wealthy donors. And Hannity does his radio show without the endless repetition and bombast of Limbaugh, nor the screaming of Mark Levin, nor the flat-out insanity of The Mormon Madman (“THE WORLD IS CHANGING!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!” — t.m.reg. Glenn Beck)

  7. Danne says:

    Per the title of this article: They feel we’re pretty damned STUPID! No action on FBI abuses, no repeal of obamacare, no wall, no immigration reform. Still we peck at our keyboard in righteous indignation. I’d say that’s pretty damned stupid….stupid is stupid does. FLASH!: We’re the snowflakes here!

    • Hardnox says:

      We feel your pain Danne, however Trump won and that’s a good start. Banging on keyboards is definitely not enough but hammering on our elected officials is definitely productive as is information sharing.

      Let’s face it, the lamestream media is irrelevant. Forums like this is where truthful dialogue and information is. Thanks for your visit.

      • Danne says:

        I genuinely appreciate comments like these and your welcome, but I wish I could have a better view, particularly when it comes to pronouncing the lamestream media “irrelevant”. Much to my efforts to teach and reveal otherwise, far to many friends, family and people and general are just not bright enough or motivated enough to seek any other truths other than what pours forth from the TV they mindlessly watch and absorb on a daily basis. I’ve tried every way imaginable to show and guide people to alternative analysis and media thought only to be looked upon like I have another head growing out my shoulders……AND many of these same people are what would be taken for as strong conservatives if you listened to them in an ordinary everyday conversation! Maybe some of the fault is mine for not being a better persuader/educator but….I JUST DON”T SEE IT HAPPENING. The main stream is more “relevant” than we think……unfortunate…agreed, but my observation.

  8. Auntie BS says:

    It absolutely blows my mind that Hilary, Abadin, Lynch and Obama are not in prison. Intent???? Gee, officer, I didn’t INTEND to drive drunk. Gee, officer, I didn’t INTEND to kill that person. Is THAT the excuse? Intent???? Gimme a freaking break! This is a mockery of justice where the elite get free passes to do almost anything they wish, including compromising the security of our country. What horseshit!